Leash up bozo! It could be the difference between life and death for your dog.

dogonleashOkay so here we are in the summer months and as I do every summer I find myself sitting down to berate those idiot owners that don’t seem to understand that leash laws exist for a reason.

Yesterday I attended a street yard sale in my neighborhood. I took along my smallest rescue, a five pound Chihuahua named Peanut. When I travel with Peanut I use a sling carrier bag and carry her close to my body. As I was perusing garage sale tables a large mastiff approached me. He came right up and stuck his big head in Peanut’s carrier bag absolutely terrifying the tiny Chihuahua. I looked around for the dog’s owner but since he was apparently shopping sans leash I was unable to locate him right away. “Whose dog is this?” I asked those around me. “He’s mine” the owner spoke up from about ten feet away. “We have leash laws in this city.” was my response to his claim on the dog. “Your dog should be leashed.” He said nothing just glared at me as if I had two heads and was suggesting he jump off a cliff and commit suicide. He moved on without saying a word, the unleashed mastiff trailing behind him.

Now this guy is obviously one of those people who think that others are impressed by an off leash dog, he obviously thinks it makes him looks like a master dog owner. What it really makes him look like is a complete idiot! Leash laws are not put in place for the fun of it, they exist to protect society from free running dogs, and to protect dogs from accident.

There is no glory in being able to walk your dog offleash, there is only stupidity. Let’s look at it this way, a couple of years ago I was out driving around town. I was traveling at the posted speed limit along a residential street when a big dog ran out in front of my tracker and I was forced to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting the dog. As I got out of the car to make sure this offleash dog hadn’t been injured, his owner came running up the sidewalk screaming “you stupid bitch you almost killed my dog!” I looked at him barely able to believe that he was attempting to blame ME for the near accident. “Are you serious?” I said “your dog would not have come so close to being run over by my car had you put him on a leash as the law requires!” His answer? “My dog don’t need no freakin leash he is well trained!”

“Yep, he is so well trained he runs away from you and crosses busy roads in traffic” I replied, wow was this guy delusional? He just didn’t seem to understand that the leash laws apply no matter how well trained your dog is! They are not suggestions, they are bylaws that state it is not legal to take your dog out in public without a leash. They apply to every dog owner, not just the ones who aren’t arrogant enough to think they are God’s gift to dog training.

Leash up bozo! It could be the difference between life and death for your dog.

Until Next Time Remember