It’s all about a leash…

Good morning everyone! In my last post I introduced you to Drama Queen Jenna Rodrigues and her bogus petition  against the city of Barrie asking them to halt the euthanization of her pit bull KO. (yes I have linked to it. NO don’t sign it!) I explained how Ms. Rodrigues has turned a neighbors simple request that she leash her dog in public into an all out war on the dog because it is a pit bull. I told you how the dog, supposedly twelve years old according to Jenna Rodrigues, is allowed to roam around it’s front yard sans leash or muzzle. I mention muzzles only BECAUSE KO is a Pit bull, and muzzling them in public is the LAW in Ontario. In fact the complainant did not mention muzzles when calling the city, they just asked that their neighbors be encouraged to obey the leash laws. They also did NOT mention in their call that the neighbors dog is a pit bull, because her breed is not the issue, and never was.

So now back to Ms. Rodrigues bogus petition. That same friend I keep mentioning (Lord I love that woman she keeps me up to date!) emailed me a recent update to Rodrigues petition. Let’s take that “update” and examine it here:

jennarodrigues1Rodrigues says she has no idea why another officer attended her home, so let me enlighten her. Ms Rodrigues you were visited by the police yet again because your targets received yet more hate mail due to your ridiculous petition full of lies. I have no doubt that if you persist in your persecution the police will be visiting you a few more times before this is over. You do not seem to understand that people take the euthanasia of pit bulls very seriously, or maybe you do understand and are planning to use that cause to further your harassment of this family. As I already said they are receiving hate mail due to your lies. Is it really inconceivable that people might start showing up at their door uninvited? I mean after all you already have people all over the globe sending this family hate mail. People showing up at their door is the next logical response is it not?

jennarodrigues2Yes they did receive that letter, along with several others that were not so nicely worded, so naturally the police were called. I might also add that police are aware of this letter Rodrigues speaks of, and since the old lady kindly included her phone number the police called her and fully explained the situation. I do have one question however, how is it Jenna Rodrigues has knowledge of the contents of the neighbors mail? Rodrigues continues on:

jennarodrigues3Now this I find extremely funny! I was the mysterious visitor to Rodrigues neighbors on Friday. They had NEVER met me before that day, and it is MY visit that made them realize that people could show up at their door unannounced, and that not everyone that did would be there to help them. I decided to inform these people that their address was online for all to see. (They already knew at that point) You are all aware of that from my last posting on this subject. Once I heard their story I knew I had to help them, what is being done to this young family is clearly harassment. I DID leave behind a business card with MY company name and phone number on it in order that the complainants could contact me at their leisure to tell me about what had been happening. That business card did NOT contain the names of anyone else. Rodrigues continues on:


She won’t divulge more information because she clearly has none! The above paragraph confirms that! Firstly, I OWN my company, I work for me! I see no reason to fire myself for my involvement in this issue, what the heck is this woman talking about? Oh right, I forgot she likes to make up fanciful stories! The only thing Rodrigues is afraid of here is the fact that the family she is persecuting now has someone else on their side. Someone she does not know, someone she is unaware of has taken up the case and is siding with her neighbors. (although she claims to know the identity of the mysterious visitor and believes she can have this person fired for their visit to her neighbors, that alone is proof she has no clue who I am.)

Of course it is clear that Rodrigues is trying to say it was an AC officer who showed up at her neighbors door and left a business card with the names of other neighbors who had made calls against Rodrigues. This is why she is convinced she can have this person fired. In that I wish her good luck, because no member of AC worth their salt would give out the address of a complainant, it is against their policy, and YES they would be fired if caught. Not only that, but the supposed business card with the names of all neighbors who have been calling AC about her pit bull simply does not exist to the best of my knowledge. I am aware of NO other complaints from other Ryan Court residents about this dog. Unless the complainants had another visitor at their door after I left the only business card they received that day was mine! I spoke with the complainants Friday evening after 9pm and they did not mention having another visitor that day after I left.

It is true, Rodrigues WAS asked to remove the petition by police, and told them she would do so. Clearly that was not true as we can all see, but just a tactic on Rodrigues part to make officers leave her alone.

