Blatantly breeding and selling pit bulls in the province of Ontario is not doing the fight against BSL any favors!

I was very concerned the other day when I ran out to the local store and met a young girl with two  pit bulls, not because pit bulls scare me, not because these two dogs were clearly illegal in the province of Ontario where BSL has reigned for over seven years now, but because this young girl seemed completely oblivious to the fact that these two dogs (one a ten week old puppy) were illegal dogs in this province. She paraded them around as if they were poodles and there was no hesitation when I asked her their breed and she replied “pit bull.” This young girl clearly had no idea that her dogs could be in danger due to the law!

In my travels across the province I am learning that many people either do not know about our BSL legislation or simply do not care! This scares me, it scares me because so many innocent animals out there are one phone call away from being pets in danger, and their owners don’t seem to grasp that fact. Just because your mixed breed short haired mutt doesn’t seem like a pit bull to you does not mean that they won’t be mistaken for one! Here read this: Still Think Your Labrador Retriever is Safe? Think Again

A bigger problem than off breed dogs getting caught up in BSL legislature exists. It is a problem that many people do not know about, one which slowly is becoming much more obvious. That problem is the illegal breeding and sale of pit bull puppies in the province of Ontario. Like the girl I mentioned above many people seem to either be oblivious to, or heedless of the BSL legislation that exists in our province. That’s a scary prospect because it means an untold number of family pets are living in danger!

At a time when pit bull advocates are busy working with rescues to get illegal dogs out of the province, breeders are breeding and selling more. Quite frankly I do not understand this blatant flaunting of the law. YES it’s bad legislation, BUT…and here is the real crux of the matter; laws are laws! Whether we agree or disagree!

Blatantly breeding and selling pit bulls in the province of Ontario is not doing the fight against BSL any favors!

People educate yourselves! Do YOU really know what BSL means to dog owners and their pets? If you answered NO to this question I urge you to research the matter! When BSL lives, ALL dogs are in danger!





4 thoughts on “Blatantly breeding and selling pit bulls in the province of Ontario is not doing the fight against BSL any favors!

  1. Take the time and spend the money to have your dog DNA tested to prove the breeds in your mix. I know you shouldn’t have to, but your dog can serve as an example of how dogs can be mislabeled by ignorant people because of BSL.

    • Unfortunately DNA testing is not admissible as evidence in a case such as this. My off breed dog has been reassessed since her initial labeling and is no longer classed by local AC as an SS dog. However it took almost five years to have this status overturned.

      The answer is not DNA tests the answer is a dangerous dog act that holds the owner responsible for the actions of their pet.

      \the point of this posting was to make people understand that BSL is dangerous to ALL dogs. As long as BSL exists with it exists the threat of more breeds being added to the ban. The next breed could be that of your dog or anyone else’s.

      • I completely understand about the BSL. I am so happy you were able to correct the ignorant people who mislabeled your dog. As I mentioned, DNA testing is only one tool to protect individual dogs which are being threatened, but it can also be used to show these ignorant ones how easy it is to mislabel a dog.

        I have a close friend who thinks all “Pit Bull” type dogs should be killed. I have tried for over 2 years to explain to him how idiotic that would be, but his mind is closed to the subject and I waste my breath even mentioning it any more. When I have a dog boarding that he thinks, “looks like a Pit Bull” he won’t come into the yard at all. Most of the time he calls first to ask what kind of dogs I have boarding before they come to visit. We have disagreed more than once over the ancestry of one of the dogs. His wife has a much loved and very pampered Corgi that he also loves, but he will be quick to tell you that the Corgi is the perfect dog and the only one that will ever live in his house. She follows his lead and does not trust any dog he thinks may be a Pit Bull.

        I think DNA testing is the only thing he would accept to dispute his assumptions. I wish I knew what to say to him to make him at least look at the bite stats. Oh well, to each his own.

      • Unfortunately some people are just too pig headed to even look at the reality of the situation! I have met Corgi’s that were vicious little monsters, some people just don’t want to believe that a dog’s behavior has more to do with how it is raised than what breed it is.

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