…a “pit bull” hater had come to my door and left with a totally different opinion of these wonderful dogs!

Well I guess I owe you an apology! I have been silent for a week now. I took a week off due to the death of a very close friend, and am still not up to par. The dogs seem to know that this is a tough week because they have been acting quite angelic. They have also been a great source of comfort. I had said I was not coming back until next Monday, but something happened yesterday that I just had to share with you all. It illustrates perfectly what we say about all the hype in the media about pit bulls. But first you have to take a look at this photo and tell me if you read this on my door what would it say to you? (Now remember, this is a humorous sign posted on our front porch entrance to discourage random knocks on our door that disturb our dogs.) What does this suggest to you (if anything) about the “breed” of dogs in my home? (Sorry about the condition of the sign it has been hung there for years and is starting to show signs of weather.)


Now when we wrote it we honestly never thought that someone would descern that we have a certain “breed” of dog in our home. If I saw it somewhere else it would tell me nothing about the breed of dog that lived in the home. Or at least I would not be ready to make the leap made yesterday by a “Canadian Home Comfort” worker going door to door trying to sell people a new furnace they probably don’t need. The conversation went something like this:

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: Good afternoon Ma’am, when I saw your sign I wasn’t sure I should knock. I figured you have a “pit bull.”

Me: Oh? and why would you say that?

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: Well your sign Ma’am?

Me: What about my sign makes you think I own a “pit bull”?

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: Well it says “trespassers will be eaten”

Me: Hmmmm, yes it does, but I am still not sure why you think that means I own a “pit bull”

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: well Ma’am they are killers you know!

Me: Oh really? Well, as it happens I do own a “pit bull” if you believe the McGuinty bandwagon.

Canadian Home Comfort Guy; (after taking a step backward like my vicious “pit bull” was just waiting behind me to pounce) I am not sure what you mean Ma’am

Me: Well my dog is no more a “pit bull” than you are! But because she has a similar build and body type, she is subject to Ontario’s BSL restrictions. BTW you DO know that “pit bull” isn’t really a breed right? My dog is actually a Husky/Lab cross, a mutt to be exact, but we don’t like to say that in front of her.

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: Well then she isn’t a “pit bull” breed then?

Me: Apparently you haven’t been paying attention, there is no such thing as a “pit bull” breed.

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: Oh you’re one of those!

Me: Now I am not entirely sure what YOU mean!

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: You know, one of those “pit bull” owners that refuses to admit their dog is a danger to society.

Me: My dog isn’t a danger to society and I resent the implication that because of her “breed” she is. As I have already told you my dog is a husky/lab cross. There is no such thing as a “pit bull” breed, and I really would like to know how you come to the conclusion that my dog is a danger to society when you haven’t even met her.

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: Well now the newspapers and TV news wouldn’t say they were a danger to society if they weren’t would they?

Me: Have you ever met a “pit bull”? Perhaps you would like to meet my dog?

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: No thank you Ma’am (again he takes a step backwards) I stay away from vicious dogs.

Me: Hmmmm, well I guess I had better not introduce you to my Dachshund then.

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: Ma’am?

Me: Well out of all the dogs in my house, my Dachshund is the only one with a tendency toward aggression, I fear for your ankles!

What followed was a fifteen minute discussion during which I “educated” this young man to the perils and heartbreaks of BSL legislature. He left my home with a new outlook on “pit bull” type dogs. Sometimes people just need to have things explained logically and knowledgeably to truly understand them. I closed the door feeling better about the encounter than I had when I opened it, but it brought home the fact that the media hype surrounding our dogs is doing a lot of damage. It also confirmed my belief that education is key in the fight against BSL! Plus I was just stoked that a “pit bull” hater had come to my door and left with a totally different opinion of these wonderful dogs!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love, & Freedom for Pit Bulls


3 thoughts on “…a “pit bull” hater had come to my door and left with a totally different opinion of these wonderful dogs!

  1. Quick question, I live in the northwest and just discovered your wonderful blog. I have a friend of mine who works with rescued “pit bulls”, generally “pit bull/terriers” as she calls them, and is extremely animal savvy. I am curious as to what you mean by there is no such thing as a “pit bull”. And I love me some pitties too, they are the sweetest little bastards I’ve ever met ^_^

    • What we mean is simply this. “Pit bull” is a phrase coined to describe all dogs of a certain body type, but “pit bulls” are not a recognized breed anywhere but in the U.K. Does that clear it up? Canada uses the tern “pit bull” to put a label on the “type” of dogs they want banned and calls it a breed. However, the only official “breed” which even contains “pit bull” in the title is the American Pit Bull Terrier.

  2. Wonderful story! Good for you…start with changing one person’s way of thinking and keep on going from there. Hopefully, one day, people will see BSL for what it is, canine racism/profiling. Education is definitely key!

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