To Ms. Rodrigues I have this to say:

We gave you ample opportunity to remove your bogus petition from the internet. You told the police you would do so and in refusing to do so have clearly proven yourself to be a liar! Ms. Rodrigues, I have YOUR address, but you do not see me releasing it in this forum, although I COULD if I so chose. I DO NOT do so because I refuse to stoop to your level, but I want you for one second to put yourself in the shoes of the family you have started this hate campaign against Think about the fear every time the door bell rings, the apprehension at opening the day’s mail. I want you to think about those things Ms. Rodrigues, and I want you to ask yourself how it would feel to be the victim of a trumped up smear campaign simply because you want your neighbor to leash their dog in public!

Ms. Rodrigues you are well aware that this is NOT a BSL issue, it is not even a dangerous dog issue. It’s all about a leash! That’s all, just a leash, seriously, if you can’t afford the ten bucks to buy a leash I will purchase one for you and hand deliver it! Get your act together woman! Leash your dog in public, take down your bogus petition, and leave the neighbors alone and all will be well. Continue to persecute this family, and I PROMISE you this, I WILL continue to expose the truth of the matter.

Rodrigues closes the latest update to her bogus petition with this:

jennarodrigues5Gee Jenna, if YOU kept receiving hate mail due to something a neighbor posted on the internet don’t you think you’d be calling police too? I know I would! YOU instigated this little hate campaign in your writing of this petition, and that is a FACT that is out there for all the world to see.

The officer “suggested” you be the “bigger person” and take the petition down because he couldn’t outright tell you that you are being a bitch, and had no business putting up this petition and sharing your neighbors address with the world in the first place. He had to be “diplomatic” and try to keep the peace. That is the police’ usual approach to completely unreasonable people such as yourself! You DO understand what diplomatic means don’t you? Or do I need to provide you with the dictionary definition?

I, on the other hand do NOT have to be diplomatic! I can say whatever I want, I do not work for the police department, and you have given me more than ample permission to do so with your request for public opinion in your latest falsehood ridden update. I say you are a lonely sad woman looking for attention, and that is why you have started this hate campaign against your neighbors. I say you are sad and pathetic, I say you need to get a life and realize that one must live in harmony with those around them. I understand you and your family have only recently moved into this neighborhood. You need to think and ask yourself “is this really the way I want to introduce myself to my new neighbors?” Leash your dog Drama Queen. It really IS that simple!

Dean Lackey is not about to “strike again” I know that those of us who love animals are often more than willing and ready to hate on AC officers. However, in this case Mr. Lackey has done no more than the job he signed on for. He has no vendetta against your dog Ms. Rodrigues, that fact only exists in YOUR mind. As for having me fired? Bring it on Jenna! I would really like to see how you plan to convince me I should fire myself! That should be interesting!

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  1. You say Jenna is the one who has escalated this but at least she is directly involved. You seem to be escalating this further and you have nothing to do with it. I understand Jenna made the issue public but I genuinely believe she did this out of concern for her dog. Neither yourself or anyone else that isn’t directly involved can possibly know the exact truth on the finer details, nor can you know Jenna’s motives. I think its unfair that you refer to this woman as a bimbo, bitch, bozo, idiot and attention seeker. You say you won’t stoop to her level by revealing her address (which I think is respectful on your part) but you have stopped to quite a low level by calling her all of these names when she hasn’t thrown around any personal insults.

    I can’t speak for Jenna but if I was in her position I wouldn’t take down the petition either until I had something in writing stating my dog wasn’t in danger.

    I don’t agree with publicising the neighbour’s personal address but sometimes people make bad decisions when they fear one of their family is in danger.

    If you genuinely want to help the neighbours and ensure the dog is truly safe, why don’t you focus on mediating the situation between Jenna and the neighbours rather than adding fuel to the fire.

    • I have never referred to her as a bimbo get your facts straight! Jenna has thrown around plenty of insults on her side of things. I am a pit bull advocate when someone claims their dog is in danger and turns to the public for help I am one of a very large group of people who does give a damn. When it becomes obvious that the dog was never in any danger in the first place you better believe there are MANY of us who will speak out against them. Creating false BSL cases where none exist more certainly does not serve the cause of overturning bad laws.

  2. We have just rescued a 20 pound mutt that loves everyone. But not everyone passing our house loves him. As a consequence, when we sit with him on our front porch, he is behind a gate. If he wants to play on the front lawn, he’s on a leash. Why? Because it saves us the aggravation of dealing with the aggravation of other people. On the other hand, there is friendly and unleashed dog in our area who lies on his front lawn all the time who recently got into a fight with a passing dog who was walking by on a leash. That dog required vet care. It could have all been avoided if he was leashed. Because his owner didn’t do that, he has a costly vet bill and a complaint was made to the by-law office. Dogs are unpredictable no matter how well you think you know them! Keep them and everyone else safe by exercising control when in a public space! It’s just good common sense.

