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Gay dog? Are you serious?

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Law Enforcement Stop Killing Our Innocent Family Pets!

Still think your dog is safe because it isn’t a “pit bull”? Think again!


Good morning everyone! (or good afternoon or evening depending on where on the globe you hang your hat!) For the past few days we have been talking about cops who shoot dogs. You have been made aware of what a prevalent problem this is becoming, and we have asked you to throw your support behind our good friend Davy Vara, the Rochester New York independent film maker who intends to expose these cops for the murdering bastards that they are.

However, in all of your answers and queries to these past few days blogs, you all keep talking about “pit bulls,” as if they are the only breed of dog ever shot by cops. Yes we know that there is a big hate on for “pit bulls,” the mainstream media makes sure of that with their inflammatory reporting., but cops are shooting more than just “pit bulls.” Those of you with Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Newfoundland’s, Great Danes, and any number of other breeds should not rest on your laurels thinking your dog is safe from harm because it is not a “pit bull.” Nothing could be further from the truth!

Yes cops shoot more ‘pit bull” type dogs then any other breed, but they don’t stop at “pit bulls” truth is a cop will shoot just about any dog he comes across if he feels he can get away with it. Since it seems cops are never held accountable for shooting an animal, they pretty much feel they can shoot any dog they like and suffer no repercussions. Since cops like to use dog breeds to target citizens (erroneously thinking that if you own a “pit bull” you must be a criminal) we see many more shootings of “pit bulls” than any other breed. But, a cop will not hesitate to open fire on any dog given the chance.

We are shocked enough at the thought of any innocent dog being shot without good reason, but people seem to think that it is only “pit bull” owners who have to worry about their pet being brutally murdered by those sworn to serve and protect. Wake up and smell the murder people! It could happen to you!

Rosie, a Newfoundland was gunned down in a neighbors yard.

Rosie, a Newfoundland was gunned down in a neighbors yard.

How many of you remember the brutal slaying of Rosie, a four year old Newfoundland who had the misfortune to wander from her yard, and paid the price with her life?

Officers had responded to a report of a loose dog in the Des Moines neighborhood, phoned in by a neighbor who was concerned that the animal might get hurt. Rosie’s owners, the Wrights were out of town. When police arrived, there was Rosie, all 115 pounds of her, woofing away.

Over the next hour, police used a Taser on Rosie twice, chased her for blocks and ultimately shot the dog — four times — with an assault rifle in a stranger’s back yard.

The Wrights believe the officers were intent on shooting the dog almost from the outset. They filed a federal lawsuit Nov. 17 2010 against Des Moines police, claiming their civil rights were violated when officers shot Rosie. Attorney Shannon Ragonesi of the law firm of Keating Bucklin & McCormack, which is representing the city, would not speak to the specifics of the lawsuit. However, she said the Police Department conducted a “thorough internal review” and concluded the officers’ actions were justified. Des Moines had decided that Rosie’s murder was justified!

Cops who shoot dogs need to be held accountable.

Cops who shoot dogs need to be held accountable.

September 11, 2012 A Golden Retriever named Scout is shot and killed by a police officer. Officer Matt Vanhall first encountered Scout during his patrols in the area. Officer Vanhall allegedly asked a woman who was playing with Scout if the dog was hers. The woman, Lori Walmsley, who was in the area visiting a neighbor, advised the officer that Scout was not her dog, and also informed him that he was not dangerous.

She recounted what happened next to the Morning Sun, stating that the officer:

“tried to force the dog out. The dog made a low, mild growl declaring his displeasure at being forced from his “safe” haven (and at the same time assumed he needed to protect his property,)”

The growl from Scout prompted a reaction from Officer Vanhall which stunned those who were in the area. Walmsley recounts the horrible scene,

“He just started shooting him, he just kept shooting him in the head,””I said, ‘What are you doing? He’s just a puppy!'”

The shooting of Scout took place in the dog’s own yard. Scout, who belonged to Brian and Hillary Goetzinger, died a short time later at a veterinary office.

Another witness to the shooting told the Morning News that her children had played with Scout in the past and that he had never shown any signs of aggression. It is unclear why Officer Vanhall took it upon himself to chase after Scout and why the growl prompted lethal gunfire. Scouts murder was ruled justified!

