Save the Drama for Your Mama!

Hey all! I have been on vacation for the past month and what a needed break it was! During my time of blissful idolatry a friend brought a situation to my attention that she felt I should know about. It came in the form of a link to a petition set up by one Jenna Rodrigues of Barrie Ontario. Since this petition involved a pit bull, my friend wanted to make sure that I knew of the situation. Any of you who read me regularly know my position on BSL and will completely understand why my friend thought I needed to be apprised of the situation. I clicked on the link and saw this:

harassment1Dramatic right? Didn’t you for just a second think “Oh Lord not another innocent dog!” I know I did! I continued on reading wanting to know more. How was it possible that I, probably the biggest Anti-BSL advocate in town, did not know about this case? I read on:

harassment2Okay so, here I sat thinking “oh boy! Another dog whose life we have to fight for!” I mean reading the above wouldn’t you have thought so too?

I signed the petition at that time, after all if this was happening in my own home town I had to take a stand! A few hours later, the same friend saw an update to the above petition, this time she sent me a private email: (Please click on screen shot to enlarge and read.)

harassment3Now quite frankly this releasing of a personal address online disturbed me. I mean, maybe these people were being harassed by neighbors but that was no excuse in my eyes for someone to bandy about personal information and ask people to harass the complainants by writing to them. I decided that I had to go to the address they had released and inform the occupants of the fact that their address was online for the world to see. I did not have time to stop by until this morning, and I did so, but the family already knew, and had already received some hate mail due to this petition.

I decided I needed to get their side of the story, after all I was standing there talking to them both and they seemed like reasonable well educated family people to me, there HAD to be more to this story. Turns out there is more to the story, A LOT more.

Now you all know me, I will ALWAYS take the side of a dog in danger, but this dog is NOT in danger. No one has mentioned taking the dog away no one but Jenna Rodrigues has mentioned the word “euthanasia.” No one involved in this story wants the dog put down, as a matter of fact, the only complaint the people at the above Ryan Court address have against this dog, is not a complaint against the dog at all, but a complaint that the dog owner Jenna Rodrigues REFUSES to leash and muzzle her pit bull as per Ontario law! Actually it wasn’t even the muzzle issue that this family was complaining about, it was the flaunting of leash laws. This family simply wants these pit bull owners to leash their pet in public as per Barrie, Ontario bylaws.

This is NOT a BSL issue, but Jenna Rodrigues is dramatizing the issue, building it up to something it isn’t. She has been asked to comply with Barrie Bylaws and leash her dog. That of course has been taken one step further in this case BECAUSE Jenna Rodrigues’ dog IS a pit bull, and as per BSL in Ontario is required to be muzzled in public. Now you all know that while I don’t agree with BSL the fact is that it IS the law, and those who own pit bull’s have no choice but to comply or put their dog in danger.

Of course these days if anyone sneezes in the direction of a pit bull whose owners flaunt the law they scream harassment and talk about how everybody wants to kill their dog because it’s a pit! This is the bandwagon Jenna Rodrigues is jumping on. Now some of these pleas to save the lives of pit bulls are genuine situations in which dog’s are in danger of losing their lives simply because of their breed. That is far from the case here. As I have already said no one is trying to kill Jenna Rodrigues’ dog, they just want her to comply with existing laws. Fact is that Jenna Rodrugues’ dog’s BREED has absolutely nothing to do with her neighbors concern. They would have reported her refusal to leash her pet no matter WHAT breed of dog it was, they simply want their neighbors to get with the program and be responsible pet owners. Part of being a responsible pet owner is LEASHING YOUR DOG in public!

To Jenna Rodrigues I have this to say: “Leash up bozo! It’s the LAW, and last time I checked it applied to all dog owners not just the ones who wish to comply. SAVE THE DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMA! Just leash and muzzle your 12 year old pit bull, that’s all your neighbors want!

I will be bringing you more on this issue tomorrow, Ms. Rodrigues harassment of this family needs to be brought to light, and those Ms. Rodrigues calls her “supporters” deserve to know the truth of the matter.

For now suffice it to say that we will be starting a petition of our own. We will be petitioning the city of Barrie, Ontario and asking them to ENFORCE the existing leash laws. Jenna Rodrigues and her family are just one more in a long line of dog owners that think the Barrie bylaws do not apply to them and it is high time the city started to crack down on off leash dogs!

Stay tuned this isn’t over yet!

See you all tomorrow!

Until then remember,




7 thoughts on “Save the Drama for Your Mama!

  1. Well after reading your blog I’m not sure what to think anymore. If she is in fact refusing to muzzle and leash the dog if it’s out in the open it’s a problem.. If she has it in her fenced backyard or something it isn’t. Anyways her emails and “updates” are more like rants and the more of them I read the more I think there is something else going on. Originally I was angry at the fact people were giving her such a hard time. But now I’m just confused, so I need to stop getting her updates. Her dog was saved from being euthanized and she needs to follow through and obey the laws however unfair she believes them to be. I’m against BSL and I don’t think this is a BSL related issue anymore.

  2. Thank you for your information. Unfortunately I was one who jumped on the bandwagon and signed the petition. Thankfully she listed your information on a follow up email and I was able to look you up. Your information sounds much more plausible as opposed to someone calling Animal Control for “absolutely no reason”. Animal control would not go to her house or seize her dog (if that is true) for no reason. She obviously realized if she stated that she wasn’t leashing or muzzling her pit bull, she would have no support.

    And yes, I do find it appauling that she lists the address of the complainant.

    I have now unsubscribed to her updates.

    Thank you!

    • Thank you for that. Ms. Rodriguez now seems to be directing her animosity at me instead of her neighbors. Nothing I have not dealt with before, better me than an innocent young family guilty of nothing more than exercising their right to have the neighbors obey the law.

  3. Wow. I personally dont agree with online petitions because there is rarely evidence that the petition is sent to its intended recipient (a prime example was Lennox. THAT petition was still doing the rounds, 3 months after he was killed), but let’s assume this is a good one ( I know there are a few).
    What exactly will Dean Lackey do when he receives a petition stating that he wants to destroy this dog? Is he even aware of this ‘hate’ campaign against him and the ‘complainants’?
    It beggars belief that this Rodrigues woman is doing this, but I cant say I am surprised.
    The likelihood is that she will continue to refuse to muzzle and leash K.O and ultimately it will be this woman that kills her 12 yr pet.
    What will she do then?

    • I did put in a call to Mr. Lackey asking him to call and give me his version of the story, we will see if he responds. Undoubtedly should Ms. Rodrigues refusal to comply with the law bring about the death of her pet I am sure she will find a way to twist it into an issue caused by this poor family she has started her hate campaign against.

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