Noble Dog Rescue, Oshawa: Legit? or Dog Brokerage Operation? You decide!

Hey everybody! I hope that you all are doing well and that holiday preparations are under way at your house. I have trouble convincing my bunch that the little balls we hang on the Christmas tree are not toys!

Today we are going to look at an Oshawa, Ontario rescue organization called Noble Dog Rescue. They came to our attention when one of their rescues, a dog named Gracie escaped her foster home three times in one week! We could not understand this as it is not something you see everyday.

As I always do I passed the “Gracie is lost” message on each time it came across my desk. At first none of my ARA friends knew just exactly what rescue Gracie was involved with. Then finally I received a PM from an ARA friend tellijng me Gracie was with Noble Dog Rescue in Oshawa, a rescue neither one of us had ever heard of despite the fact that it existed in our own home province!

Seems that earlier this year NDR had transported 40 some odd dogs across the border from a rescue in the US. Gracie was one of them. Having never heard of NDR I went in search of information and found their FB page.  When I first found the page they claimed to be a non-profit organization (please note that since then their description on FB has been changed and they make no mention of non-profit status.). When I asked for their registration number this is what I got:

ndrnononprofitReally? You need $10,000.00 in donations before you can get a registration number? That didn’t sound right so a friend did some checking. This is the message I received from her when she finished her research (note her name has been redacted so as not to embroil her in this argument.)


In my travels I found other postings from NDR that disturbed me:

craigslisthomesndrAds for dogs on Craigslist? That was a new one on me considering we ARA’s are always railing against people advertising dogs on sites such as kijiji and craigslist. This find was disturbing to say the least. Then I found this:



They had hit kijiji too! And I noticed something else, no matter what adoptable dog you were considering the adoption fee was ALWAYS $400.00! Usually adoption fees are on a sliding scale according to how much vetting must be done on a particular dog. This “adoption fee” was starting to look more like a stock price for a dog broker than a fee for adoption. Hmm, now I was curious!

Information in hand I went back to the NDR page and asked a second question in the same thread:


That question still has not been answered, although they have not removed it from the page as of my last check.

Now while I do not want to accuse possibly innocent people doing good work of anything untoward, it does seem awfully strange when you put it all together. Add to that the fact that many of the Toronto and Ontario based rescues I spoke with have never heard of Noble Dog Rescue despite it’s FB claim to have over 4000 followers, and you can see where my suspicions spring from.

I will of course do more digging, but for now I urge anyone looking to support this rescue to ask questions. Don’t just blindly donate because they SAY they are a rescue.

As always, look into the matter for yourself and draw your own conclusions!




9 thoughts on “Noble Dog Rescue, Oshawa: Legit? or Dog Brokerage Operation? You decide!

  1. Hi there, I am a very proud 1st time foster mom to Mia – an Italian Greyhound and Chi mix. She was rescued from California and I decided to go through Noble Dog Rescue despite whats been written about them. I did my research on the organization, read all the facebook messages about what was said about this organization. I even had a foster coordinator from another rescue dissuade me, discredit me, and even disassociate herself with me as a result of going with a dog rescue that she didn’t approve of. I don’t think that was fair at all unless of course she had first-hand knowledge that the allegations made against NBR were in fact true. While I agree that everyone is entitled to form their own opinion, it should be based on information that is accurate and true.

    In fact, I find it quite sad and pathetic that a lot of people are passing judgment and even discourage someone from fostering a dog – at the end of the day its about fostering/adopting dogs in need and providing them with a loving home. In law, its hearsay and not admissible in court. Journalists are required to verify, fact-check their stories before they are published otherwise they would be a risk of being sued for libel (written words that are defamatory and untrue). When in fact the journalist discovers that parts of their story are later found to be not true, they publish a statement retracting the untrue facts. I’m not an expert on the subject but its quite possible that the organization may have legal recourse against you if they can prove that the comments made were not verified, published anyways and as a result of the published words and public reaction, has caused a negative reaction to their organization. They would likely request that you retract the statements made that are unfounded.

    I am writing from direct experience – having dealt with the girls at NBR personally, I found them to be very organized, knowledgeable and truly passionate about saving dogs. Last night, at 11:00 pm Julie came to my house to personally drop off extra essentials for Mia. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is. I also learned that Julie has been in touch with a lawyer to assist her in the process of obtaining non-profit status.

    All I ask is that you don’t pass judgment or publish statements without first verifying and fact-checking the information you gather in your research. In fact, why not contact a local newspaper and have a writer report on the topic with an unbiased view? I think this will set the record straight once and for all. Just a thought.

    • What makes you think we didn’t do some fact checking? Perhaps it is you who should do more research. Then you would be aware that it was sponsors that paid for the dogs vetting and transport not NDR. No one here has tried to discourage anyone from fostering for this group. If and when this group reaches non-profit status we will see what transpires. As it is right now they are not permitted to fund raise, and to the best of my knowledge they have not tried to do so directly. Perhaps they are legit but if so then maybe they should try operating with total transparency right now that is not the case as there is a lot they are magically leaving out of the equation..

