Were you a part of Charlie’s rescue? If so we really need to talk to you!

Here in this forum we mostly discuss animals (predominantly dogs) and their welfare. By now any of you that read me with any sort of regularity are well aware of my stand on animal rights.  I write about what I see what I hear and what is brought to my attention. Sometimes my views cause argument and sometimes I get hate mail. I’m tough I can handle it.

Every once in a while something I write spurs someone to contact me about a problem or concern. Truth be told that is why I write. I don’t claim to get everything right, I am human, I make mistakes, but for the most part I research everything before writing and count on some pretty reliable sources for my information.

When someone does contact me about an article I have written I speak to them, I hear their side and sometimes I change my mind, of course sometimes that contact just reinforces my opinion. Such was the case today when I received a phone call from a woman in Ontario who had adopted a dog from Noble Dog Rescue, Oshawa, Ontario.

You will be able to read her story in the next few days I have asked her and her husband to tell it in their own words and as soon as I receive it I will share it with you. Suffice it to say that NDR’s modus operandi has caused this family’s life to be turned upside down!

I am so angered by what has been done to these people that I want to blurt it all out right now, but I will wait and let them tell you about the nightmare that came along with adopting their Chihuahua “Charlie.” (formerly “Curly”)

Right now all I can do is ask that anyone reading this post who has had dealings with Noble Dog Rescue in Oshawa contact me. I don’t care if you had a wonderful experience or if like my reader you have landed in the middle of a nightmare, I just want to talk to you about your experience with NDR. Fair’s fair, and I want to hear both sides. Although I do have a personal opinion, I am not going to share it with you just yet.

The people I really want to talk to are the California rescues who put Charlie and other dogs like him on a transport headed for Oshawa and NDR. I NEED to talk to them, Charlie’s progress depends on it!

You see, despite my readers numerous attempts to obtain Charlie’s paperwork and proof of vaccination from NDR, they still have not received the paperwork. Charlie’s new Mom is a dog groomer who works out of her home. Without proof of his vaccinations she is forced to crate Charlie when clients bring their dogs for grooming, and can not let him interact with the families other pets for fear he may be carrying a disease such as Kennel cough. This isn’t fair to Charlie and severely hampers his ability to bond with his new pack.

If you were part of the massive transport of some 40 dogs from California to NDR in Oshawa in Oct./Nov. 2013 we REALLY need to talk to you, for Charlie’s sake.

My reader will tell you the full story soon, but for now please help us to find the people who sent Charlie here from California so we can find his paperwork and allow him to bond with his family.

Do you recognize "Charlie" were you a part of the transport he came in on? If so please contact us!

Do you recognize “Charlie” were you a part of the transport he came in on? If so please contact us!