Saved from BSL once…now in danger AGAIN!

I was calmly sitting there having my morning coffee when a good friend popped up in my IM window.

“Please take a look at this” she said sharing the following link:

I clicked the link (as I imagine most of you have done by now) next thing I knew there I was reading an amendment to law that was clearly introducing BSL. “Where did this come from?” I asked my friend. “Trinidad” was her answer.

Buster and Sacha's owner moved them out of Ontario when BSL came calling. Now BSL has followed them...

Buster and Sacha’s owner moved them out of Ontario when BSL came calling. Now BSL has followed them…

Suddenly all the alarm bells in my head were ringing, and I knew why my friend was so concerned. You see she lives in Ontario the land of scary BSL rules. When BSL came to our province this woman sent her two Staffordshire Terriers back home to Trinidad to live with her son where she thought they would be safe from BSL legislation. For the most part they were free, until now.

The dogs are getting older and moving them may not be an option. My distraught friend (whom I might add is not thinking clearly at the moment) says she would rather put her dogs down than see them subjected to the restrictions of BSL. I must confess I am at a loss for a solution to this one!

You see the problem is finding the dogs a safe haven. They are in Trinidad and can not be brought home to Ontario because they are not welcome here due to the province’s BSL So where do we turn, how can we save the lives of these two dogs yet again?

I am asking for your help. If you have an inkling of an idea please DO comment on this blog and let us know. We are kinda stumped on this one!

Until Next Time Remember,