Happy Pride Month Everybody!

A while back I explained that this blog would become my only blog, and that I would start talking about things that had nothing to do with dogs. Brace yourselves, that moment has arrived, and I figured the least I could do was give you a little warning…a “heads up” so to speak. If you are an extreme right wing religious nut you probably won’t want to read any further (and I’m not quite sure how you ended up here in the first place?) because everything I am about to say will probably offend you in some manner, but…I’m okay with that.

Over the weekend, from time to time I check my social media accounts to see what people are talking about, what’s trending, that sort of thing. As you all know it’s pride month (if you DON’T know that, you’ve been living under a rock and should probably think about coming up for air…jus’ sayin’.) As they do every year at this time my awesome contacts from the LGBTQ community are out in force speaking out for their rights and freedoms. Aand…..as they do EVERY year at this time the extreme right wing religious nuts are also out in force, haunting the online LGBTQ community with their taunts and hatred, spouting bible verses in supposed support of their ridiculous assumption that their persecution of the LGBTQ community is justified by God. (For the record, it isn’t justified, but you know, if you take short quotes out of just about any book you can use them to justify your stance on just about anything. The dictionary could prove my stance on abortion if I quoted it in the right way.)

Right about now you are all wondering “where is she going with this?” Don’t get your panties in a bunch I’m about to get to the point…I’m just waiting for the last extreme right wing religious nut to exit the building…ah…there we go!

So, I was perusing social media when I saw this:


So being who I am, and being of the belief that people are born into their sexuality and don’t DECIDE to become gay simply because they have made a choice to live that lifestyle, I felt the need to answer this ridiculous posting publicly…so here we go…

Just wanted to throw this out there real quick on the day after Father’s Day…

If people are able to write a comment or drop a rainbow on this post, it is because they have two working arms and know how to use a keyboard, something that does NOT require you to be the product of a heterosexual union. For some people life started in a test tube, and an embryo was implanted into a womb without sexual intercourse EVER taking place. It is called science. No hetero or any other type of sexual encounter required.

Just think, if there were no gay people on the planet, who would adopt all the babies abandoned by heterosexual women who don’t get how birth control works? You say life can not be created by a homosexual union, yet many lives are created by homosexual unions. True they may be created in a test tube and carried by a surrogate, but those lives were created because a homosexual couple wanted to form a family. Who are YOU to judge how they go about that process? If life is as sacred as you claim, then that means ALL life is sacred, not just those created by a heterosexual union. Your logic is flawed.

Since people are born gay, and don’t CHOOSE to be gay, the likelihood of EVERYONE on the planet suddenly deciding to TURN gay is a fantastical prospect at best, but let me indulge your crazy for a second here…even if ( and that is a VERY strong IF) the entire planet suddenly woke up gay, life as we know it ( with some obvious changes) would still continue because…SCIENCE. (Remember the last paragraph in which we discussed test tube babies?)

You refuse to admit that people are born gay because that does not support your theory that homosexuality is unnatural. The truth is that God gave us more than one way to procreate. If you believe your theory that God is in control of all things then all scientific breakthroughs must come from God. Therefore when scientists discovered how to create life WITHOUT sexual contact it must have come from God. That pretty much says that God is okay with gay people and has given them a way to carry on the human race. Or are you saying that medical science is not a gift from God?

Following this theory it would seem you are in fact wrong when you say that it takes a biological mother and father to create life, what it takes is a sperm, and an egg, and those can be donated. There is far more to being a parent than the ability to procreate sexually. God is well aware of this fact, why aren’t you?

You seem to think that our sole purpose for being is to procreate. That however is not the purpose of life. We are given this life, it is a privilege not a right. Our only purpose is to do no intentional harm while we are here, and to leave this planet a better place than we found it. Disseminating hatred of that which you do not understand harms others, and does not make the world better in any way. God gave you one job, and you have failed already.

P.S.: Every rainbow flag and positive comment associated with this post proves that your position is not supported by the majority, and that irritates the hell out of you doesn’t it?


Happy Pride Month Everybody!