Missed radio shows and off leash dogs…

Today I type at you with one hand. The other is in a sling, and pretty much useless for the time being. I am on some pretty serious pain medications so I hope this post makes sense.

Last evening I was scheduled to appear on Stripped – Real Raw Radio. The subject matter at hand was the fate of a pit bull named Mickey accused of mauling a four year old boy. I know many of you have been following the story, as it has garnered much attention in the social media. I was asked to appear on this show due to the fact that I have spent the past 24 years rescuing and rehabilitating difficult dogs. I have successfully rehabilitated many former bite dogs, and worked with badly socialized bully breeds. One of my own pack is a former bite dog that was slated for euth four years ago because he bit a child who invaded his space. Due to my years of work with difficult dogs I was asked to do the show and discuss my belief that Mickey should be rehabilitated.

There was much argument in the days leading up to the show and things as you can well imagine got pretty heated between the two sides of the discussion. I decided a few hours before show time that what I needed was a good walk with my dog Niki to clear my head and put me in the right frame of mind. I grabbed Niki’s leash and we headed out.

download (7)Now those of you that read this blog with any regularity will probably recall that I have a serious problem with offleash dogs. Niki and I had done our usual walking route and were in the home stretch when out of nowhere we were confronted by the offleash 175lb. Mastiff from down the street. I have talked about this particular dog before as we have had several encounters with him over the past couple of years. Always offleash.

This dog is one of those you see constantly left outside in the yard. It never has play dates, you never see it being properly walked on a leash as per the bylaws, it is a yard ornament. Every once in a while when his owner thinks the dog should have exercise he opens the front gate and allows the dog to roam at will. As Niki and I approached our house the Mastiff appeared out of the small pond area at the end of our street and made a beeline for Niki. I positioned myself between Niki and the oncoming Mastiff.

That was when the dog jumped at me and knocked me to the ground. Now before all you dog hating fools go running off half cocked accusing this poor neglected dog of attacking me, let me say this. At NO time during this encounter did the Mastiff manifest ANY signs of aggression. He really was just trying to be friendly with me and my dog. He is young, he saw another dog and wanted to play. Problem is his owners have NEVER socialized him properly with other dogs or humans, he doesn’t know HOW to play with other dogs. One warning growl from Niki and the dog backed off, but the damage had already been done. The tendons in my left shoulder are damaged and at this point doctors have not decided whether surgery is warranted.

By the time I got home from the hospital last night I was on so much medication I couldn’t have read you all a nursery rhyme never mind held an intelligent discussion on dog behavior. I had to contact the show and bow out something I have never done before. To those of you who tuned in expecting to hear from me, I apologize profusely.To the producers of Stripped – Real Raw Radio I apologize once again.

There is one more thing I want to say to you all before I head back to my bed and my pain meds. This incident was in no way the fault of the dog. He was just doing what dogs do. It is his owner who is responsible for what took place as his dog should not be roaming publics streets sans leash or owner. I am in major pain and may be facing surgery or surgeries to correct the damage but this is NOT the fault of the dog. My lawyer is however speaking with the owners of the dog and their insurance company. My husband and I will bring civil suit against him if the city chooses not to act. We have made it perfectly clear that we do not want any action taken against the animal, he did not bite or attack me and had no intention of hurting me, he was just being a dog. We have recommended however that animal welfare be notified about the incident and that the home be checked to ensure it is the best place for the dog. We of course feel the dog should be removed from it’s present home and placed with someone who is willing to work with it and socialize it properly. My husband and I have agreed to take and work with the dog should no other home be available. After all, it’s what we do!

Have a great weekend everyone!



2 thoughts on “Missed radio shows and off leash dogs…

  1. Your compassion almost moved me to tears. I agree that the poor dog is also a victim. Kudos to you and to Niki, for training that didn’t fail, good dog!! I am sorry this happened to you. I hope you see a shoulder specialist – voice of experience, do not settle for less. If the chances of improvement with surgery are 40% or greater, I would do it.

  2. We are keeping you in out prayers, we would love to have you on the show in the future.

    Best wishes for your swift recovery.


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