Still think your Labrador Retriever is safe? Think again!

I recently released this picture of our Niki. Niki is an  “SS” (significantly similar) dog if you believe our local SPCA, who informed me five years ago that they felt she was a “pit bull” and as such was subject to BSL. Niki weighs in at 108 lbs. currently. Yes, before you all start screaming at me I KNOW she is overweight we are working on it and to date she has lost four pounds. However Niki’s weight is not what I wish to speak about today.

When BSL was introduced in Ontario in August of 2005, I did not worry for my dogs. After all none of them were “pit bulls”, so we weren’t affected directly by this heinous legislation. Our dogs were safe, or so we thought. But that was back when we didn’t really know what BSL would mean for Ontario dog owners. We could not have been more wrong!

The first time someone told me that Niki could be in danger because of her looks I scoffed at the notion. “That’s ridiculous!” I replied. “Niki is NOT a “pit bull”, she’s a husky/lab cross.” I put it down to that person being an alarmist and thought no more about it.

A few months went by, and we continued on as we always had, walking Niki sans muzzle like the docile mutt we knew she was. Then, disaster struck in the form of a five foot two blue haired old lady! Niki and I were calmly walking along the beachfront when we heard “Why isn’t that “pit bull” muzzled?” I turned to find little Ms. Bluehair staring hard at Niki and pointing.

“My dog?” I asked innocently. “Ma’am my dog is not a “pit bull”, she is a husky/lab cross breed.”

“I know a “pit bull” when I see one young lady!” was the old lady’s reply. “I have already called the pound, and the SPCA is coming to get your dog. You people can’t be keeping these vicious beasts around innocent citizens! Your dog will be taken from you! Good thing too, no one has any business owning one of these dogs! I’ll fix you!” She waved her cell phone at me.

“Good Lord!” I thought, “this poor woman needs glasses!” Thinking nothing more of her threats I continued my walk. About fifteen minutes or so later I looked up to find an SPCA truck driving slowly alongside me. The passenger side window was rolled down and I heard “Excuse me, but can we talk to you about your dog?” I stopped, put Niki in a down stay position and turned toward the source of the voice.

“Can I ask why your “pit bull” is not muzzled?” came the question from the SPCA investigator.

“Because she isn’t a “pit bull” I replied.

“Ma’am, I know dogs, and that is CLEARLY a “pit bull”. You are of course aware of the BSL legislation recently passed in Ontario?”

“Yes, I am.” I replied becoming just a little worried. “But Niki is a husky/lab cross, and not a “pit bull”. She is far too big to be mistaken for one.”

“Can you prove that?” asked the SPCA officer. “Is she registered as such?”

I looked at him wondering how he expected my cross breed dog to be “registered” as anything, she was after all for lack of a better term, a mutt. To the best of my knowledge there is no registry for mutts. “Um?. . .if you mean is she licensed with the city as her true breed mix of course she is! Her breed mix is also noted with her veterinarian.”

“Ma’am, we are telling you that this is a “pit bull” dog, and as such is subject to BSL. I will not take your dog today, as it is clear to me that you were not aware that she is a “pit bull” however, if I see her without a muzzle again I will take her from you!”

Suddenly, just like that, our dog and our family were subject to BSL, and life for Niki changed drastically. Gone were the trips to the dog park to play with other dogs. Niki had been labeled “pit bull” and “pit bulls” are not allowed in off leash parks. Gone was the freedom of walking down the street sans muzzle to meet and greet people and dogs. Niki, up until that point had been my advocacy dog. She had traveled with me to promote animal interaction education for children, and explain why spay and neuter is so important. Now I couldn’t take her with me in my advocacy work. With that Hannibal Lecter mask they insisted she must wear she scared everyone. No one wanted to be near the “vicious pit bull.” On several occasions Niki was actually assaulted by rocks thrown at her and shouts of “get rid of that vicious thing!”

It was the muzzle that changed things. No one had ever been afraid of Niki before, they would see her smiley face headed for them, and a smile would break out on their face. She is just that kind of dog, she loves everyone, and up until she was forced to wear the muzzle everyone loved her.

