Blatantly breeding and selling pit bulls in the province of Ontario is not doing the fight against BSL any favors!

I was very concerned the other day when I ran out to the local store and met a young girl with two  pit bulls, not because pit bulls scare me, not because these two dogs were clearly illegal in the province of Ontario where BSL has reigned for over seven years now, but because this young girl seemed completely oblivious to the fact that these two dogs (one a ten week old puppy) were illegal dogs in this province. She paraded them around as if they were poodles and there was no hesitation when I asked her their breed and she replied “pit bull.” This young girl clearly had no idea that her dogs could be in danger due to the law!

In my travels across the province I am learning that many people either do not know about our BSL legislation or simply do not care! This scares me, it scares me because so many innocent animals out there are one phone call away from being pets in danger, and their owners don’t seem to grasp that fact. Just because your mixed breed short haired mutt doesn’t seem like a pit bull to you does not mean that they won’t be mistaken for one! Here read this: Still Think Your Labrador Retriever is Safe? Think Again

A bigger problem than off breed dogs getting caught up in BSL legislature exists. It is a problem that many people do not know about, one which slowly is becoming much more obvious. That problem is the illegal breeding and sale of pit bull puppies in the province of Ontario. Like the girl I mentioned above many people seem to either be oblivious to, or heedless of the BSL legislation that exists in our province. That’s a scary prospect because it means an untold number of family pets are living in danger!

At a time when pit bull advocates are busy working with rescues to get illegal dogs out of the province, breeders are breeding and selling more. Quite frankly I do not understand this blatant flaunting of the law. YES it’s bad legislation, BUT…and here is the real crux of the matter; laws are laws! Whether we agree or disagree!

Blatantly breeding and selling pit bulls in the province of Ontario is not doing the fight against BSL any favors!

People educate yourselves! Do YOU really know what BSL means to dog owners and their pets? If you answered NO to this question I urge you to research the matter! When BSL lives, ALL dogs are in danger!




Give your DOG the vote!

antibslSo here we are deep into the saga of BSL in Ontario! We have been fighting this ridiculous legislation for eight years now, or is it nine? Too long that is what it has been! So we have been lobbying the hardassed liberals for years now, and if truth be told there really is no legitimate reason for this law still being in place, well other than the hysterics of those in power!

Ah but there are bi-elections comijng in Ontario, The bi-elections in Windsor, London, Ottawa and the Toronto area were triggered by the resignations of five Liberals this year, including former premier Dalton McGuinty. The Progressive Conservatives are downplaying their chances in the bi-elections, despite the $585-million gas plant scandal which they say shows the Liberal government is corrupt. The New Democrats say they hope voters will hold the Liberals to account for the gas plants fiasco and other scandals including a police probe of the Ornge air ambulance service.

Pit bull owners in Ontario want the Liberals to address the BSL issue, although that is what they have been  avoiding with political slight of hand for some eight years now. However those who must vote in the upcoming bi-elections do have some recourse in the matter, after all they do NOT HAVE to vote for the Liberal candidate now do they?

I guess what I am saying here is this, OUR ANIMALS VOTE! It is time we proved this to the Liberal party of Ontario by getting out there and voting for someone who will make a difference for your dog! Do you know how your favorite political candidate feels about the BSL issue? Have you even thought about it?Many of us have, and we have started voting for the political candidates that will turn this legislation around! We do not want dog hating murderers in power! The only way to ensure that is to vote for the candidate who will vote NO to BSL!

It is high time that Ontario residents dispensed with party loyalty and started voting for those who will make a difference. Don’t vote Liberal simply because it is what your family has done for years! The time for party loyalty has come and gone. These days we need to poll the candidates on the issues that matter to US! We need to vote for the candidate that most agrees with our take on things, we need to vote for the people who see our dogs as living breathing beings with a right to live free! We need people in power who realize that dog owners are the ones that need to be held accountable for the actions of their pets no matter what their breed may be.

