RESCUED: Through the eyes of a six pound poodle.

Hello Everydoggie!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy name is Pebbles. I am five years old. I am a wait seven pound (I gained a whole pound since I got here! Can you believe it? Time to sign up for doggie pilates!) anyway, I am a little white Toy Poodle. I was born in the home of a BYB* who did not believe in taking his dogs to the dogtor! He cropped my tail with a round stretchy thing my human Mom says is called a rubber band. He wrapped the rubber band around my tail so tight it made it fall right off! Can you believe it?!?! I was very scared of the man. One day a human lady came and took me home with her. I was afraid to go and leave my brothers and sisters. What would happen to them? Oh my goodness! What was going to happen to me?

I tried to hide behind the lady when the man got mad at me, but the lady wasn’t always there to hide behind. Sometimes the man kicked me when she wasn’t there. It hurt and I would run and hide behind the couch where the man couldn’t see me. I would stay there until the lady came back but I was a very scared little doggie. I used to shake all the time. One day the lady went away, and I hid behind the couch for a very long time. When the lady came back she brought a girl puppy of her own with her. Things were good then because the lady stayed at home all the time and the man stopped kicking me. Soon the lady brought home another puppy, this time a boy. Everything was fine again, for a while, then the boy puppy grew up and he started to kick me! He even kicked me down the stairs. The lady tried to make him stop, but he kept kicking me. He was a bad puppy who didn’t listen to his mother.

I was a very sad doggie because I always hurt and no one loved me. Then one day a lady I had never seen before came to my lady’s house. She didn’t look at me or make a fuss and scare me the way people usually do. I ran up to her and jumped on her leg. “Hello Pebbles” she said, but she didn’t touch me. This was interesting, I pawed at her leg. She ignored me! My lady went into the house and came out again with my bed and my bowl in a bag. She gave the bag to the new lady. The new lady took it and then my lady handed her my leash. What was this? The new lady bent down and clipped my leash to my little pink collar. “Are you ready to go home Pebbles?” she asked me. I wasn’t afraid.  For the first time in my life, I left that backyard. I wasn’t scared of the world on the other side of the fence anymore, it was where the new lady had come from. I trusted the new lady who is now my foster Mom.

I didn’t know it when I left the yard, but my new foster Mom has lots of dogs just like me! There is even a little boy dog named Hercules who looks just like me, he’s a toy poodle too! Diva, she’s my best friend. We run and play together all the time, she’s something called a Shih Tzu. They come from China you know, Mom calls Diva her little foreign boarder. Foster Mom calls me Princess, and she took me to something called a furdresser for a doggie makeover (we even did blogs with before and after photo spreads and everything!)

.I have my own bed right beside foster Mom’s big bed and I get brushed every day. Me and all the other little dogs have breakfast with my foster Mom every morning. The big dogs have their breakfast in the other room. I don’t know why they can’t eat with us but foster Mom says it is important to have rules at meal time. I think it is just because foster Mom thinks that some days the big dogs are so hungry they might eat us tiny guys by mistake!

We go outside lots during the day and run around in the big yard and play. Sometimes I stay on the porch with foster Mom and watch the other dogs run and run. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I am not afraid anymore! My foster Mom loves me and she will take good care of me until I find the right furever home!


Pebbles with me (her foster Mom) and Hercules our puppy mill rescue in 2010

I am Pebbles. I am a good dog, and I have been given a second chance!

*BYB(back yard breeder; a person who owns dogs to breed them for profit. These people generally do not care about the animal just the money it’s offspring can make them.)

Until Next Time Remember