Give your DOG the vote!

antibslSo here we are deep into the saga of BSL in Ontario! We have been fighting this ridiculous legislation for eight years now, or is it nine? Too long that is what it has been! So we have been lobbying the hardassed liberals for years now, and if truth be told there really is no legitimate reason for this law still being in place, well other than the hysterics of those in power!

Ah but there are bi-elections comijng in Ontario, The bi-elections in Windsor, London, Ottawa and the Toronto area were triggered by the resignations of five Liberals this year, including former premier Dalton McGuinty. The Progressive Conservatives are downplaying their chances in the bi-elections, despite the $585-million gas plant scandal which they say shows the Liberal government is corrupt. The New Democrats say they hope voters will hold the Liberals to account for the gas plants fiasco and other scandals including a police probe of the Ornge air ambulance service.

Pit bull owners in Ontario want the Liberals to address the BSL issue, although that is what they have been  avoiding with political slight of hand for some eight years now. However those who must vote in the upcoming bi-elections do have some recourse in the matter, after all they do NOT HAVE to vote for the Liberal candidate now do they?

I guess what I am saying here is this, OUR ANIMALS VOTE! It is time we proved this to the Liberal party of Ontario by getting out there and voting for someone who will make a difference for your dog! Do you know how your favorite political candidate feels about the BSL issue? Have you even thought about it?Many of us have, and we have started voting for the political candidates that will turn this legislation around! We do not want dog hating murderers in power! The only way to ensure that is to vote for the candidate who will vote NO to BSL!

It is high time that Ontario residents dispensed with party loyalty and started voting for those who will make a difference. Don’t vote Liberal simply because it is what your family has done for years! The time for party loyalty has come and gone. These days we need to poll the candidates on the issues that matter to US! We need to vote for the candidate that most agrees with our take on things, we need to vote for the people who see our dogs as living breathing beings with a right to live free! We need people in power who realize that dog owners are the ones that need to be held accountable for the actions of their pets no matter what their breed may be.

So those of you headed to the polls August 1st to vote, I am asking that before you cast that ballot you look at the issues. Where does your candidate stand on the ones that matter to you? Does the person you are casting your vote for have the best interest of the people (and dogs) of Ontario at heart? If not, make a new choice! We have been given the right to vote and exercise our will on those who hold power, make it count! Make sure the person you vote for is against BSL! Give your pets the power of YOUR vote!

Happy Electing!