So those of you headed to the polls August 1st to vote, I am asking that before you cast that ballot you look at the issues. Where does your candidate stand on the ones that matter to you? Does the person you are casting your vote for have the best interest of the people (and dogs) of Ontario at heart? If not, make a new choice! We have been given the right to vote and exercise our will on those who hold power, make it count! Make sure the person you vote for is against BSL! Give your pets the power of YOUR vote!

Happy Electing!




Meanwhile in Ottawa…

You may have noticed that yesterday I reblogged a friend’s blog. I did so because quite frankly I am tired of Jenna (Whatthehellismylastnamethisweek) Rodrigues or whatever she is currently calling herself. Quite frankly the woman is bat shit crazy! Anyone who fails to see that by sensationalizing a minor dispute with the neighbors, and refusing to muzzle and leash your banned breed dog in public you are just inviting trouble and strife into your life, really obviously does not have the sense they were born with.

I have taken some grief for my stance on the subject of obeying the law. One bonehead actually tried to tell me that anyone who follows BSL laws and muzzles their dog is condoning the law! So apparently we are all supposed to flaunt the law and allow the government to take our pit bulls into custody because we are too stupid to conform while we fight? I think NOT! Anyway there will always be those who disagree with me, I am a big girl I can pull up my panties and move on! I have learned that in rescue people either love you or they hate you, there is no middle ground! Since the only person who has to live by and answer for my decisions is me, I’m okay with my choices, if you are not sorry about your luck, but truly I don’t answer to you!

Okay moving on! I am extremely concerned by the number of dogs we have seen locked in hot cars already this summer. It is as if there is some sort of disconnect between brain and action. I mean everyone is by now well aware of the fact that hot car equals oven like temperatures, so why are we still hearing accounts of dogs being left in cars? It makes no sense, although lately I have come to realize that some people are just stupid enough to think you are not talking to THEM, like somehow they are exempt from the laws of nature that say cooking your dog in your car will kill it! There is no accounting for stupid!

There is one thing we have not talked about, that is the world wide walk that recently took place a couple of days after the anniversary of Lennox’ murder in Belfast. My husband and I were unable to get out for the walk due to health constraints but we were there in spirit, and represented both in Toronto and Ottawa by friends and fellow pit lovers. Here are a few pics from the Ottawa walk!

6265_10151458449576601_1618909231_n 21400_10151458450206601_992906669_n 36490_10151458449321601_846399419_n 546782_10151458448836601_1273499842_n 994848_10151458449501601_515071894_n 995118_10151458451121601_1301864917_n 1002250_10151458451501601_2018831991_n 1002438_10151458452686601_599542877_n 1003271_10151458442271601_1200941607_n 1003313_10151458449941601_601066350_n 1004080_10151458442486601_32774470_n 1004611_10151458450246601_423268096_n 1004632_10151458450516601_1884951431_n 1011140_10151458449336601_1324097549_n 1044850_10151458449446601_975813696_n 1069815_10151458449486601_260212478_n 1070042_10151458450196601_332778014_n 1070079_10151458442711601_758169094_n 1075812_10151458449856601_1958488770_n 1075860_10151458450791601_346487700_n


Obviously reports stating that there were a handful of protesters on the Hill are erroneous! It is obvious that many more dog owners are starting to understand that BSL can target ANY breed! More dog owners are stepping up to say “This is not acceptable!”  It is clear that Ontario citizens will keep fighting this bad legislation until it is abolished. It has been a long fight and it still continues, but hopefully the next time pit bull owners and their friends get together it will be to celebrate our dog’s freedom! One can hope!

For now I leave you with this thought, can we continue to allow our government to put the onus on an innocent animal? I think not!

See you tomorrow, and remember,



The Pen is Mightier than the sword. Really?

Welcome to Broken Breeds

Edward Bulwer-Lytton would be turning in his grave (if he was still there after all this time). For those not aware Edward coined this phrase in 1939 for his play Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy.

So why am I bringing this up now? well I am going to show you what happens when the power of the pen goes directly to a person’s head. Do you remember the blog I posted on JCD? Good, that’ll save us some time.