    • That is and always has been my point, thank you Jacqui! ALL dog owners need to take responsibility and OBEY the laws concerning their dogs, whether or not they agree with the law. It really is that simple!

  3. With all due respect

    1. This docile dog was forced to go to a vet to be checked for age and other solely for inspection by the by-laws. Was this enforcement due to leash laws or pit bull laws.

    2. Thank goodness, other humane countries had the compassion and hero attitudes to step in on the Hitler laws and help put a stop to all the murders and concentration camps based on
    race / breed, or should they have instead said to themselves as per your quote: ” the law is the law whether we agree with the it or not” Don’t tell me I have to give 1/1000,000 of an ounce of my energy to abiding laws of murder, muzzling of animals so they can’t breath or enjoy the quality of their life or other restrictions based on breed only. I’d rather go to jail.


    • With all due respect;

      1. You overdramatize the situation. The dog was not FORCED to go to the vet because of the request by the neighbors that the bylaw be enforced. It is what is REQUIRED by LAW in Ontario when you move from one community to another with a restricted dog. AC came out to enforce the leash law, when they arrived they found a pit bull which was not registered with the city. Since only dogs born BEFORE the passing of Bill 132 are legal in the province of Ontario, the pit bull owner registering a pit bull in a new Ontario community after a move must be able to PROVE the age of their dog. If they can not do so then age must be determined by a qualified veterinarian. That is what happened in this case, Ms. Rodrigues could not adequately prove the age of her pit bull at time of registration and was required to have a determination by a vet done to prove the age of her dog.

      2; We are not talking about the Holocaust here, once again you over dramatize. BSL is a bad law, but no dogs will be put in danger from it unnecessarily if owners FOLLOW THE LAW. Yes that means you can not have that pit bull puppy you want. Yes it means your dog must be muzzled in public (muzzles by the way DO NOT restrict a dog’s ability to breathe correctly) As long as you follow these basic albeit aggravating rules, no harm will come to your dog. It is when people start deliberately breeding dog’s classed by the government as pit bull ( and yes I know the government definition of pit bull has enough holes to drive a semi through) then is when we see dogs in danger. It is when people import pit bulls into the province from outside the province and try to pass them off as grandfathered dogs that there is a problem. Perhaps your brain is just so soaked in hype you can’t see the forest for the trees!

      • Perhaps my brain is so soaked in hype, I can’t see the forest for the trees????? This is responsible debate? Tell the murdered pit bulls of the past, put to death strictly for being a pit bull we are not talking about the holocaust. We indeed are. ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHO CONDONES AND/OR CARRIES OUT RESTRICTIONS BASED ON BREED, RACE, OR GENDER is the one who can’t see the forest for the trees. If muzzles aren’t so bad, wear one yourself for a few days and get back to me on that one. The neighbours called bylaws fully knowing what recourse the bylaws would take,

  4. Sadly, as a Barrie resident, I picked up this story rather early on. At first glance, this story touched me and i immediately reached out to Jenna Rodrigues. I posted the petition and offered contact information of many in the BSL support groups. After speaking with Jenna Rodrigues personally, I learned that in fact, the majority of the petition info was false and I was sorry that I had signed. I was personally told by Jenna, that the dog does in fact run freely in the yard. She also told me that the dog belongs to her boyfriend and not herself personally, so she didn’t really care, but started the petition “just in case” something serious happened. That is a complete misuse of these petition sites. Beyond that, Nosey neighbour statements are just crazy. We have bi-laws for a reason. I would personally LOVE to sit with my dog in the front yard without a chain or muzzle, but the fact is…. I love my dog! I would never do something that knowingly puts her at risk. And if i was aware of a neighbour having a issue I would do everything in my power to correct it and make nice, not draw more attention to myself. I certainly would NOT start a smear campaign against my neighbour that only further fuels the flame. Quite frankly, posting the address of the person who made a complaint (which they had a right to do) on a public forum viewed by thousands was nothing short of MALICIOUS in my opinion. I will be contacting the site and asking them to remove my signature from this petition.