Niki doesn’t understand why people avoid her now. She doesn’t understand why people throw things at her or yell out nasty names. You can actually SEE the hurt in her eyes when someone doesn’t like her. Her world has changed because one person with authority doesn’t know a “pit bull” when they see one. Still think your Labrador Retriever is safe? Think again!

Until Next Time Remember,

Peace, Love & Freedom for Pit Bulls


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      • I am not really sure why, perhaps they feel that doggie DNA testing is unreliable, or perhaps they just do not want to allow dog owners any recourse to prove them wrong. Most times the authorities will attempt to scare owners into signing over their dogs. The system is set up with reverse onus, in other words your dog is guilty until proven innocent, and they don’t make it easy to prove them innocent and will even completely ignore the testimony of experts who have declared a dog no danger to the public. The system as it exists for dogs is skewed towards them being guilty no matter what proof you may come up with to the contrary. Honestly, if they treated humans this way, they would be accused of a violation of rights, but in our society animals have no rights!

  1. Your dog doesn’t even look like a pit bull!! At first initial glance at your photo of your Niki, I thought I was going to read post about a pit bull attacking your dog? Oh my heavens, this is not a pit bull!

  2. Would it be possible for you to pay for DNA testing? I’m wondering if, after the results came back proving she is not a pit, could the SPCA be made to pay for it, because they were the ones that placed the restrictions on her, after THEY CLAIMED she’s a pit bull? It seems to me they carry the blame for this “mistaken-out of stupidity- identity,” and they are responsible for the stress it has caused you and Niki. It is all so unfair! I would consider getting in touch with my local TV stations Trouble Shooter/ Advocate. I hope you this resolved somehow. At least then you and your girl can go back to your normal routine. Best of luck!!

  3. This is so sad! I don’t know dogs, but I can tell that’s not a pit bull. And even if she was, so what? Pit bulls shouldn’t be labeled as being automatically “dangerous” any more than any other breed. BSL is dumb!

  4. Here’s the Big News: there is NO WAY to prove any dog is a PIT BULL. There is only ONE “breed” of dog with Pit bull in its name and that is the ADBA American pit bull terrier. And if your dog is not REGISTERED they cannot prove he is one, just as you yourself cannot. If your dog is not a card-carrying member of the ADBA APBT “club” then he is a mutt. And they cannot pass a law about mutts. The biggest problem with BSL is this fact at its foundation. There is NO WAY TO PROVE THAT ANY PARTICULAR DOG IS A PIT BULL. Therefore all dogs are subject to the law. I have no idea how any Governments get away with passing these laws in the first place. People just do not understand their rights.

    • This is actually untrue. The ADBA (American Bog Breeders Association, founded 1909) does indeed recognize the American Pit Bull Terrier, but so does the UKC (United Kennel Club, founded 1898). In fact, the UKC was founded specifically for the APBT because the AKC refused to recognize the breed. The UKC has since become the largest all breed performance dog registry is the world.

  5. I am so sorry Niki and your family are going through this. Just another way to show that BSL is stupid, stupid, stupid! I have a pit lab mix. He looks like a pit lab mix (Well, his face at least. His super curly tail and fluffy hunches show he’s really Heinz 57 just like me.). Niki doesn’t look anything like my boy. She looks like a chunky lab, like my sweet Buddy boy did.
    My dogs feel Niki’s pain. Django (the pittie mix) is the most loving dog I have ever known. You are his best friend, even if you don’t know it yet. Leila is an akita/shepherd mix. She also has the stigma of being black. A large black dog… people are afraid. They are good babies, they aren’t fully trained but have made huge leaps (well, Django made huge leaps before, different kidns) and are well on their way. But they love people (they don’t get that from me) and want people to love them. I hope one day that the ignorance that is seemingly running rampant will go away and we can freely enjoy our lives without fear, pit, akita/shepherd and human.

  6. Get a DNA test done, prove them wrong. ASPCA revealed that 75% of dogs labeled Pitt bull had absolutely no Pitt bull DNA, whatsoever. These were dogs labeled by animal control officers, shelter director’s and police officers. 75% of the time they were wrong.

  7. I am so sorry. That is absolutely absurd. Niki shouldn’t have to endure the prejudices and ignorance of so-called “informed” people. I wish the best for Niki and your family. God bless.

