Make 2014 the year YOU get involved.

1463232_568263733267555_1912566077_nEvery year at this time we make resolutions. We set ourselves up to quit smoking or spend more quality time with family, we resolve to diet and lose that extra ten pounds that’s been plaguing us since last new years. New Year’s resolutions are usually personal and seldom last long unless you are a really self disciplined individual. I confess mine never seem to make it into February. So this year I thought that my New Year’s resolution should be something I was really passionate about, something that could stand the test of time and not fall by the wayside before the month of January ended. The only thing I am truly THAT passionate about of course is my work with animals. Therefore it makes sense that I have decided to spend this year encouraging people to get involved.

Change does not happen without those willing to work for it! Haven’t you spent enough time sitting in front of your computer trolling through the stories of rescue and typing comments such as “I hope someone helps this dog” or “gee, someone should do something to stop BSL.”? I think you have!

Here we are, the first day of a brand new year! A chance to make changes to our lives, to become more involved in the society that surrounds us. Whether you decide to volunteer at your local shelter, bring a foster pet into your home, adopt a dog or cat, or become a voice for persecuted pit bulls, you will be a part of the solution, and therefore no longer a part of the problem.

I encourage all like minded animal welfare groups to put aside their differences and agree to work together for a common goal. After all, are we not all on the same side? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Whatever you decide to make your New Year’s resolution, I wish you luck in keeping to it.

The one thing that I ask you to always keep in mind is this:


Happy New Year Friends!