Killer, a twelve pound miniature Dachshund was shot and killed by police.

Killer, a twelve pound miniature Dachshund was shot and killed by police.

June 9, 2009 Police in Danville, Virginia are defending the fatal shooting and killing of an 11 year-old miniature dachshund, claiming that the police officer who shot the 12-pound dog, acted reasonably and in self-defense.

“Shooting a dog which is actively presenting a threat to an officer is within the department’s policy,” states a press release issued by Danville Police Chief Phillip Broadfoot.

The diminutive dog, who had the ironic name of “Killer”, was known as a “sweet, mild-mannered dog,” reports the Richmond-Times Dispatch.

How did the shooting happen?

Earlier this week, a police officer pulled into the cul-de-sac to serve two warrants to a neighbor. As the officer — whose name the police department is refusing to release — returned to his car, “he was surprised by a growling dog running through the yard directly at him from the rear, leaving him with just seconds to consider his options,” reads the police statement.

Police Chief Broadstreet said the officer’s options in that instance were to run to the squad car, distract the dog, or use pepper spray, his baton or his firearm. After Killer, allegedly “lunged at the officer and attacked him,” the officer decided to draw his gun and shoot the aging 12-pound mini dachshund. Apparently, the officer feared great bodily harm — perhaps to his ankles.

The Harpers remain devastated at the loss of the dog they have had and loved for 11 years. “He was a family member,” says a bewildered and saddened Harper. “They took a family member away.”

The shooting of the 12 pound Dachshund was ruled justified!

These are just three stories of dogs who were not “pit bulls” being shot by police. I could tell you many more! Still think your dog is safe because it isn’t a “pit bull”? Think again!

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Jus’ Sayin’ (Updated!)


Salem, Massachusetts 1692 – Mass hysteria takes over the population and anyone with the slightest deviation from what is considered normal is hunted down and burned at stake accused of being a witch.

Sikeston, Missouri 2012 – Authorities begin rounding up all dogs that “look” like “pit bulls” and impounding them for later euthanization.

Do you see a parallel here? How is it that society can get so irrational? The answer to that is quite simply “hysteria is contagious.” All it takes is one irrational nutbar (enter Barbara Kay of the National Post) and a wild half-baked theory blown out of proportion, and you have mass hysteria!

In the late 1600’s it was witches, now today in 2012 it’s “pit bull” type dogs. If we go back through history we can find a thousand and one examples of mass hysteria created by one or more people who weren’t quite in their right mind.

I could perhaps understand the contagious mass hysteria of the Salem Witch trials. I mean after all man was not so technologically and scientifically advanced back then. It is not unseemly to think that a less educated population could be more prone to flights of fancy such as belief in and need to eradicate witches. A more primitive society would have a strong desire to eradicate that which they can not understand or explain. To the more primitive society of the 1600’s, different meant dangerous.

I can not understand that attitude in today’s society, where we preach tolerance and acceptance, where we say the accused are innocent until proven guilty. How therefore can a society which claims to be so forward thinking condemn thousands of dogs for the actions of a few?

How are the authorities in Sikeston, MO any different from the German army in world war two? (yes I went there!) Hitler had his troops round up all Jewishs people and people who looked like they might be Jewish, many of whom were later marched into gas chambers and murdered for their religious beliefs and their looks. (Hitler was determined to create the perfect blue eyed blonde haired race. Look it up, it’s true.)

Now here we are generations later and now the target is the “pit bull” or anything determined to “look” like a “pit bull.” Have we learned nothing from history?

Okay so by now maybe I have lost some of you, but those of you still with me are starting to see my parallel, aren’t you? You are wondering how we can have come so far in our knowledge and understanding of so many things yet still be draconian in our thinking when it comes to companion animals.

Once again the answer is a simple one. We are human. We do not like to accept new ways of thinking or acting. The ideals of our parents generation that companion animals have no feelings, emotions, or attachments, have been drilled into us since we were barely able to crawl. The phrase “it’s just a dog” is familiar to us all.

However, there are people who think differently, people like me who have learned first hand that animals are far more complex than we give them credit for. People who understand that it’s not “just a dog” it is a living breathing being that has a right to live.

