Hot Car, Dead Dog!

I am sitting here surrounded by my small breed dogs, and through the window I hear the sound of the lawnmower as my husband cuts the grass. That sound reminds me that we are getting closer to those hot hazy summer days, you know the type. The kind of day when it’s so hot it feels like the air is burdened down with the weight of it. The kind of day on which you go out of your mind trying to keep cool. Along with thoughts of the oppressive heat comes the thought that it is usually this time of year when I remind everyone that their car is basically an oven on wheels and they should leave their pets at home where it is safe and cool.

I have been reminding people of that every year at this time for what seems like an eternity. Still EVERY summer some complete moron goes and locks their dog in their car in 98 degree weather and then wonders why the poor dog is dead when they come back three hours later arms full of shopping bags. So let me say it again with visual aids:


That not direct enough? Still don’t get it? How about this:


Do you understand me yet? No? How about this:


I’m only gonna say it ONE more time…with this:


If you still don’t get it, go get a stuffed animal, and stay very far away from living things, you aren’t equipped with enough brain power to care for a Muppet!