    • Thank you Angela. It is good to hear from another Barrie resident, and a pit bull owner at that. Thank you for giving us your perspective on this situation. As always I greatly appreciate the input of pit bull owners who have to live under BSL, you completely understand this situation and the seriousness of what Jenna Rodrigues has done here. WE have contacted and let them know that this is a false petition, and also that this petition has begun a hate campaign against innocent people merely exercising their rights to have the neighbors follow municipal law and leash their dog. We will see what happens. I encourage anyone else who may have signed this petition in error to do the same.

  5. Hey Janette

    I guess we are not going to agree on everything (that’s okay for both of us to differ in opinion) We both agree the law is unfair. I say the nosy neighbours meddling caused great grief to the Rodrigues family. I say why would the nosy neighbours attempt to enforce an unfair primitive witch hunting law, knowing of the great consequence to a mis-understood creature that has done them or anybody no harm. The Rodrigues family took it as a horrible threat and I don’t blame them. You say it’s okay for neighbours to police the business of others and/or neighbours even if no harm came to them or anyone else. Oh well, we strongly disagree on that one and it’s not going to change. On a positive note, I see you are active in animal rescue and rehabilitation with a dedication to difficult or more challenging rescues. Good to know un-selfish and kind people like you exist. I rescued a shelter dog as well and have been through challenging issues of his abuse. He is greatly evolving into a trusting sweetheart. Anyway no point in arguing about our difference of opinions as we both remain of the same opinion towards the incident and we are not going to change each others mind. I admire your work with animals. All the best.

  6. Are these neighbours the neighbourhood patrol? Why do they stop at reporting an un-leashed dog on the dogs own lawn? Maybe they should follow other neighbours around and make sure they don’t litter. They should also patrol the neighbourhood and make sure no one is using out-dated un-lawful weed killer. Set up cameras to make sure their neighbours aren’t breaking any other bi-laws or offences. Ya Ya Ya great nosy neighbours to have. The only thing that needs to be muzzled and leashed is the neighbours, so they will stay on their own property and mind their own business. They reported a dog to the bi-laws office because the dog was un-leashed on it’s own property even though the dog was doing nothing wrong, bothering no one and never had an incident report in its entire life. The bi-laws office enforced dangerous dog on an innocent dog as a result. The witch-hunting racist bi-laws office further enforced the scared dog to go to a vet to be
    checked for age and other things all because the neighbours reported them and all because of it’s breed. How these enforcers live with themselves making their living on the blood of innocent animals is beyond me. They would make good Hitler army men. You claim Ms. Rodrigues instigated this!!! Are you kidding. She didn’t ask the neighbours to start this un-called for harassment by calling a bi-laws office over her dog sitting on her own front lawn minding her own business. I think the problem here is the nosy trouble making neighbours instigated a terrible act on this family for no good reason other then they are “nosy trouble makers” and the family responded back to these bullies. What the neighbours tried to initiate came back to them instead. I believe it’s referred to as Karma

    • No the bylaw office asked Ms. Rodrigues to muzzle and leash her PIT BULL as per Ontario law and she refused and here we are. The city has NOT threatened to remove the dog they have asked her to comply with the law. Dog’s must be leashed in an unfenced front yard to restrict them from running at large. The law makes perfect sense as dogs are not supposed to be roaming around free without supervision. These neighbors didn’t try to “start” anything. All they did was ask the city to make their neighbors comply with the existing laws. the rest of this ridiculousness has been stirred up by Jenna herself. This was over before it even started for Jenna’s neighbors they made their complaint Rodrigues refused to comply instead starting a bogus petition and saying the city wants to kill her dog. THIS is NOT the case there is NO ongoing case concerning the euthanasiz of a pit bull in this city! By starting her bogus petition after refusing to comply with existing laws Rodrigues brought all of this on herself. Whether they are good laws or bad laws they are EXISTING laws and flaunting them doesn’t do the Rodrigues family any good. This was not a case of a city enacting the dangerous dog act on an innocent dog, this dog is a PIT BULL (albeit a gentle dog as they usually are) and as such is subject to BSL and MUST be muzzled and leashed in public at all times. I do not agree with BSL law but the law IS the law and until something changes legally these are the constraints a pit bull must face. WE may not like it, but we ARE forced to abide by it or put our own dogs in danger. Perhaps Annie you would do well to read up on BSL and what it actually means for the dogs affected by it.