  8. When will this prejudice stop? Why are they so afraid of pitbulls anyway? Where did these fears come from? I think these fearful people making these ignorant BSL laws should go see a psychiatrist.

  9. Wow…I just had the same idea as a commenter above. Why would they NOT accept a DNA test! A DNA test proves murders and non murders…it can prove who’s the daddy-for child support reason?!?! How can it be something the govenrment could either jail someone for, or make someone pay child support for a kid over DNA, but it wouldn’t work to SHOW the flippin SPCA that she WASN’T a pitbull?!?! I’d be going over someone’s head, and demanding “FAIR TRIAL”…I’m am soo soo sorry this happened to your dog…I onlyhope this decision will be overturned!! You can TOTALLY tell she’s a lab! She doesn’t even look like she’s got husky in her!!

  10. Did you ever stop to think that the problem started before your dog was labelled a pit bull? Maybe you shouldn’t have waited until they came for yours. BSL is wrong. So many have been killed for no reason. Pit bulls are not bad, people are bad. BSL does nothing to deal with bad owners. So many families have been devastated by the murder of their beloved furbaby, but none of that mattered to you until they came for yours. It’s a life lesson, I hope lots are learning it. If you want to see a successful community look at Calgary’s animal control. They don’t have BSL because they know it’s horrible and doesn’t help anything, but they have reduced dog bites and run their shelter no-kill through education and advocacy. If their is a problem with a dog, if it bites or is aggressive, they have trainers who work with it so it can be rehomed. It works, they and many communities in the states have proven it. Wouldn’t that be a nicer place to live?

    • At no time did I say I waited until they came for mine. I have been fighting BSL since it’s inception DESPITE the fact that I do not own a “pit bull” dog. Perhaps you should not jump to conclusions, as I am an animal advocate and dog behaviorist, and have been rehabilitating and training unwanted dogs of ALL breeds for over twenty years. My dog has been living with this label for quite some time and steps are being taken to change that as I type. I am also well versed in the workings of the Calgary model, and agree with it’s implementation across the country. This story was told so that others who feel BSL does not affect them could understand that they are only one authoritative idiot away from the same grief we have had to bear. Thanks for assuming I didn’t care until my dog was affected though that’s very generous and cynical of you!

      • Sorry, but if you read your article from a perspective of not knowing you, nowhere do you say you were or are against BSL, just against your dog being targetted, which I completely agree is so wrong. BSL itself is also wrong though, and I’m happy to know you are against it too. If we all fight BSL things like this will quit happening to everyone, including the responsible owners of pitbulls who don’t deserve to be treated like this either. No, I don’t own a pitbull, but I will fight forever for responsible dog owners to not be targetted. There are many cases of people getting a cute little puppy from a mom who looks nothing like a pitbull, then when their sweet puppy grows up looking different from the mom someone says “Pit” and they face losing their furbaby. It’s sad, and heartbreaking, and wrong.

      • I just found your newest post and realize you are one of the angels. I am truly sorry for misjudging you. I spend way too much time fighting for the lives of dogs who have never done anything wrong with people who think all big dogs should be killed which unfortunately means government officials and AC and the public that supports their atrocities. You are wonderful, and I thank you for all you do.

  11. I want to take ALL of these moronic, uninformed, stupid jerkoffs and put them up against a wall and shoot untli there are only little pieces left. It seems that local governments are filled with people who are simply not satisfied until they have, in one form or another, ruined the lives of others.

    • It is not just local governments! More and more we are seeing a shift in Canada, away from democracy. If Harper and McGuinty have their way we will be a pure totalitarian society in no time!

  12. I have worked with dogs for 40 years i have never heard anything so ridiculous she has a lab face and her body is in proportion to a labrador and i can see that from her picture not even met her i had to study and take exams to learn about the different dog breeds seems the spca dont do that otherwise they would know ,

  13. U would think if they are going 2 insist on stupid laws like BSL they would at least make sure that the people who are in charge were even educated just enough that they could tell what different dog breeds are

    • 75% of veterinarians, people trained to KNOW animals, can not accurately determine the breed mix of a mutt, what makes you think anyone else can be taught to?