    • We have heard from her supposed foster homes. They have been solely responsible for the dogs they are fostering. NDR has not taken responsibility for those dogs and has made no effort to adopt them out.

  2. I would like to just explain to everyone that I have met Julie who i foster for and she is a sweet lady who would do anything to help out these dogs in a heartbeat. I currently have a dog named Tina or TT as she is known by she was spayed before i got her and they also did 700.00 worth of dental on her due her previous owners not giving a dam. Does it seriously sound like she is all about the money as it came out of her pocket to fix TT’s mouth when she could have just let her teeth rot in her mouth. I had a previous dog who was just to dominate in my home Julie got herself down here asap to take him to a new home where he could be properly trained due to dominance issues. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Julie and what she does with these dogs. If it wasn’t for Julie i would never have met TT and honestly that would be a shame she is the sweetest dog you would ever meet.
    No idea why you think picking on someone who is doing what she can for dogs who would otherwise be killed is disgusting she has saved countless dog lives and to me my dogs are my children they are a part of my family.

    • You are quite naive aren’t you? This woman is responsible for transporting 40 dogs into Canada that she did not have foster homes for. No one who is serious about rescue would do that. We also know that those dogs were vetted before transport, that they were covered by sponsorships, and that transport was also sponsored. This rescue did not put out penny one to bring these dogs into the country.

  3. My mentor who has a reg charity who did her charity status many years ago is the one who told me the information I believed when i responded to you , since all THIS I have the application , have asked a few people I believe to also be all about the dogs to be board members . As for the ads , I am trying to deter people from BUYING a puppy from a backyard breeder so i am asking where I would find those people to foster to adopt a rescue instead , if it only gives me 5 min to explain why buying a puppy is so wrong , then i feel i have done my job as per educating those that unlike us here KNOW what is wrong with that industry . I am also aware no rescue started as a reg charity , and we do plan on reaching that goal , but the best people to ask would be my many fosters , adopters and the owners that have surrendered to me , which I make sure are kept in the loop on their pets journey of being re homed . As for adoption fee, do you really think I MAKE money rescuing dogs ? the average cost of a spay neuter vaccinations , most also need dentals and yes we get them done when they are needed , (and thats a local dog) well exceeds the adoption fee . Just to transport one small dog from CA kill shelter to Toronto ( which if you are responsible , which I am ) board for 30 days is close to 1000 per dog , $300 board + $270 airfare+ $65 health certificate +$70 crate , vetting is less there but still 115 as I also vaccinate against dog influenza , and just to have someone pick a dog up and transport to a vet in CA I have been paying $150 ….and yes I can PROVE the actual costs ! Yes some dogs have pledges that helps , but maybe your unaware not EVERYONE honors pledges , and being a Canadian seems to be a good excuse for them to not do so , WHAT I am going to do , is have the people that actually KNOW my rescue comment here ! As per your single question basing an entire blog on one question ? wow , I am human , and was simply mis informed by a reg charity president , who btw I have volunteered for over 15 years , and she also knows my intentions are pure , to stop healthy adoptable dogs from dying to hopefully raise awareness of the corruption in the puppy making industry
    At the same time , we need people asking questions , reporting animals abuse and neglect , but we should also be responsible BEFORE stating someone is bad ! Maybe I am naive but that again doesnt make me a bad person nor rescue ! Am sure you will be reading from those with first hand knowledge on here very soon
    Have a dog blessed day Ma’am

    • Well we would believe you if we didn’t already have information that told us you lied about having enough foster homes for the last truckload you brought across the border, and that you are unaware where some of the dogs from that load ended up.

      Those with firsthand knowledge? Hmmm where are they all? Oh and by the way I didn’t base an entire blog on one question, others are looking into you as well and have sent me info. Half the legitimate rescues in Ontario have never heard of you. The Ontario ARA community is a close knit one, we KNOW each other. You claim to have over 4000 followers yet ARA’s that have been working in animal rescue for decades have never heard of you. You spout off about vetting and spaying yet we are aware that the dogs you bring across the border are sponsored dogs, not a penny comes out of your pocket. Transport? Sponsored too! But nope you don’t make money off the backs of these dogs not at all!

  4. Hi Janette , I would appreciated a phone call or at least asking me some direct questions BEFORE slandering me on here , my number is very publicly stated on our page , so if you want to do some actual reporting and not regurgitating , please feel free to actually ask me some questions , i am open and only want to save as many dogs from kill shelters as possible , in hopes we are like minded people and have a mutual goal , I would appreciate an opportunity to clear up this confusion if after speaking to me , meeting me , reading my numerous letters of reference and even a tour of my foster homes you still feel i am a “bad” rescue feel free to write , but you should give people an opportunity to say their piece again 289 939 9326

    • I did ask you questions which I had to ask twice before you answered, and your answers were complete BS. This is a public forum so you have the opportunity to say what you think you need to say right here.

      I have been involved in rescue for over twenty years and am well aware of what goes into the running of a rescue. Your operation sets all kinds of alarm bells ringing. You don’t like my opinion and wish to defend yourself then do so right here in this forum no one is stopping you.

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