Launching “Gabby’s Legacy”…

Everyone has been talking about new years resolutions, but I have never liked new years resolutions. The word resolution implies you have a problem to resolve, but that is not always the case. Changing the way you do things is not always a resolution to a problem, sometimes it is striving to do more than you did before, or addressing things that have bothered you in the previous year.

Last year I watched as families everywhere gave up dogs they couldn’t afford to feed because of the economy, and I thought “someone should start a food bank for pets.” Then I realized, I AM someone, so maybe I should start a pet food bank in my local area. So I did!

002Gabby’s Legacy Dog Food Bank was launched yesterday, and will strive to help as many of the pet parents of Barrie, Ontario as possible in the coming year. The food bank is named after my heart dog Gabrielle (Gabby) whom we lost to a seizure disorder in 2008. Gabrielle was a rescue, one of my first, and my first foster failure. She was starved by her previous owner and food to her was a gift from heaven, I think it is fitting that our Dog Food bank bears her name.

I have always loved animals, and know that having a pet is often a comfort to people. No one should have to give up their pet because they can’t afford pet food. We help humans by setting up food banks and distributing food to those who need it, so why not a pet food bank to do the same thing for pets? It seemed like a good idea, so I ran with it. We’ve set up a Facebook Group in order for people to contact us and we will go from there.

If you are looking for a way to give back to your community and help animals in the process, why not set up a pet food bank in your area? Put the word out that you are taking in donations of pet food for those in need and watch what happens. There are good people out there who want to help keep pets in homes, and many of them are willing to donate once or twice a month.

This year, instead of saying “someone should do something” BE that SOMEONE!

Until Next Time Remember,