Help Your Dog Beat the Heat!

It’s really starting to get hot in Ontario this week, hot enough to turn my wiener into a ball park frankfurter, and alter his already skewed perception of acceptable behavior! I’m worried that everyone south of Barrie, Ontario is bursting into flames as I type. I am also worried that many Ontarians don’t seem to understand how important it is for your dog to stay cool in the hot summer weather. Therefore today I thought we would talk about ways to keep Fido cool this summer.

Yoda does not do well in the heat. I think his temperature regulator needs an overhaul. He heats up fast, and then of course his mood changes to that of a cranky old man who hates the world! He growls, he snaps, he is just generally unhappy with the temperature, and life. When it’s hot out and Yoda has no air conditioning, he’s one of those dogs your Mother warned you about! You know the type, you go near them and they go off like a firecracker! Well since an explosive Ambassador would not be helpful to our cause, we have been researching ways to keep dogs cool in the hot summer sun.

I know that many of you also have hot dogs. (No pun intended.) Here are a few new Yoda approved products to help you help your dog beat the heat! (That is if you can’t smuggle them into a movie theater for an afternoon of popcorn and ice-cold air conditioning!):

For a nice cooling down session try the Kool Collar:


It’s a collar you fill with ice! More information on the Kool Collar can be found at their website. We found this product great for the larger breeds but a little heavy for the smaller breed dogs to carry around.

Our next product is the Swamp Cooler jacket from Ruffwear:


This is what the company has to say:

“Just soak it in cold water, wring it out, and fasten around your dog.Evaporative cooling (like an actual swamp cooler) exchanges the dog’s heat with the coolness of the stored water in the coat to keep him comfortable and ready to run that extra mile.  Auto-lock buckles on each side of the jacket provide easy on/off.”

For more information on the Swamp Cooler jacket check out their website. We found the Swamp Cooler jacket to be the better solution for small breed dogs, but it would work well for ANY size dog!

Many have you have been introduced to the “doggie pupsicle” this year, I have seen images floating around Facebook. Well there is a company out there that has made it easier to make those pupsicles, with the Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker:


Keep your dog busy and cool for hours with this hunk o’ ice and toys.  Perfect for shelter dogs in outdoor kennels. For more information on the Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker check out their website.You can also make one with stuff found around the house. Learn how from Animal Farm Foundation here. I soooo can’t wait to try this one, my dogs LOVE chasing icecubes so it should get an interesting reaction!

The easiest way (and probably the least expensive) to help your dog cool off in the hot summer heat, is the good old fashioned kiddie pool:


This is one we are all familiar with. Just fill it up with water, and you are good to go! Available at hardware stores and department stores everywhere. Inexpensive (although depending on your dog’s enthusiasm you might go through a couple in a summer!) and easy to maintain. Just remember that you should NEVER let your dog play around or in water unsupervised!

So those are my suggestions for ways to help your dog beat the heat, what do YOU do to keep Fido cool?

Until Next Time Remember,

YOUR dog is YOUR responsibility!