Meanwhile in Ottawa…

You may have noticed that yesterday I reblogged a friend’s blog. I did so because quite frankly I am tired of Jenna (Whatthehellismylastnamethisweek) Rodrigues or whatever she is currently calling herself. Quite frankly the woman is bat shit crazy! Anyone who fails to see that by sensationalizing a minor dispute with the neighbors, and refusing to muzzle and leash your banned breed dog in public you are just inviting trouble and strife into your life, really obviously does not have the sense they were born with.

I have taken some grief for my stance on the subject of obeying the law. One bonehead actually tried to tell me that anyone who follows BSL laws and muzzles their dog is condoning the law! So apparently we are all supposed to flaunt the law and allow the government to take our pit bulls into custody because we are too stupid to conform while we fight? I think NOT! Anyway there will always be those who disagree with me, I am a big girl I can pull up my panties and move on! I have learned that in rescue people either love you or they hate you, there is no middle ground! Since the only person who has to live by and answer for my decisions is me, I’m okay with my choices, if you are not sorry about your luck, but truly I don’t answer to you!

Okay moving on! I am extremely concerned by the number of dogs we have seen locked in hot cars already this summer. It is as if there is some sort of disconnect between brain and action. I mean everyone is by now well aware of the fact that hot car equals oven like temperatures, so why are we still hearing accounts of dogs being left in cars? It makes no sense, although lately I have come to realize that some people are just stupid enough to think you are not talking to THEM, like somehow they are exempt from the laws of nature that say cooking your dog in your car will kill it! There is no accounting for stupid!

There is one thing we have not talked about, that is the world wide walk that recently took place a couple of days after the anniversary of Lennox’ murder in Belfast. My husband and I were unable to get out for the walk due to health constraints but we were there in spirit, and represented both in Toronto and Ottawa by friends and fellow pit lovers. Here are a few pics from the Ottawa walk!

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Obviously reports stating that there were a handful of protesters on the Hill are erroneous! It is obvious that many more dog owners are starting to understand that BSL can target ANY breed! More dog owners are stepping up to say “This is not acceptable!”  It is clear that Ontario citizens will keep fighting this bad legislation until it is abolished. It has been a long fight and it still continues, but hopefully the next time pit bull owners and their friends get together it will be to celebrate our dog’s freedom! One can hope!

For now I leave you with this thought, can we continue to allow our government to put the onus on an innocent animal? I think not!

See you tomorrow, and remember,