      • Did you say all they did was “ask the city” to make their neighbours comply with existing laws” Perhaps you would do well to look up the definition of “nosy neighbours who can’t mind their own business” Ya right they innocently called bi-laws as good Samaritans, worried about a dog on it’s own property……saving the world is their motive I’m sure. NOSY, MEDDLERS, TROUBLE MAKERS. Again, they should also patrol the neighbourhood and make sure no one is using out-dated un-lawful weed killer. Follow fellow neighbours and report Littering. Check the neighbouring recycle bins to assure no infraction of un-recyclable debris. Set up cameras to make sure their neighbours aren’t breaking any other bi-laws or offences. Police sprinklers running too long. I remain the same that they had no business to report their neighbours dog on it’s own property. Despite the neighbours harassment, I don’t wish that they receive hate mail or any harassment to themselves either. I also feel bad for the position their nosy behaviour has put Ko’s and her family in. The fact remains. The neighbours were 1st to start this making them the initiators.

      • Really? It does not matter WHO initiated this fact is it is Jenna Rodrigues who has escalated it to this point. Every neighbor has the right to see that those next door follow the city bylaws. That is all Rodrigues neighbors have done. That is ALL the city of Barrie has done is asked Rodrigues to comply with the existing laws. It really is plain and simple Miss Anne not Annie! Rodrigues has turned this into persecution of her pit bull which it is not! As I said before perhaps YOU feel it is okay to flaunt laws you do not agree with but fact is the law is the law and Rodrigues is in the wrong. No matter which way YOU try to spin it!

  7. So your story is the neighbours have issues with the dog not being leashed on it’s own lawn. Not that the dog came over to them or ran on a main street or did anything to anyone including them. The neighbours decided to judge, jury and execute what they think should be happening on another persons lawn. The dog as a result is ordered to go to the vet to be checked for age amongst other harassing visits by the bilaw office. May I remind you the dog did nothing Who are you saying is pathetic and has no life??? I BELIEVE IT’S THE CAN’T MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS NEIGHBOURS!!!!!!! Ms Rodrigues is a respondent . The neighbour are the initiators

    • The dog is not allowed in an unfenced front yard without a leash as per the Barrie bylaws. Whether or not you agree with that law is irrelevant it IS the law. Ms. Rodriguez neighbors are well within their rights to request that she comply with that law.

      Ms. Rodrigues has been asked to obey that law and still refuses to do so. No one has ever threatened to remove her dog from her custody, and no references to euthanasia have been made by anyone in this case other than Ms. Rodrigues herself.

      The dog in question IS a pit bull and as such the owners (Rodrigues and family) MUST comply with the provincial laws of Breed Specific Legislation, when their dog is in public. The Barrie bylaws prevent owners from allowing their dogs to run around an unfenced front yard because there is nothing preventing the dog from running at large. That is NOT my doing it is the provincial and municipal LAW as much as we may dislike it. Ms. Rodrigues was required to register her dog with the city as per the law and in doing so it had to be determined that her dog was of a legal age to be covered by the Grandfather clause that allowed all pit bulls already in the province to stay in the province at the time the Bill was passed. The request for this information has absolutely nothing to do with the request by Rodrigues neighbors that she leash her dog.

      • I must say, I see both sides however still agree with Anne. You claim the law is the law and we must abide, however you also claim the law is unfair in your opinion. How do we change unfair malicious laws if we just standby and idly comply and promote the same. We should be active in changing this barbaric law. It’s Hitler mentality. The neighbours were malicious to play an active role in this witch hunting Hitler law against the dog owners (no matter who the dog belongs to Miss Rodriques or her boyfriend. They both live together it’s a family dog. Even if its a homeless dog, has nothing to do with it. It is being subjected to dangerous dog restrictions for nothing other than breed. Show me one incident of aggression and I may differ in that regard. On the other hand I agree it was also irresponsible, malicious , dangerous and embarrassing to the neighbours to post the meddling neighbours address to give thousands opportunity to harass.
        I also admire your good intentions and work Janette but wish your efforts and considerations were more active in changing barbaric racist laws against innocent dogs as opposed to up-holding them, especially when you don’t believe in what you are up-holding.

      • It is not maliscious to request that your neighbors comply with leash laws. It is your right. This issue has NEVER been a BSL issue. The Rodrigues dog has NEVER been seized, no one has mentionede seizure or euthanasia except Ms. Rodrigues herself. This is a matter of an hysterical reaction to a simple request that a dog be leashed in public. I don’t now how much more plainly that can be put before people “get it.” THERE IS NO DOG IN DANGER HERE! If there were I would be one of the first people to come forward to fight for that dog. What we have here is a dispute between neighbors over an unleahsed dog and NOTHING more. It is Ms. Rodrigues dramatic attempts to MAKE this a BSL issue that are keeping this incident between neighbors in the limelight.