I recieve a copy of an email today and in it was HUGELY inaccurate and libelous statements made against a person I have known personally for a long time. I am going to post that email right here.

Let me give you just a brief synopsis of the story so far:

My friend spotted a seemingly genuine petition that involved a pitbull type dog in her area. She has always fought the…

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My answer to MS. Jenna Rodrigues’ latest nonsense!

Oh my! It has been a very long time since I found myself having to author two blogs in one day, but Jenna Rodrigues latest little “update to her bogus petition must be answered. <SIGH>

Okay so here we go, since last I wrote (sometime this morning) I have been forwarded yet another lie ridden update to Ms. Rodrigues bogus plea for attention.

Here we go:

jennabs1As previously stated, YES I left my business card, NO there was no number on it other than my business number. I never claimed anyone else called Animal Control about her dog. SHE did when she said the names and numbers of other Ryan Court residents were given to the residents of the above Ryan Court address. While she is telling the truth about the fact that she has never met me, the residents of the above Ryan Court address have met and spoken with me at length when I attended their home last Friday.

Moving on:

jennabs2Yes, I have written to be exact, three previous blogs about this situation, this one is the fourth. All of the above mentioned Facebook pages or accounts do belong to me, with the exception of the last on the list Pet Photography Captured which in fact belongs to a Google+ contact of mine, a fellow photographer. I also maintain several other pages all to do with dog rescue which it is obvious she felt did nothing to enhance her claims that she is being harassed by me, otherwise I am sure she would have mentioned them as well. However, fact is that it is NOT my business pages which posted anything to do with this case, it is those animal advocacy pages she fails to list.

Once again, moving on:

jennabs3Yes I am on twitter, me and who knows how many million other people on the planet! Once again however, Ms. Rodrigues is in error, it is NOT my business twitter account which is tweeting about this situation, it is my animal advocacy account. This woman is clearly attempting to malign my business and in doing so is opening herself up to a counter suit to her threatened law suit. (but we will get to that part of her happy little lie riddled update in a moment)

Let’s move on once again:

jennabs4No she doesn’t know me, and quite frankly with her attitude I am glad of it! However, let me correct her here yet again, I know more than just what the residents of the above Ryan Court address have told me. I have also spoken to the city, and they have backed up the residents of the above Ryan Court address. In order to slander someone you must be lying with full knowledge that what you are saying is an untruth and will harm that person in some way shape or form. Everything I have written is the TRUTH to the best of my knowledge, backed up by checking the facts with more than one source. I did not have to personally speak to Jenna Rodrigues because she made her side of the story known by posting her petition in a publicly accessible forum. There is no slander or harassment here, just a detailing of the true facts of the case. While the police may very well have advised her to start a civil suit against me, they more than likely did so to keep the peace and not because I have done anything wrong or illegal in posting my blog. Police tend to dispense this advice when they are faced with a complaint there is no point of law to handle.

Shall we keep moving forward?:

jennabs5Once again nice try Jenna but you are wrong! I have never claimed to have a “business” “saving animals” I am an animal advocate, a blogger, and up until very recently spent over twenty years working in dog rescue rehabilitating and training difficult rescue dogs. It is not a “business” and I have never claimed it was. As for my media business it is registered as part of a larger corporation and as such will not come up in a business search without the name of the corporation. Gentle Leader Dog Training was a PAST business I ran with my husband until medical restrictions due to back problems forced me to stop training dogs. It is no longer registered with the province because it no longer exists. I have been a freelance photo journalist for years and occasionally still do the odd wedding. I work in the music shopping soundtrack for TV and movies, and I manage musical artists. (Any more stupid questions Jenna?)

We move on again:

jennabs6Starts blogs regularly? How amusing! Anyone can tell you I have been writing the same blog for at least two years now, with everything I do in a given day I truly do not have time for spawning random blogs, sorry about your luck Jenna but this is the ONLY blog I write with any amount of regularity. My financial situation? And just exactly what is it you claim to know about my financial situation Jenna? My financial situation is just fine thank you very much! Honestly, your behavior would be laughable were it not for the fact that your little vendetta against the neighbors is harming completely innocent people.  Grow up!