    • Just saw the DNA comments. Hope things get better soon for Niki. She shouldn’t have to wear a muzzle. Total IDIOTS have nothing better to do than hassle law abiding citizens and they definitely need an education on what breed a dog is.

  14. I got this same treatment yesterday. I live in a city in AL with BSL against “Pit Bulls”. A cop showed up at my door stating they have received complaints that I have pit bulls. I have a lab and an American Bulldog. Both which would rather lick your face and sit in your lap than anything else. They are very loving dogs. They never leave my fenced in yard without me an without being on a leash. But somoene thought I had a pit bull and filed a complaint. Thankfully, the officer was nice and agreed that most people do not even know what a “pit bull” even looks like and stated he dislikes the BSL we have. He said he would note in the complaint that I own a lab and American Bulldog but wanted me to be aware that they could receive more complaints. Its such BS.

    • That’s all it takes is one idiot who decides that your dog looks like a “pit bull” and bam instant trouble unless you somehow manage to have the luck of having a police or SPCA respondent with half a brain. I am glad your dogs were not treated like Niki. Sad thing is, so many are!

  15. Honestly, I have been thinking long and hard these last 7 years about leaving Ontario altogether, and this story pushes us closer to making that decision. Ridiculous that someone who works with the SPCA could ever dream your Niki is an affected breed under BSL. Worse still is that a dog with such good training should be punished for this ignorance.

    • Believe me we too have thought about leaving the province, but we have adult children who live here and see no reason why we should have to move out of the province to escape bad legislature. The Ontario government really needs to admit that Michael Bryant was an attention seeking asshole and overturn this brutal legislation he pushed through the system!

  16. Maybe everyone in the possition of authority should get a pitbull tattoo on the back of their hads and
    when they “THINK” they see one they can refer to the picture.This poor NIKI does not look
    like a pitbull nor is she built like one.I can feel her heart breaking ,and her life being so sad.Keep smilin NIKI,those who know you still love you.:)

    • Sadly, some would still identify the wrong dogs as “pit bulls” even if you tattooed them with the evidence of what a ‘Pit bull” really looks like. I have one question though, where would you find a picture of a breed that doesn’t really exist as an actual recognized breed?

  17. That’s horrible! Have you considered doing a genetic test to prove that your dog is not a pitbull? She doesn’t look like one.

  18. Poor baby. She certainly does not look like a pittie. Just and overweight Lab mix to me. Praying for her and you. Hang in there.

    • Yep, overweight and on a diet, she has lost four pounds already!

  19. I’ve come to the conclusion that anyone who works in any direct way with any of these agencies are the most ignorant stupid people on the planet. Why? Because one should at least possess common sense if one is going to dwell as a member of society and as has been aptly noted and proven in recent months no common sense exists within these places. One can not use a tape measure, or appearance, or any number of other things as a guide to what breed a dog is. One can not label a dog aggressive simply because they think that dog fits a certain stereotype that has a reputation because of humans misuse of them and not anything the dogs have no control over. One can not decide that a dog should be labeled aggressive based on media bias and hype. It is time for all owners to stand up and refuse to hand over their dogs and tell these dictators that no longer will they give up a family member to people who refuse to learn the facts and are acting on personal and political agendas. Power is in numbers. In most places animals are still considered property, and in most places property can not be seized without just cause. Judging an animal on how it looks is not just cause.

    • Very well said Raytha! @Jen…The results from the DNA tests are private. It wouldn’t have to be shared with the SPCA if Pit showed up in the results. 🙂

    • It is if you live in Ontario where BSL is law and the onus is on the dog owner.

  20. My baby girl is a six year old American Pit Bull Terrier. Her family has been in my family for a long time and when Baby and Mac (her mom and dad) gave birth to my Roxy and her siblings on Thanksgiving Day, I was there a watched them as they grew. My birthday, being five weeks later was the day that Roxy was given to me by my Father-In-Law, who is the one who’s kept this family of loving sweethearts going and only family gets family pups. Anyway, I know pit bulls very well and I cannot understand anyone (blue haired and especially SPCA) mistaking this girl as a pit bull. Pits don’t even get that big for one thing. Aside from men keeping pit bulls pumped full of those bulking vitamins or whatever that stupid crap is, pits are small-medium sized dogs. That man who called her a pit should not have a job with animals and the old lady.. well, just to be polite, she should get her eyes checked.