        AS for your attempt to slag me for upholding the law even though I do not agree with it, what would you have me do? Advise people to break the law at will because they disagree? The law is the law whether we agree with the letter of it or not. As I said we must abide by it even as we fight it. I am VERY pro-active in the fight against BSL. It’s a bad law and so I join many others in lobbying our government to change it. That does not mean we are not required to follow it in the meantime. I will say this ONE more time because you people don’t seem to be understanding it or maybe I am just not being clear, but these neighbors participated in no witch hunt they merely asked that the neighbors obey the leash laws BSL had nothing to do with it. The dog was not subjected to the dangerous dog act, she is a victim of a bad law, a law that many good people in the province of Ontario are working hard to change. Is teaching our children to break laws they do not agree with really the way to go about things? Or should we be teaching them how to rise up and go about changing the law? I prefer the latter choice myself rather than prompting our young people to begin life by flaunting the law.

  8. IMO, it is only common courtesy to leash any dog where the dog has full access to the public and abide by local municipal laws that exist. It is and should be about any dog NOT a specific breed or look of a dog. That said, I am also aware of other cases when so called “neighbors” have called complaining about people’s dogs who do not have “muzzles” on while being outside in a FENCED secured front or back yard. So always the circumstances and details are essential to know in each individual case. Now with complaining that a dog does not have a muzzle on in a fenced secured back yard is a situation, well that is just plain harassment. It is more then reasonable that one can request a dog be leashed if the dog is on a front yard that is not fenced and if a by law should be enforced.. It all just comes down to common sense and courtesy. Any good neighbor who has a dog knows that not all people are comfortable around k9’s and should use common sense in the situation..

    • Unfortunately it seems as if this woman is purely using the dog to get attention. I have spoken with her next door neighbors and all they requested is that she comply with the bylaw which states that a dog must be leashed in an unfenced front yard, and anywhere else in public. She continued to refuse to leash the dog in the front yard and they were forced to call the city and request that she be asked to comply with the law. This is ALL that is happening here. No one is persecuting a pit bull! And you are right Liz the leash laws apply to EVERYONE not just pit bull owners. This has NOTHING to do with breed at all and never did.

  9. Every anti BSL advocacy organization had reached out to her offering resources and assistance and no one received a reply. Tammy Banting Manager of By-Law Services communicated to us the accounts of the home visit and at no point in time was it the officer’s intention nor was it ever communicated that the dog was going to be seized. Just a simple call about licensing and abiding by the bi-laws of Barrie. Barrie Bi Law Services have received the requested information from the owners and were satisfied and would not be pursuing any further action or investigation. needs to remove this petition from their site.

  10. Hey Janette. Another great blog thank you. I just wanted to ask a question:
    In Barrie are there people who dislike pitbulls, you know like in USA, people just shoot them, or stab them because they are APT?
    It seems to me that this Jenna bird is treading on thin ice. The more she pushes her ‘Pitbull’ into the limelight, the greater the chance APT haters are going to coming looking.
    Its a sorry world we live in, but we know this is true

    • We have our pit bull haters just like any other place but NO they are not violent or in most cases even vocal about it. Most people just avoid them. While you get the odd troublemaker such as the youngsters who threw rocks at my husky/lab cross a few years ago because they “thought” she was a pit bull, violence of any serious note against animals in not a prevalent thing in Barrie, Ontario, which is not to say it does not take place, but that it is not the “norm.” Unfortunately I am afraid I have to agree that Jenna isn’t doing her dog any favors with her behavior, especially now that we see from the above comment that Ontario Organizations are speaking out. Ms. Rodrigues has made a big mistake in making the claims that she has made simply because people like myself who are fighting to eradicate BSL follow these stories. We FIGHT for dogs who are TRULY endangered, we have dedicated ourselves to the cause. You can NOT claim “They want to euthanize my pit bull” in this province because we have some very serious minded good hearted people fight BSL in this province. Let me correct that, you can CLAIM it, but you better hope it is true because in THIS province with it’s many citizens dedicated to eradicating bad legislature you are going to get attention all right. You are going to get the attention of people who have been dealing with dogs in danger for years. They know how to get answers, they know how to determine if your claims are true. Those people are starting to speak out against Jenna Rodrigues. I wonder if she prepared herself for that? Somehow I doubt it.

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