Good luck with that! Don’t be surprised when you receive notice of a counter suit. Your threats to sue do not scare me Jenna, i am well within my rights to say what i have said based on legitimate information that has been checked.

When my friend saw Ms. Rodrigues latest update she sent it to me immediately. She also sent Jenna the following text in reply (click on screenshot to enlarge if you can’t read it):


My friend received this in reply:


If officer Dean Lackey told her two days after the petition went up that he was not interested pursuing the matter, why is this petition still online? How would anyone know what I have said or done? Hmmm, apparently Jenna thinks she is the only one on the planet who has friends that know her business? How interesting! Anyone who has come forward to Ms. Rodrigues claiming to be a friend of mine and spouting accusations is obviously NOT a friend of mine yet Jenna seems to think they are. My friends are conscientious dog owners who obey the laws whether they agree with them or not. They fight BSL, and will take the side of ANY dog owner whose dog is ACTUALLY in danger. They are not siding with Jenna Rodrigues however, BECAUSE she is not being honest with the public.

There you have it! My answer to MS. Jenna Rodrigues’ latest nonsense!

Have a nice evening and remember,



…flaunting the law while fighting it helps no one!

Well I certainly opened up a can of worms with my last posting didn’t I? Seems like my readership will be arguing that one for a while. So today I wanted to take a look at the law, and off leash dogs.

I feel qualified to write about the situation in Barrie as it is my home town, and I and my dogs are subject to the bylaws that currently exist. We follow them, a) because it is the law, and b) because they keep our dogs safe from harm.

Barrie bylaw states that a dog must be leashed in public INCLUDING in a person’s UNFENCED front yard as it gives access to public walkways and roadways. Now since it is also illegal to allow your dog to run at large, this bylaw makes perfect sense.

Thing about laws is this, even if you do not agree with them or can not for the life of you think why it might be necessary to put some of them in place, you still have to follow the law. They are not merely suggestions for how to behave, but rules about what society will and will not accept from you. Society will NEVER accept a cavalier attitude towards dog laws. Responsible dog ownership is what is expected of EVERY citizen that owns a dog. Responsible dog ownership means following the existing laws in place, even if you do not agree with them.

Believe me here in Ontario there are many laws governing dogs that dog owners do not agree with. When this happens owners band together to fight the bad legislation, but they do NOT flaunt the law while fighting it! Do you honestly think that EVERY pit bull owner in Ontario ENJOYS having to muzzle their dog in public? I assure you they do not. However, they comply with this law because doing anything else will put their dog’s life in danger. They comply, but they fight for a day when going for a walk will not mean muzzling their pet.

Since yesterday’s post we have received messages from just about every group in Ontario that deals with pit bulls in danger. All of them reached out to Jenna Rodrigues when she put up her petition, she ignored them all! But these people have been fighting this law for years, they have seen many a good dog leave Ontario to save it’s life, and they don’t just melt into the woodwork when a person who claims their dog is in danger of euthanasia because of it’s breed. They investigate, they ask questions, and because they are well known pit bull advocates they get answers from the agencies involved. As an example here is the text of a comment received to yesterday’s blog.

jenna1You see? We check things out when we think a dog might be in danger! And THIS was Jenna’s downfall. She wanted to scream “BSL is targetting my dog!” She just didn’t realize that when you do so in this province, pit bull advocates will take up the fight whether you contact them or not! Someone screaming “don’t let them euthanize my innocent dog!” is going to get attention. In this case the attention garnered backfired because Jenna Rodrigues was and still is lying through her teeth! There was never any danger to her dog, but I can not confidently say it will remain that way if she continues to persecute her neighbors and continues to refuse to comply with provincial and municipal laws.

