Still Got Christmas Shopping to Do? Why not help BABSL out at the same time?

A few days ago we posted an interview we had with Chris White president and founder of Bikers Against BSL. I have continued to speak with Chris since that interview, and we have decided to work together towards our common goal of ending BSL not just here in Ontario or there in the states but globally! We know that our goal is a lofty one, but we also know that there are many people out there who would like to see BSL eradicated as much as we would.

Chris has been working behind the scenes to dream up funding campaigns and so far has two going. If you would like to help and cross some gift buying off your Christmas list check this out:

Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, Bikers Against BSL is proud to announce a joint venture with V Susan Evin:

Bikers Against BSL S’paw Sale!

V Susan Evin is an independent consultant for Beauti Control. She has generously offered to donate ALL of her commission for all sales through her website from now until December 31!

Please, please, please head over to the link below and shop all of the wonderful products they have to offer (including products specifically designed for men).

All items are direct ship to you. Order by 12/17 for delivery for Christmas, and 12/23 for delivery for New Years.

Lot’s of great gift sets available too. And remember, all commission goes directly to Bikers Against BSL to help fund our cause to eliminate BSL globally.

Click the link, buy some stuff, have great skin, help a great cause. It’s a win for everybody!

Getcha some!!!

Are you the type of person who loves club merchandise? Well you are in luck! You can now buy official BABSL gear through cafepress. They have some designs you might like and will be introducing more in the days to come. All items purchased through cafepress are of good quality. Just think, you get a rockin new shirt, sweatshirt, or whatever, and your money helps us to campaign against BSL. What could be more perfect than that? Here’s the link to the BABSL cafepress shop:

You are shopping anyway right? So why not help out a pit bull and buy a gift someone on your list will love? It’s a win win situation!

Happy Shopping!