Barbara Kay attacked Cesar Milan for saying that bans of pit bulls are “prejudicial” and miss the point: “It’s just like an anti-Mexican or an anti-gay law.” She thinks that one can not be prejudiced against a dog because dog’s are just “consumer items.” (her words not mine.)

Therein lies the problem. The BSL supporters out there take offence when you compare them to Hitler, but mass genocide is what they are proposing for “pit bull” type dogs. They act as if they have only to eradicate every “pit bull” type dog on the planet and no one will ever again be victim to a dog bite. Isn’t that kind of like saying if we eradicate every Mexican there will be no more illegal immigrants, or if we eradicate every gay person every human being born after that will be straight?

Ridiculous notions to be sure, but some people actually believe their own fancifully hysterical imaginings. Unfortunately for us and our dogs, sometimes those irrational thinking hysterics are given a public forum. They then use that public forum to create mass hysteria. That mass hysteria results in things like the Sikeston, MO “pit bull” roundup.

The only thing we can do to combat this mass hysteria is stick to our guns and continue to speak up for our dogs. We must make others understand that these types of hysterical reactions are not the answer. Education and understanding are the answer!

If we as a society take responsibility for our decision to keep companion animals then we have a responsibility to see that those animals do no harm. If we are going to claim superior intelligence to the animal kingdom, then we can’t really put all the blame on them when things go wrong now can we?


Jus’ Sayin”

Here is an update on the situation in Sikeston, MO


Yes, your pet’s offspring could be shelter animals…Spay/Neuter is the way to go!

Is your pet fixed? All of mine are!

I have seen many a male dog owner refuse to have their male dog neutered believing it will make their dog “less male.” Owners of female dogs will tell you it is unnecessary to have their dog fixed because “we don’t let unfixed males anywhere near her.”  When it comes to excuses for why a pet is not fixed I have heard them all!

Let’s look at some of the excuses I have been handed over the years and dispel the myths.

1.) We can’t afford to spend that much money on the dog.

Okay, I have a couple of problems with this one:

A) Low cost spay and neuter clinics exist in just about every community these days, and while there may be a bit of a wait to get your pet into surgery, the cost is far below what the average vet will charge you for the same surgery.

B) What the hell do you mean you can’t afford it? Spay and neuter surgery is an expense that should be factored into the decision to bring an animal into your home. It is part of the cost of properly maintaining your animals health.

2.) Our dog never leaves the house without us, and we don’t let male dogs anywhere near her!

Again, I have a couple of problems with this one as well:

A) So what you are saying is you will never leave your dog out in the yard alone even for a minute? Your dog will NEVER accidentally escape your yard? A stray dog will NEVER accidentally enter your yard? You are leaving an awful lot to chance don’t you think?

B) Are you aware that dogs who are spayed/neutered stand less chance of developing reproductive cancers? Avoiding unwanted pregnancy is NOT the only reason to have your dog fixed.

3) We want her to have a litter before we have her fixed so she doesn’t lose her protective instincts and our children can see the miracle of birth.

A) The idea that female dogs must have a litter before being fixed or will lose their protective instincts is a myth. It has no basis in medical fact. There is little to no change in personality or instincts when a dog is fixed.

B) If you want to show your children the miracle of birth rent a DVD. Have you given a single thought to what will happen to the puppies from the litter you bred as an educational moment for your kids? Where will they go? Can you guarantee they will all have great homes for life?

4) Our dog is male there is no danger he will have puppies so fixing him is not necessary.

A) What about your neighbors unfixed female? What happens when Fido escapes the yard to get to her because she is in heat? Not your problem you say? Then you have no business owning a dog!

B) What about the fact that having your dog fixed could prolong his life? Animals that have been spayed or neutered stand less chance of developing reproductive cancers.

5) It is against our religion.

A) I am all for religious freedom, but this is ridiculous! Your dog does not believe in your religious beliefs. Refusing to have him/her spayed or neutered because of what YOUR church tells you is acceptable for human believers is a little nuts in my humble opinion. (Yeah, I know I will probably catch flack for that one but whatever!)

B) I am pretty sure God doesn’t want your dog producing litter after litter in his honor.

These are just a few of the regular excuses people trot out for not having their pets fixed, there are many more. My point here is this, if you are going to call yourself a responsible dog owner, then take the responsibility for seeing that your dog is not adding to the pet overpopulation problem by having them spayed or neutered.