I have also received several comments attempting to defend Jenna’s actions. At no time was the dangerous dog act EVER enacted on this woman’s dog. The dog is a pit bull and as such was already subject to dangerous dog restrictions because Ontario is a BSL province. BSL means that any Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit bull terrier or any mix thereof is restricted under Ontario law. No one may breed pit bulls in the province of Ontario, and no one may own a pit bull that was not born before the ban came into effect in 2005. No one may acquire a pit bull from outside the province. A pit bull already living in Ontario can not leave the province for more than three months or it will not be permitted to return. A person moving to Ontario from outside the province may not bring their pit bull with them. All pit bulls MUST be muzzled and leashed in public, and pit bulls are not permitted to use off leash play areas. We may not like this but for now it is the law! It applies to EVERYONE who owns one of these dogs, there are NO exceptions!

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not agree with BSL in any form. I fight to eradicate this bad legislature on a daily basis, But flaunting the law while fighting it helps no one! Jenna Rodrigues either needs to comply with the laws that exist or rehome her dog to someone that will do so! It really IS that simple!

As always…



It’s all about a leash…

Good morning everyone! In my last post I introduced you to Drama Queen Jenna Rodrigues and her bogus petition  against the city of Barrie asking them to halt the euthanization of her pit bull KO. (yes I have linked to it. NO don’t sign it!) I explained how Ms. Rodrigues has turned a neighbors simple request that she leash her dog in public into an all out war on the dog because it is a pit bull. I told you how the dog, supposedly twelve years old according to Jenna Rodrigues, is allowed to roam around it’s front yard sans leash or muzzle. I mention muzzles only BECAUSE KO is a Pit bull, and muzzling them in public is the LAW in Ontario. In fact the complainant did not mention muzzles when calling the city, they just asked that their neighbors be encouraged to obey the leash laws. They also did NOT mention in their call that the neighbors dog is a pit bull, because her breed is not the issue, and never was.

So now back to Ms. Rodrigues bogus petition. That same friend I keep mentioning (Lord I love that woman she keeps me up to date!) emailed me a recent update to Rodrigues petition. Let’s take that “update” and examine it here:

jennarodrigues1Rodrigues says she has no idea why another officer attended her home, so let me enlighten her. Ms Rodrigues you were visited by the police yet again because your targets received yet more hate mail due to your ridiculous petition full of lies. I have no doubt that if you persist in your persecution the police will be visiting you a few more times before this is over. You do not seem to understand that people take the euthanasia of pit bulls very seriously, or maybe you do understand and are planning to use that cause to further your harassment of this family. As I already said they are receiving hate mail due to your lies. Is it really inconceivable that people might start showing up at their door uninvited? I mean after all you already have people all over the globe sending this family hate mail. People showing up at their door is the next logical response is it not?

jennarodrigues2Yes they did receive that letter, along with several others that were not so nicely worded, so naturally the police were called. I might also add that police are aware of this letter Rodrigues speaks of, and since the old lady kindly included her phone number the police called her and fully explained the situation. I do have one question however, how is it Jenna Rodrigues has knowledge of the contents of the neighbors mail? Rodrigues continues on:

jennarodrigues3Now this I find extremely funny! I was the mysterious visitor to Rodrigues neighbors on Friday. They had NEVER met me before that day, and it is MY visit that made them realize that people could show up at their door unannounced, and that not everyone that did would be there to help them. I decided to inform these people that their address was online for all to see. (They already knew at that point) You are all aware of that from my last posting on this subject. Once I heard their story I knew I had to help them, what is being done to this young family is clearly harassment. I DID leave behind a business card with MY company name and phone number on it in order that the complainants could contact me at their leisure to tell me about what had been happening. That business card did NOT contain the names of anyone else. Rodrigues continues on:


She won’t divulge more information because she clearly has none! The above paragraph confirms that! Firstly, I OWN my company, I work for me! I see no reason to fire myself for my involvement in this issue, what the heck is this woman talking about? Oh right, I forgot she likes to make up fanciful stories! The only thing Rodrigues is afraid of here is the fact that the family she is persecuting now has someone else on their side. Someone she does not know, someone she is unaware of has taken up the case and is siding with her neighbors. (although she claims to know the identity of the mysterious visitor and believes she can have this person fired for their visit to her neighbors, that alone is proof she has no clue who I am.)

