The Day I Stumbled Upon “Dog Beach”

Sometimes my husband and I go for drives in the countryside on weekends just to get away from the rat race for a while. Most times we take along a dog, or two, or three, unless of course the weather, as it was today, is too humid.

We decided to head out to Wasaga Beach, Ontario, and once there I decided to go for a walk on the beach with my camera. We walked for a while me snapping pictures as I went. First we happened upon this;


Don’t know who left this behind but it was a pretty sweet sand sculpture.

Then a little further down the beach, I was greeted by this sign;


This sign actually made my day!

I was actually excited about a sign! Why? Because I have been looking for a legal place to take my dogs swimming for years, and here it was! Just beyond this fence was Dog Beach! Of course you know I had to walk the full length of dog beach…just because. This is what I saw;

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So what did I learn this weekend? There IS a place I can take my dogs swimming, and I am totally taking my big guy there next weekend! But more than that, families are getting outdoors with their dogs…and they are loving it!

If you live in Ontario and would like to take your dog swimming at Dog Beach, pack the car and head up to Wasaga Beach Area 3. (Use the 22nd street entrance)

If you were on the beach when I strolled by with my camera, the pictures I took of your dog can be found here: My Day at Dog Beach feel free to download any pics you find of your dog.

Until Next Time Remember

Your Pet is Your Responsibility!