  21. Everyone is suggesting DNA testing… that may actually not be a good thing. I know you wouldn’t mind if pit or something considered a pit shows up in the testing, but if it shows up anywhere in the results, they’ll probably use it against you to insist she is a pit mix, and insist she continues to be subject to the regulations.

  22. Unfortunately, it seems your SPCA falls into the category of “can’t fix stupid” as do others who will not accept a DNA test to prove breed genetics & also those who blame the breed instead of blaming the bad owner. So sorry you & Niki have been targeted by these “do gooders”. It seems it is always the responsible owners who get harrassed & it is just ao wrong.

    • Irresponsible owners hide their dogs from the public, responsible owners do not, I think that may be why most people who are affected tend to be responsible dog owners whose dogs are no danger to anyone.

  23. you could always do a dna test…some of my clinets have done this out of curiousity…not sure of the cost but would be interesting. Being in the doggy industry I know how we can make mistakes when guessing the breeds of a mixed dog….some do have wide muzzles and are thrown into the group of pitbull mixes…just remember that big jaw can do damage when used. Its a shame that the spca jumped to conclusions, maybe they could do with some lessons in their people skills.

    • WE would but the SPCA does not give you that option. They do not accept DNA testing as proof of a dog’s breed mix, and you are right most of the SPCA officers here locally could use a lesson in how to talk to the public!

  24. Isn’t there some way to fight this? There has to be someone who can attest to this dog not being a pit bull like a respected vet or lab breeder. It’s obvious to me from her face and shape of her head.

    • We are working on it. The original SPCA officer that insisted she was “pit bull” no longer works at our local SPCA branch. We are trying to get the branch to refute his claims that Niki is a “pit bull” and feel the nightmare might end for Niki soon. Our vet has sent a letter to them requesting a review and stating her true breed mix. We will see what happens.

  25. Take her to the vet and ask for a breed DNA test. You can get a kit online ( ) but go to your vet so you have more credibility. If you have to make copies of the test results and carry them with you every place you take her. I understand that the larger issue here is breed discrimination, but winning that fight is a long ways off still a long way off.

    • Unfortunately DNA testing is not yet an accepted method of breed identification in our neck of the woods. Can’t have dog owners proving the “experts” wrong now can we?

      • Truly? How sad. Those tests aren’t very accurate, which a lot of owners use to their advantage as very rarely do any of the dogs tested show anything but a trace amount of bully breed dogs known as Pit Bulls. Including quite a few purebred APBT and Am Staffs owned by Pit Bull forum members who did it just for fun. In the U.S. the dna tests have been accepted in court, but I believe only for the last couple of years.

  26. Haven’t we all learned by now that ignorance and segregation feed fear mongering and violence? BSL is a waste of time, better spent in educating about spay and neuter programs. A waste of resources that could be put to educating people about breeds and temperments and history. A waste of LOVE! How many peoples beloved pets are being treated like hyenas about to eat someones baby?!?!? How many are sad because they are deemed dangerous when all they want to do is play?!?!? How many are being injured out of ignorance?!?!? I DO own a pittbull, he is my sons best friend and son to me as well a best friend, therapist, protector, nursemaid and a never ending list of amazing attributes I couldn’t even begin to tell you. I challenge anyone with half a brain to do their research and find out what amazing loving dogs these are! For shame on any one of you that refuse to enlighten yourselves to the realities of the predjudice going around in all corners of this unfortunate set of laws and advocate for them when you have no real idea what makes them tick in the first place.
    I’m sorry you had to ‘pay’ for being mistaken for a pibble =( one day people will put the blame at the right end of the leash.

    • We don’t mind her being mistaken for a pibble, we LOVE pibbles after all, unfortunately the rest of the world is not nearly as enlightened! What really gets to us, is the restrictions put upon good dogs because some idiot says they “look” like a “pit bull.” I have met a lot of humans that look like ax murderers but I don’t want to round them all up and restrain them for the good of the public! We simply can not allow ANY creature to be guilty by looks!

