Of Morning Walks and Off Leash Dogs

111810_dog_offleashLately we have been discussing dog owner responsibility. Part of that responsibility is leashing your dog when walking on public streets.

Have you ever had the perfect peace of an idyllic walk with your dog shattered by the rude interruptions of an off leash dog? My Dachshund Yoda (Canada’s Ambassador for senior rescues)and I experienced such a thing this morning while taking our morning walk. We had rounded the block and were headed for home when at the end of the block I saw a little dog.  Now seeing a dog in this neighborhood is not unusual just about everyone who lives here has one, so it is common to pass other dogs when out walking. However mostly, those dogs are leashed. Not this morning!

This morning I spotted the dog as he and his owner were approaching but it wasn’t until they drew closer that I realized, the little brown and white Jack Russell running towards the Ambassador and I was not leashed! I tensed, ready to reach down and snatch the Ambassador off the ground if necessary. The little dog charged right up to him and took an aggressive stance. Then it tried to bite the Ambassador and its owner kicked at it to stop it. Well, I thought, there’s the explanation for this dog’s aggression. The Ambassador shocked by this rude behavior growled and snapped sending the little dog running to hide behind his owners legs. I picked the Ambassador up and checked to make sure he had not been bitten or injured by the off leash menace. The other dog’s owner simply looked at me chuckled and said “Good morning” before continuing on his way! He did not even acknowledge the fact that his off leash and uncontrolled dog had tried to bite another animal!

Now off leash dogs are one of my pet peeves. I don’t believe there is a community in Canada without leash laws, so how is it the problem of unleashed dogs is so prevalent? Obviously no one ever gets popped for breaking that law! However, when we look at the practice of walking ones dog without the protection of a leash, we see owners willing to flaunt the law because they have a “good” dog, or at least they think they do. However, I want to tell those people, “wake up” leash laws do not exist for the hell of it, they exist to protect other people from your dog, but they also exist to protect your dog from harm. Just because your dog obeys commands, and sits on a dime when you tell him to, does not make him exempt from the leash laws.

Your dog almost bit mine this morning, do you realize that if he had of done so I would have held YOU and not your dog responsible? It is YOUR actions, the decision you made to leave the house sans leash, that would have been your downfall, for had my dog been injured I would have made sure that you were held responsible. Perhaps I should leave a copy of Ontario’s Dog Onwners Liability Act on your front step?

Do you think it is more convenient to walk your dog without a leash? Are you too lazy to bend down and clip it onto his collar? Oh wait! That’s right your dog wears no collar either! No identification should he end up seperated from you, nothing to tell anyone who he belongs to! Ah! Now I see! You’re one of THOSE dog owners. You don’t care about your dog, he’s just a status symbol!

Well, know this! I do care about my dog, so take some responsibility as a dog owner, and leash your dog on walks! 1) It’s the law! 2) It’s just common sense! After all, if you don’t see your pet as a family member you should protect from harm, then perhaps you have no business owning one in the first place! Mine are family, and I am not about to allow your irresonsible behavior with your dog, to put him in harms way! If you can’t afford a leash we have many extras I am sure I could find one to suit, oh and a collar too!

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4 thoughts on “Of Morning Walks and Off Leash Dogs

  1. It was not that long ago that a little girl was walking her lab on leash and it was attacked by another dog. The child naturally could not break up the fight. Someone called 911 and there was a cop very close by. When he arrived he shot the lab with the leash and killed it. The unleashed dog ran away and was not shot. Having your dog leashed does not protect it unless everyone else does as well. Chances are that the owners not leasing their dogs won’t be reading here. The law needs to be enforced and if local law enforcement is not, then you need to do something about that.

  2. Thank you, so much, for posting this. I am in complete agreement. I love my fur-girl and will protect her with my life. I, in turn, shared this on FaceBook. It’s VERY important to be a compassionate, responsible dog parent. Again, thank you.

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