Yes, your pet’s offspring could be shelter animals

People believe that their pet’s puppies or kittens will never become homeless shelter animals. But the reality is that every time the dog finds his way under the fence to visit the neighbor’s female dog, or the indoor/outdoor cat comes back home pregnant again, the result is a litter of dogs or cats. Even if they are placed into homes, it is still possible for them to end up in shelters once they become “hard to handle,” or for them to reproduce further and for the next generation of puppies or kittens to wind up homeless.

Let’s avoid that unhappy circumstance by having our pets spayed or neutered. It’s healthier for everyone involved!

Until Next Time Remember,

A Spayed/Neutered pet is a happy pet!


An Open Letter to Miss Universe Canada; Sahar Biniaz


My name is Janette Hamilton, and I live in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. I am a freelance photo-journalist, and I run my own media company, and I own a dog the Ontario government considers “significantly similar” to a “pit bull”. I have been active in the rescue of animals, dogs in particular, for over twenty years. I have spent the past twelve of those years rehabilitating and training difficult dogs, and what are known as “bully breeds,” to be civil members of canine society before they are adopted out to loving homes. I too have been bitten by dogs, and I understand that it can be a traumatic experience. I can sympathize with anyone who has been bitten by a dog. I am sorry that you had to have that experience.

That having been said, knowing what I know about canine behavior, I can not in all good conscience, allow your support of a breed ban in British Columbia to stand without first attempting to educate you. I think perhaps I may be able to help you understand that whether you realize it or not breed bans do not work. The only thing that can prevent a person from getting bitten by a dog, is a proper knowledge and understanding of dogs.

I suspect strongly Ms. Biniaz, that you have a fear of dogs, but I don’t think the origin of your fear is the bite you received as a young girl. I think you were fearful of dogs before that point, and while you may not realize it, provoked the bite yourself BECAUSE of that fear. The truth of the matter is, if I am right in my suspicions, ANY improperly handled dog in the same circumstances would have reacted in the same manner. Breed had nothing to do with it.

It is clear that the dog’s owner was not in care and control of his/her pet at the time the bite took place. From what I understand this was your family pet, but please correct me if I am wrong. My point here is, it is obvious that no one was “minding the store” when you were bitten. By that I mean simply that no one was watching the animal for signs of possible aggression. Even when a dog is trained it must be “maintained.” The average person, simply does not understand this. Responsible dog owners do, and we “maintain” our dog’s because it is our duty as dog owners to ensure our dogs do no harm.

To put it in perspective let me explain it this way. Most people would not go out into the jungle and kidnap a lion cub and turn it into a pet. (Well, no one in their right mind would anyway, there are a few idiots in every bunch.) Why? Because it is an animal that is capable of killing someone with ease. They are kept in zoos and handled by people who have studied them and understand the dangers and know how to avoid them. Licensed Zoo keepers, educated animal trainers. We do the same with wild wolves, the descendants of today’s modern dog.

Does it not stand to reason, that we should also require a person to have some education and knowledge of the animal they choose to bring into their home? Does it not also follow, that because we CHOOSE to do so, we should be held responsible for that animal and the impact it could possibly have on the lives of others? Responsible dog owners think so, and we are asking our government to do the same.

What I am asking of YOU Sahar, is that you weigh the situation properly by talking to the people that know these dogs best. The people qualified to tell you the truth of the matter in their expert opinion.

I understand that Cesar Milan has extended an invitation to you to visit his pack. I sincerely hope you take him up on the offer. I wish now to extend a similar offer. Visit with me here in Ontario, the land of BSL. Meet Niki (my “significantly similar” dog) and her pack. Sit down with me and let me walk you through the myriad of reasons why breed bans don’t work. Allow me to help you make an informed decision on the correct course of action our provincial government’s should be taking on the dangerous dog issue. I would be happy to do so!

Don’t DISCRIMINATE against these dogs, EDUCATE yourself on the issue of dog bites and dangerous dgs. Learn what BSL really means and what it will bring if allowed to be brought to legislation in British Columbia. Make a fully informed decision, or step down and give up your crown.


Janette Hamilton

Barrie, Ontario