Of course it is clear that Rodrigues is trying to say it was an AC officer who showed up at her neighbors door and left a business card with the names of other neighbors who had made calls against Rodrigues. This is why she is convinced she can have this person fired. In that I wish her good luck, because no member of AC worth their salt would give out the address of a complainant, it is against their policy, and YES they would be fired if caught. Not only that, but the supposed business card with the names of all neighbors who have been calling AC about her pit bull simply does not exist to the best of my knowledge. I am aware of NO other complaints from other Ryan Court residents about this dog. Unless the complainants had another visitor at their door after I left the only business card they received that day was mine! I spoke with the complainants Friday evening after 9pm and they did not mention having another visitor that day after I left.

It is true, Rodrigues WAS asked to remove the petition by police, and told them she would do so. Clearly that was not true as we can all see, but just a tactic on Rodrigues part to make officers leave her alone.

To Ms. Rodrigues I have this to say:

We gave you ample opportunity to remove your bogus petition from the internet. You told the police you would do so and in refusing to do so have clearly proven yourself to be a liar! Ms. Rodrigues, I have YOUR address, but you do not see me releasing it in this forum, although I COULD if I so chose. I DO NOT do so because I refuse to stoop to your level, but I want you for one second to put yourself in the shoes of the family you have started this hate campaign against Think about the fear every time the door bell rings, the apprehension at opening the day’s mail. I want you to think about those things Ms. Rodrigues, and I want you to ask yourself how it would feel to be the victim of a trumped up smear campaign simply because you want your neighbor to leash their dog in public!

Ms. Rodrigues you are well aware that this is NOT a BSL issue, it is not even a dangerous dog issue. It’s all about a leash! That’s all, just a leash, seriously, if you can’t afford the ten bucks to buy a leash I will purchase one for you and hand deliver it! Get your act together woman! Leash your dog in public, take down your bogus petition, and leave the neighbors alone and all will be well. Continue to persecute this family, and I PROMISE you this, I WILL continue to expose the truth of the matter.

Rodrigues closes the latest update to her bogus petition with this:

jennarodrigues5Gee Jenna, if YOU kept receiving hate mail due to something a neighbor posted on the internet don’t you think you’d be calling police too? I know I would! YOU instigated this little hate campaign in your writing of this petition, and that is a FACT that is out there for all the world to see.

The officer “suggested” you be the “bigger person” and take the petition down because he couldn’t outright tell you that you are being a bitch, and had no business putting up this petition and sharing your neighbors address with the world in the first place. He had to be “diplomatic” and try to keep the peace. That is the police’ usual approach to completely unreasonable people such as yourself! You DO understand what diplomatic means don’t you? Or do I need to provide you with the dictionary definition?

I, on the other hand do NOT have to be diplomatic! I can say whatever I want, I do not work for the police department, and you have given me more than ample permission to do so with your request for public opinion in your latest falsehood ridden update. I say you are a lonely sad woman looking for attention, and that is why you have started this hate campaign against your neighbors. I say you are sad and pathetic, I say you need to get a life and realize that one must live in harmony with those around them. I understand you and your family have only recently moved into this neighborhood. You need to think and ask yourself “is this really the way I want to introduce myself to my new neighbors?” Leash your dog Drama Queen. It really IS that simple!

Dean Lackey is not about to “strike again” I know that those of us who love animals are often more than willing and ready to hate on AC officers. However, in this case Mr. Lackey has done no more than the job he signed on for. He has no vendetta against your dog Ms. Rodrigues, that fact only exists in YOUR mind. As for having me fired? Bring it on Jenna! I would really like to see how you plan to convince me I should fire myself! That should be interesting!

As always,



Save the Drama for Your Mama!