  27. Sad for a good girl…. have you thought of a DNA test to try to “prove” it to the SPCA?
    I have a German Shepherd that was considered a Husky but no problem with any breed ban as I’m in BC. I disagree with the ban and cannot give you any more advise but to move to BC????

  28. It’s shocking as to what some people try and classify as “pit bull” type. I had incidents with my registered lab who came from championship show lines with puppies that were showing – conformationally she looked like the perfect ideal lab and still I had people ask me why she wasn’t muzzled or tell me that I shouldn’t have pit bull off leash at the dog park… huh? I wasn’t aware I owned a pit bull?

    • Yeah I wasn’t aware I did either, but then along came Mr. Knowledgeable in uniform and…next thing I know according to him I own a big bad “pit bull” Personally I think, if you are going to put someone in the position of determining dog breed, perhaps there should be some ACTUAL training involved. Of course, in the matter of determining dog breed I have seen vets that couldn’t do it, so what does that tell us?

  29. It almost seems worth it to get her genealogy tested and carry the forms around with you. It’s costly, but for her sake it’d be worth it. (Maybe ask the vet to print her picture on the form with it)

    • Good idea! I will ask him about that, although here they say they don’t accept DNA testing as proof of breed.

  30. This is very sad to read and hate how people label a dog ..there’s no justice for a animal that can’t speak to defend itself ..this BSL is a total crock ..Niki is a beautiful dog ..People are sick throwing crap at her …

  31. Thank you for sharing your story. No, people are not being alarmist. This is happening all the time and it’s just plain wrong.
    People need to know that this is happening, and that people are using dogs as a weapon in neighbourly disputes – blackmail. That subtle or not so subtle, “So, you need to cut down that tree? And gee, wonder if your dog is a Pit Bull?”

    • Sadly you are right, sometimes people do use dogs to win disputes. One of our neighbors tried that once, they moved last March! We don’t back down easily, and because of my work with rescues I am known in the city. We are hoping that when this situation is reviewed in the coming weeks the label will be removed and Niki will once again be free to be a dog!

    • It was a mere garden variety SPCA worker who figured that because he worked for the SPCA he knew it all. He no longer works for the SPCA and that is why Niki’s case is being reviewed.

  32. I dont see pitbull in Nikki at all she definatly looks husky/lab … It is terrible that people say that about your dog, I think she is gorgeous and should never have to wear a muzzle. But unfortunatly we live in a society that is obviouslly really stupid.

    • You said it! Ignorance is the biggest problem in all of this. People who THINK they know what a “pit bull” looks like. But I bet if you put them in a lineup and asked “which dog is the “pit bull” they would label one of them even if there were no “pit bulls” in the bunch!

  33. well clearly someone needs glasses… and a good swift kick .. Niki is not even anywhere close to looking like a pit bull type… assholes!!!
    and BSL after all starts with BS…

    • Yep we think he needed glasses too! Wish us luck with Niki’s review!

  34. Thats so sad i feel awful for both you and poor Niki. But i get it I have a girl who is 1/2 South Afican Mastif, 1/4 Roti and 1/4 Shepherd. She is Brindled in Coloring and 100lb. I get comments all the time” that is the biggest pit bull ive ever seen”. And its only because of her markings, Her head is not even close to the right shape. I could not imagine if that happened to me 😦

    • The reality is it could happen to you, or any other guardian of a short haired mutt who even vaguely resembles the government definition of “pit bull” no ones dog is safe until this legislation is eradicated!

  35. I am so sorry. I am so glad, in a way, that you ARE protecting her from seizure by using the muzzle..many do not. But this is just one more reason why dog laws should be about behaviour and actions, not breed or looks or size or anything else. It’s like owners of dogs who “appear ” as certain way are suddenly branded with a scarlet letter.
    Give Niki a scritch for me. Muzzle or not, I would always say hi.

    • I know what you mean, it’s as if because we choose short haired friendly mutts as our companions we suddenly become gangsters in the eyes of average people who subscribe to the “pit bull” hating media hype!

