But seriously dudes…leash up!

kurgo-wander-leashGood morning everybody! I hope your week has been a good one so far. We are still trying to get things back to some semblance of order after our daughter moved back home last month, but it looks as if things may finally be working themselves out. The dogs found it difficult to get into a routine with new noises in the house, after all they have had three years of it being just me and my husband, and now have to adjust to a third person in the house on a regular basis. Add to that the fact that our daughter’s boyfriend is a regular visitor and well, you can see how that might be confusing for them. We are working through it but there are days when I wish we didn’t have to. To top it all off one of the neighbors got the bright idea to bring home a rooster, and now EVERYONE in the house is awakened at the crack of dawn! Frustrating to say the least.

So anyway, for those of you that do not know, I am a fibromyalgia sufferer, as a result some days are better than others. Yesterday was a bad one so I did not walk Niki, but my husband did so when he got home from work. For the first time he was the one fielding comments from strangers, and for a change those comments were good ones. As he walked Niki through a local park, he came upon a woman who was walking a Jack Russell. She commented to my husband that it was nice to see someone else use a leash.

Now I have explained to you all before that we have a big problem with off leash dogs in Barrie. Well it turns out that this woman has had a far worse time of it than we have. She no longer walks her Rottweiler during the day when other dog owners are out and about because her dog has been attacked three times by off leash dogs! Yes, you heard me right, her ROTTI has been attacked three times. But wait…aren’t Rotti’s one of those dogs everyone thinks are just a dangerous as our pit bulls? But the Rotti is the one being attacked! As far as I am concerned this is a clear sign that ALL dog owners should be held responsible for the actions of their dogs!

This woman has not reported these attacks on her dog, and quite frankly with the way the authorities deal with these things I can’t say I blame her. She is afraid that if she reports the attacks, it is HER dog that will be the one blamed because of his breed. I know just how she feels it is something I myself fear whenever an off leash dog approaches Niki. I know that no matter who the aggressor is, it will be Niki who is blamed, because of her looks, and Ontario’s BSL.

We have all seen it before. Dogs deemed to be “pit bull” who are getting attacked and defending themselves only to be removed from their home and sentenced to die because someone else’s dog attacked them. The offending dog, generally not a pit bull, is allowed to go on to attack other dogs while the “pit bull” who was attacked is held responsible. It’s not fair it’s not right, but our government doesn’t see it that way. They have labelled ALL of these dogs as dangerous sight unseen, and behavior unassessed. It amounts to nothing more than creating a scapegoat to blame for ALL bad dogs out there. You can be rest assured if there is an incident between a dog deemed to be a “pit bull” and a dog of ANY other breed it will be the “pit bull” who pays for the crime whether it was the aggressor or not.

So, how do we combat the problem of off leash dogs? Really the city of Barrie should be addressing this problem by ticketing those that insist on walking their pets sans leash. But that would mean by-law enforcement, and we all know that when it comes to laws concerning dogs, no one really bothers to pay attention. What makes you think for one moment that a city that won’t charge an animal abuser with cruelty to animals, is going to care about curbing the off leash dog problem?

Some of you might remember an incident a few months back in which I took one of my neighbors dogs into the Barrie shelter because my neighbors and I were sick of it running around the neighborhood off leash while the owner was at work. The dog almost got hit by cars several times, and after calling animal control twice in one week and getting no response, I finally trapped the dog myself and took it in, in the hopes of teaching our neighbor a lesson. Well, he has the dog back now and the other day my next door neighbor saw it running around the neighborhood again! This guy just doesn’t get it! No matter how many times we take his dog to the shelter when we find it running around loose, he will still walk it off leash and allow it to roam the neighborhood like a stray.

So having tried to do things the way the city tells us to has gotten no response. Their animal control unit wouldn’t even come out and do their job when called about this off leash dog. Therefore I am left with no choice but to become political and head to the next city council meeting. I have no wish to cause fellow dog owners grief, but the safety of my dogs depends on other animal owners following the laws and leashing their dogs the same way I do. Therefore I have no choice but to bring it up at the next city council meeting and demand that the leash laws be enforced! After all, isn’t that what part of my taxes are supposed to pay for?

Okay, my rant is done for today. But seriously dudes…LEASH UP!

Peace, Love & Freedom for Pit Bulls



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  1. BTW, huge sympathies to you for the fibro. Check out the website of Mary Shomon and the links she has to medical studies linking fibro to thyroid issues and the latest info on testing available.

  2. Cheers and applause to you to for being proactive with your council on this. You may save that poor little dog, and others from being run over or killed by a mother bigger unleashed dog.

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