Hey all! I have been on vacation for the past month and what a needed break it was! During my time of blissful idolatry a friend brought a situation to my attention that she felt I should know about. It came in the form of a link to a petition set up by one Jenna Rodrigues of Barrie Ontario. Since this petition involved a pit bull, my friend wanted to make sure that I knew of the situation. Any of you who read me regularly know my position on BSL and will completely understand why my friend thought I needed to be apprised of the situation. I clicked on the link and saw this:

harassment1Dramatic right? Didn’t you for just a second think “Oh Lord not another innocent dog!” I know I did! I continued on reading wanting to know more. How was it possible that I, probably the biggest Anti-BSL advocate in town, did not know about this case? I read on:

harassment2Okay so, here I sat thinking “oh boy! Another dog whose life we have to fight for!” I mean reading the above wouldn’t you have thought so too?

I signed the petition at that time, after all if this was happening in my own home town I had to take a stand! A few hours later, the same friend saw an update to the above petition, this time she sent me a private email: (Please click on screen shot to enlarge and read.)

harassment3Now quite frankly this releasing of a personal address online disturbed me. I mean, maybe these people were being harassed by neighbors but that was no excuse in my eyes for someone to bandy about personal information and ask people to harass the complainants by writing to them. I decided that I had to go to the address they had released and inform the occupants of the fact that their address was online for the world to see. I did not have time to stop by until this morning, and I did so, but the family already knew, and had already received some hate mail due to this petition.

I decided I needed to get their side of the story, after all I was standing there talking to them both and they seemed like reasonable well educated family people to me, there HAD to be more to this story. Turns out there is more to the story, A LOT more.

Now you all know me, I will ALWAYS take the side of a dog in danger, but this dog is NOT in danger. No one has mentioned taking the dog away no one but Jenna Rodrigues has mentioned the word “euthanasia.” No one involved in this story wants the dog put down, as a matter of fact, the only complaint the people at the above Ryan Court address have against this dog, is not a complaint against the dog at all, but a complaint that the dog owner Jenna Rodrigues REFUSES to leash and muzzle her pit bull as per Ontario law! Actually it wasn’t even the muzzle issue that this family was complaining about, it was the flaunting of leash laws. This family simply wants these pit bull owners to leash their pet in public as per Barrie, Ontario bylaws.

This is NOT a BSL issue, but Jenna Rodrigues is dramatizing the issue, building it up to something it isn’t. She has been asked to comply with Barrie Bylaws and leash her dog. That of course has been taken one step further in this case BECAUSE Jenna Rodrigues’ dog IS a pit bull, and as per BSL in Ontario is required to be muzzled in public. Now you all know that while I don’t agree with BSL the fact is that it IS the law, and those who own pit bull’s have no choice but to comply or put their dog in danger.

Of course these days if anyone sneezes in the direction of a pit bull whose owners flaunt the law they scream harassment and talk about how everybody wants to kill their dog because it’s a pit! This is the bandwagon Jenna Rodrigues is jumping on. Now some of these pleas to save the lives of pit bulls are genuine situations in which dog’s are in danger of losing their lives simply because of their breed. That is far from the case here. As I have already said no one is trying to kill Jenna Rodrigues’ dog, they just want her to comply with existing laws. Fact is that Jenna Rodrugues’ dog’s BREED has absolutely nothing to do with her neighbors concern. They would have reported her refusal to leash her pet no matter WHAT breed of dog it was, they simply want their neighbors to get with the program and be responsible pet owners. Part of being a responsible pet owner is LEASHING YOUR DOG in public!

To Jenna Rodrigues I have this to say: “Leash up bozo! It’s the LAW, and last time I checked it applied to all dog owners not just the ones who wish to comply. SAVE THE DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMA! Just leash and muzzle your 12 year old pit bull, that’s all your neighbors want!

I will be bringing you more on this issue tomorrow, Ms. Rodrigues harassment of this family needs to be brought to light, and those Ms. Rodrigues calls her “supporters” deserve to know the truth of the matter.

For now suffice it to say that we will be starting a petition of our own. We will be petitioning the city of Barrie, Ontario and asking them to ENFORCE the existing leash laws. Jenna Rodrigues and her family are just one more in a long line of dog owners that think the Barrie bylaws do not apply to them and it is high time the city started to crack down on off leash dogs!

Stay tuned this isn’t over yet!

See you all tomorrow!

Until then remember,