Breeders Need Not Apply

This post originally appeared in my other blog in spring of 2011, I am reposting it here because the message still applies!!

I had a Bell Canada tech in today to fix my phones. Not surprising, it happens. However, in the course of talking with him while he worked it came out that I’m a dog rescuer. (Because you know, every sane person who’s not into rescue has nine recue dogs wandering around their home.) When I mentioned looking for a home for our purebred Shih Tzu rescue Diva, his face lit up. Not because he liked ShihTzu’s or because he wanted to adopt, but because he thought he had solved a problem for me. He knew a breeder who would be happy to take Diva off our hands seeing as she was a purebred and all. That is when I informed him that Diva is fixed, and that under no circumstances would I consider adopting her out to a breeder even if she were not.

He seemed puzzled by this, saying , “but I can find her a home, and then she won’t be in your way anymore.” It was then that I informed him that NO dog or cat leaves my house unfixed, and breeders need not apply, because I never have nor will I ever allow a breeder to adopt one of my rescues. I do not condone Backyard breeding, and never will. I have spent far too much time over the past twenty five years cleaning up the messes that BYB’s leave behind in their quest to make a fast buck. Besides I took these dogs in to protect them and give them a better chance at life. That better chance does not include being forced to pop out puppies litter after litter, that would not be an acceptable life for any of them. As far as I am concerned it is not an acceptable life for any dog or cat.

As I said, my phone tech looked puzzled by this concept. So for those of you who are puzzled right along with him let me explain dog rescue in a manner in which you can understand.

Dogs come to me because they were strayed, abused or abandoned by their owners, or rescued in puppy mill raids. When they get here they are damaged by the trauma they have suffered at the hands of humans. They are shut down and trust no one, sometimes not even other dogs. In this state they are pretty much unadoptable. But you have heard me say before that there is no such thing as an unadoptable dog. I work hard, sometimes for months on end to rehabilitate them and teach them to live in the average home with the average family. I also assess the needs of the dog to determine what their perfect family dynamic would be. (i.e; can they live with other dogs, cats, children?) At no time do I ever look at a rescue purebred or otherwise and say “we need to find a breeder who will make you pop out puppies until you are too old to do so anymore.”

While all my dogs leave here fixed and incapable of breeding, it is especially important for any small breed purebreds that may come through our compound. People see these popular little dogs as money makers, and the only way to find perfect loving forever homes for them is to ensure they no longer have the ability to be bred. We who rescue dogs do not do so just to move them around from place to place, and we are not just looking for any home that will take them in, we are looking for the home that will treat them like the beloved pets they are. We are looking for the home that will give them the second chance at life they missed the first time around. Placing a purebred rescue with a breeder would be abusive to the dog, and I am in the business of stopping and preventing abuse, not giving it a helping hand.

It is not enough just to find a place for a dog, we must find the right place, the place that they will be well loved and cared for until the end of their natural life. We must find them a home full of dog people, who will bond with them and become family.

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