An Open Letter to Jonathan A. Macready of the Niagara Falls Reporter

Dear Jonathan,

Tell me did you do ANY research at ALL? Because your article is full of bullcrap! How much bullcrap? Well here let’s see for ourselves shall we?

You said: “Few attacks are fatal. Unless it is a pit bull or a pit-bull cross.”

This statement is just patently untrue. There have been fatal attacks recorded for just about every large breed dog known to man, and even a few small breed dogs have fatally attacked. There is no specific breed of dog that is responsible for more attacks than another. All dogs are capable of biting and if untrained are more likely to bite. While there have been fatal bites attributed to pit bulls, there have also been fatal bites attributed to many other large breeds and believe it or not there have been fatal bites attributed to small breed dogs such as the Pomeranian. What you probably should have said was “Few dog attacks are fatal.”

You said:  “If a poodle bites you – you probably won’t go to the hospital and you won’t die. If a pit bull bites you – you are going to the hospital and you might die.”

Again this statement is just patently untrue. If you are bitten by a standard poodle the bite can be just as bad as the bite of a pit bull, and medical intervention can be required. Not every person bitten by a pit bull needs medical intervention, and most are in no danger of dying. What you probably should have said was “If you are bitten by a dog you may need medical attention.”

You said: Just like an alligator or a lion is not a suitable pet, although a lizard or cat might be, a pit bull or pit bull cross is not a suitable pet.

Isn’t it time to admit that the above statement is YOUR personal opinion, and that it is not supported by the experts? As a matter of fact there are pit bulls and pit bull mixes out there that are so well behaved they have become registered therapy and assistance dogs. While not necessarily a breed for the average dog behavior ignorant pet owner, they are excellent pets for those who understand dogs and dog behavior.

You said: Consider: Pit bulls make up 6% of the dog population, but are responsible for 68% of dog attacks and 52% of dog-related deaths.

Again this statement is patently untrue. Where did you get your stats from, or do I even have to ask? My bet is you are a fan of Colleen Lynn and her DBO bullcrap imaginary statistics. Try doing some real research. It is not possible to determine which breed of dog if any is responsible for more dog bites than another simply because breed is not recorded by any legitimate government agency when it comes to dog bites. Also it is widely known that newspapers like to identify any cross breed dog involved in a bite incident as a pit bull in order to sell papers.

“You said: “One person is killed by a pit bull every 14 days, two people are injured by a pit bull every day. There is not a breed of dog more dangerous because violence is in their DNA”.

Quoting Colleen Lynn again are we? Haven’t you figured out yet that this bitch makes up her own stats to support her arguments? Honestly I really expect more from so called “reporters” than a single visit to DBO before writing an article. As for your ridiculous statement that violence is in a pit bulls DNA, it is horse crap and you know it, but we will get to that after I tear apart your next sentence.

You said: “Pit bulls were bred to go into the pit and fight”

Wrong again dickhead! Pit bulls were actually bred to be working dogs. They were taught to grab a bull by the nose and hang on while a ranch hand castrated it. This of course was turned into the sport of bull baiting by HUMANS. When bull baiting was outlawed these HUMANS turned to pitting the dogs against one another in a fight to the death. Then, when dog fighting was outlawed these HUMANS took their sport underground and began pitting the dogs against each other in locked car trunks. Fact is that HUMANS forced these dogs to fight it is not a natural instinct.

Mr. Macready all you have done is take the bogus stats given out by a pit bull hating bitch in order to spread those lies to your readers. I do not know why you hate pit bulls, maybe you messed with one as a child and got bit, or maybe you just think that writing negative bullcrap about innocent dogs is going to make you famous. I really don’t care, but you have lied to your audience blatantly, and I can not let that go by without calling you on it. Life has seen fit to give you a forum, and you are abusing that forum by lying to the public. That is unacceptable conduct from a journalist.

Have you ever been properly introduced to a pit bull? Somehow I doubt it, because I do not know a single person whom once introduced to a properly bred and trained pit bull continued to believe the rubbish you are spouting. Do I have proof? Well of course I do, it’s right here in this video clip:

So Mr. Macready may I suggest you man up and meet a pit bull? Or have you confused yourself with your own hype and now you’re just a scared little girl who is afraid of the big bad doggy? Get a life Macready, then maybe you will find it less necessary to demonize innocent dogs!

Janette Hamilton (AKA Everydogsmom)