Finding the Pets Left Behind…

As you know, we have been monitoring the situation in Fort McMurray. Today I have happy news! Stories of animals caught in the fire zone who have been rescued and reunited with their families! With each animal that is found and reunited comes a sense of hope for other pet owners still waiting to hear news of their pets.

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Along with the happy stories of reunions there are many posts of people still searching for their pets. Rescuers on the ground are doing a wonderful job, but rescuing these pets left behind is a monumental task. They are treating these pets with kid gloves, any that are safe where they are and pose difficulty in shipping are being cared for in place until proper climate controlled transport becomes available.

Below are pet owners still searching for their pets. If you are on the ground in Fort McMurray working with these animals and recognize any of them please get in touch with their owners…

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For a more comprehensive list of lost and found animals go to the Fort Mac Fire – Pet Rescue group on Facebook. You’ll have to request to join, but it is a great place to start if you are looking for a pet lost during the evacuation of Fort McMurray.

We will continue to update as often as we can.

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