In case you missed it…

Hey Folks! Going into this New Year some of you may have seen my last post of 2014. If you did not please read it here: Caramel’s Story – (the little dog that woke up paralyzed)

Until we can help Caramel get back on her feet she will be the main focus of my efforts, but I can not help this little dog alone. I am going to need the help of you THE RESCUE COMMUNITY  in order to see Caramel walk again. Please read her story (link above) and share it with those you know that care about animals like these. Together I know we can help Caramel to walk again so that she can finally have the life she deserves. She is with a wonderful young family that only want her to have a full life, and believe that her paralysis should not be a death sentence. Money is an issue for them but they are not ready to give up, so let’s all pitch in and give them a hand.

Today’s post may be a short one but for one little dog it may be one of the most important posts I ever write.

As Always Remember,