Dog Given Lifetime Prison Sentence after Biting Child

Well good morning folks! I hope this post finds you all well and happy. I would like to apologize for the lack of new postings, but thanks to our wonderful Ontario medical system I am still waiting for an MRI on my shoulder, and then possible surgery. So I haven’t been extremely mobile for the past few weeks. In fact I have spent the last few weeks keeping up with animal news all over the planet. Some of that news has been encouraging, but as usual most of it has been heartbreaking.

3291f04d99c171d6a6c80c8df485c06fIn February, a four-year-old child was bitten in the face by the dog who was chained in his yard at the time. The boy,  in the care of a baby-sitter at the time, wandered into the yard and tried to take a bone away from Mickey. The child suffered severe injuries and required reconstructive surgery.

The last time I did a radio show it was to discuss the fate of Mickey the dog who bit the child. Now many of you know that after that show aired Mickey’s life was spared (no I am not saying our show is what made the difference, but I am sure it helped a bit) but the judge wanted him to live out his life inside an animal facility. There was a lot of controversy over the decision, none of us felt that a life without human companionship was right for Mickey. We thought he should be rehabilitated and found a home with people who could handle the strong breed of dog. Seems however that the perfect solution may have been found.

A month ago, Municipal Court Judge Deborah Griffin deemed Mickey “vicious,” but she spared his life and gave the Lexus Project 30 days to find a facility for the dog to reside in. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has offered to take Mickey into his jail system where inmates and officers will provide him with care.

Arpaio stated: ” That dog is going to do a life sentence in the jail, but a nice life sentence with good food, air conditioning, his own room, I mean what else, but being loved by the inmates and detention officers?”

Via Twitter, the Sheriff stated: “My jail for animals may get a new lifetime resident, Mickey the pit bull. Inmates will care for him and not a taxpayer cent will be used.”

We think this is a good solution. Mickey will get the proper care he needs and will have human contact instead of being locked away from society for the rest of his life. We feel that inmates could also benefit from this program.

What do YOU think? Please let us know!