My answer to MS. Jenna Rodrigues’ latest nonsense!

Oh my! It has been a very long time since I found myself having to author two blogs in one day, but Jenna Rodrigues latest little “update to her bogus petition must be answered. <SIGH>

Okay so here we go, since last I wrote (sometime this morning) I have been forwarded yet another lie ridden update to Ms. Rodrigues bogus plea for attention.

Here we go:

jennabs1As previously stated, YES I left my business card, NO there was no number on it other than my business number. I never claimed anyone else called Animal Control about her dog. SHE did when she said the names and numbers of other Ryan Court residents were given to the residents of the above Ryan Court address. While she is telling the truth about the fact that she has never met me, the residents of the above Ryan Court address have met and spoken with me at length when I attended their home last Friday.

Moving on:

jennabs2Yes, I have written to be exact, three previous blogs about this situation, this one is the fourth. All of the above mentioned Facebook pages or accounts do belong to me, with the exception of the last on the list Pet Photography Captured which in fact belongs to a Google+ contact of mine, a fellow photographer. I also maintain several other pages all to do with dog rescue which it is obvious she felt did nothing to enhance her claims that she is being harassed by me, otherwise I am sure she would have mentioned them as well. However, fact is that it is NOT my business pages which posted anything to do with this case, it is those animal advocacy pages she fails to list.

Once again, moving on:

jennabs3Yes I am on twitter, me and who knows how many million other people on the planet! Once again however, Ms. Rodrigues is in error, it is NOT my business twitter account which is tweeting about this situation, it is my animal advocacy account. This woman is clearly attempting to malign my business and in doing so is opening herself up to a counter suit to her threatened law suit. (but we will get to that part of her happy little lie riddled update in a moment)

Let’s move on once again:

jennabs4No she doesn’t know me, and quite frankly with her attitude I am glad of it! However, let me correct her here yet again, I know more than just what the residents of the above Ryan Court address have told me. I have also spoken to the city, and they have backed up the residents of the above Ryan Court address. In order to slander someone you must be lying with full knowledge that what you are saying is an untruth and will harm that person in some way shape or form. Everything I have written is the TRUTH to the best of my knowledge, backed up by checking the facts with more than one source. I did not have to personally speak to Jenna Rodrigues because she made her side of the story known by posting her petition in a publicly accessible forum. There is no slander or harassment here, just a detailing of the true facts of the case. While the police may very well have advised her to start a civil suit against me, they more than likely did so to keep the peace and not because I have done anything wrong or illegal in posting my blog. Police tend to dispense this advice when they are faced with a complaint there is no point of law to handle.

Shall we keep moving forward?:

jennabs5Once again nice try Jenna but you are wrong! I have never claimed to have a “business” “saving animals” I am an animal advocate, a blogger, and up until very recently spent over twenty years working in dog rescue rehabilitating and training difficult rescue dogs. It is not a “business” and I have never claimed it was. As for my media business it is registered as part of a larger corporation and as such will not come up in a business search without the name of the corporation. Gentle Leader Dog Training was a PAST business I ran with my husband until medical restrictions due to back problems forced me to stop training dogs. It is no longer registered with the province because it no longer exists. I have been a freelance photo journalist for years and occasionally still do the odd wedding. I work in the music shopping soundtrack for TV and movies, and I manage musical artists. (Any more stupid questions Jenna?)

We move on again:

jennabs6Starts blogs regularly? How amusing! Anyone can tell you I have been writing the same blog for at least two years now, with everything I do in a given day I truly do not have time for spawning random blogs, sorry about your luck Jenna but this is the ONLY blog I write with any amount of regularity. My financial situation? And just exactly what is it you claim to know about my financial situation Jenna? My financial situation is just fine thank you very much! Honestly, your behavior would be laughable were it not for the fact that your little vendetta against the neighbors is harming completely innocent people.  Grow up!


Good luck with that! Don’t be surprised when you receive notice of a counter suit. Your threats to sue do not scare me Jenna, i am well within my rights to say what i have said based on legitimate information that has been checked.

When my friend saw Ms. Rodrigues latest update she sent it to me immediately. She also sent Jenna the following text in reply (click on screenshot to enlarge if you can’t read it):


My friend received this in reply:


If officer Dean Lackey told her two days after the petition went up that he was not interested pursuing the matter, why is this petition still online? How would anyone know what I have said or done? Hmmm, apparently Jenna thinks she is the only one on the planet who has friends that know her business? How interesting! Anyone who has come forward to Ms. Rodrigues claiming to be a friend of mine and spouting accusations is obviously NOT a friend of mine yet Jenna seems to think they are. My friends are conscientious dog owners who obey the laws whether they agree with them or not. They fight BSL, and will take the side of ANY dog owner whose dog is ACTUALLY in danger. They are not siding with Jenna Rodrigues however, BECAUSE she is not being honest with the public.

There you have it! My answer to MS. Jenna Rodrigues’ latest nonsense!

Have a nice evening and remember,