  36. @James C. Wu; Pitbull or not, the point of the story is that the legislation is very biased and unfair towards ALL dogs, pitbulls are great dogs and are no more likely to attack than any other breed. So to reiterate, what’s wrong with the world today is that there are still people that think that even if she were a pitbul that it would be okay to muzzle her for no valid reason.

    • That is EXACTLY it James. No dog should be subjected to muzzling for what it “might” do!

  37. My lab/shepherd cross is the friendliest creature you could possibly imagine. I am not. If someone told me my lab/sheperd cross was a pitbull and told me to muzzle him I’d tell them to f* off. If they tried to take him…lets just say I’d end up in a cage for disabusing them of that idea.

  38. I feel so bad for you and Niki!! :-(( I just had a thought… I am not sure it will stand as “valid” but there are places where you can go to get your dog’s DNA (there was a booth at Woofstock when I walked through once)… If you get your dog’s DNA and show the results as proof that she DOESN’T have any pitbull in her – maybe she won’t have to be muzzled? In my opinion, If there is one word to describe that BSL is PITIful! 😦

  39. the old biddy should mind her own business !! i would have said to the passenger in the truck ” that lady has alzheimers and has no idea what she is talking about !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Obviously both the old lady and the guy in the van had a little knowledge, enough to know they were looking at a dog, but certainly not enough to actually know a pit bull type dog from a lab/husky. What a shame! Isn’t there someway you can challenge this, your situation, while we all work on challenging BSL?

    • The situation is coming up for review. We have been keeping close watch on the local SPCA and the officer who made the declaration has since been fired for other transgressions. Our vet is discussing the issue with the SPCA currently and it looks like we may be able to get the declaration overturned. We will muzzle Niki until we get it in writing, we don’t want to take any chances.

  41. It is blatantly obvious this dog is a labrador retriever. How can an organization such as the SPCA not know the difference. If you work at an animal organization then you should know your breeds and know the difference. I’m just seeing this dog for the first time and as a licensed groomer I can see that you have made a mistake in this breed you call a pit bull. Furthermore how dare people be so cruel as to look down upon this dog with judgement. Many of these dogs will be more loyal and more responsible to a human than will a human. Humans can be the worst cruel out there. How sad for them.

    • It is obvious to us too. Niki is a husky/lab cross with more lab blood than husky. However, give some people a little authority and they will abuse it.

  42. BSL is utter nonsense and I will continue to fight it every way I can until it is overturned. This is clearly not a pit bull, overweight, yes, Lab cross, absolutely. The owner should do herself a favour and get a DNA test that will identify the dominant breeds in the dog. Then have it registered at the Vet as such with the DNA “evidence”. I don’t own pit bulls, but I have yet to meet one that isn’t a big suck. Good owners make for good dogs, bad owners are the problem.

    • We completely agree, and would have her DNA tested in a heart beat if the SPCA would accept the results as evidence, unfortunately they won’t.

      • Registrar her with AKC, as a lab husky cross. They have mix breed registry. It will cost you 36$, but that should prove to anyone that your pup ain’t a pit bull. Then for fun your can go into any AKC registered sport! Also you can get her a canine good citizen’s certificate under AKC, by going to a canine good citizen test. You should be in the clear after doing all of that.

      • Thank you I was not aware that you could register cross breed with the AKC I will look into it.

      • That’s just a local branch, get the DNA test done, take it to the provincial office, appeal to their board of directors if need be, take it to the newspapers and take it to court if you have to. Make waves, lots of waves. Make the establishment uncomfortable, point out publicly how little they know and how wrong they can be. SPCA agents are NOT dog behaviourists, and usually not breeders. They certainly are NOT dog experts. They may be more knowledgeable than some of the population but that doesn’t make them right. Expert opinions and testimony should be the only thing used when determining lineage.

  43. That is heartbreaking! I am so sorry for you and Niki. We will get justice one day. Be safe, take care, and give her extra cuddles every night. xx

    • People need to grab a dam brain an some knowledge about dogs!! This is getting WAY out of hand,has nobody got common sense anymore!!!

  44. This is part of what’s wrong with the world today…. people pretending to know what they don’t know and people who should know because they should don’t bother to know what they should know. Even I can tell that’s not a pit bull!!!

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