Noble Dog Rescue, Oshawa: Legit? or Dog Brokerage Operation? You decide!

Hey everybody! I hope that you all are doing well and that holiday preparations are under way at your house. I have trouble convincing my bunch that the little balls we hang on the Christmas tree are not toys!

Today we are going to look at an Oshawa, Ontario rescue organization called Noble Dog Rescue. They came to our attention when one of their rescues, a dog named Gracie escaped her foster home three times in one week! We could not understand this as it is not something you see everyday.

As I always do I passed the “Gracie is lost” message on each time it came across my desk. At first none of my ARA friends knew just exactly what rescue Gracie was involved with. Then finally I received a PM from an ARA friend tellijng me Gracie was with Noble Dog Rescue in Oshawa, a rescue neither one of us had ever heard of despite the fact that it existed in our own home province!

Seems that earlier this year NDR had transported 40 some odd dogs across the border from a rescue in the US. Gracie was one of them. Having never heard of NDR I went in search of information and found their FB page.  When I first found the page they claimed to be a non-profit organization (please note that since then their description on FB has been changed and they make no mention of non-profit status.). When I asked for their registration number this is what I got:

ndrnononprofitReally? You need $10,000.00 in donations before you can get a registration number? That didn’t sound right so a friend did some checking. This is the message I received from her when she finished her research (note her name has been redacted so as not to embroil her in this argument.)


In my travels I found other postings from NDR that disturbed me:

craigslisthomesndrAds for dogs on Craigslist? That was a new one on me considering we ARA’s are always railing against people advertising dogs on sites such as kijiji and craigslist. This find was disturbing to say the least. Then I found this:



They had hit kijiji too! And I noticed something else, no matter what adoptable dog you were considering the adoption fee was ALWAYS $400.00! Usually adoption fees are on a sliding scale according to how much vetting must be done on a particular dog. This “adoption fee” was starting to look more like a stock price for a dog broker than a fee for adoption. Hmm, now I was curious!

Information in hand I went back to the NDR page and asked a second question in the same thread:


That question still has not been answered, although they have not removed it from the page as of my last check.

Now while I do not want to accuse possibly innocent people doing good work of anything untoward, it does seem awfully strange when you put it all together. Add to that the fact that many of the Toronto and Ontario based rescues I spoke with have never heard of Noble Dog Rescue despite it’s FB claim to have over 4000 followers, and you can see where my suspicions spring from.

I will of course do more digging, but for now I urge anyone looking to support this rescue to ask questions. Don’t just blindly donate because they SAY they are a rescue.

As always, look into the matter for yourself and draw your own conclusions!