There is no magical “someone else”

colorful+change+1+copyI’m a realist. I know that our world is in serious trouble. I understand that all manner of horrors take place on a daily basis all over the world. I am not naive. However, the human part of me is always shocked by the thought of anyone committing an act of unkindness against a child or an animal, even moreso as I grow older. Just reading an article about an act of abuse against animals or children can have me in tears. Some might say that is because I am too sensitive, but how can I not be when it comes to the most vulnerable in our society.

Yes I know, I’m not the president and no one cares about my opinion on the state of the union, or should that be the state of the planet? But this is MY blog so I get to say whatever I want, and right now THIS is what I want to say!

Our world is broken, and we lose more pieces of it all the time. You (well most of you) sit like sheep waiting to be herded this way and that content to go along with the status quo as long as you are not personally effected by it. Afraid to step out of line and question the wrong you see around you, instead content to pray the magical “someone else” will come along and make things right.

There is no magical “someone else” ladies and gentlemen. We are it! We are the last defense against what is going wrong in our world. We want change, then WE have to stand up and make it happen. No one is going to do it for us.

Sure you can continue to stick your head in the sand. You can be the proverbial ostrich for the remainder of your days. If that is what you choose however, do not rail against the rest of society when the inevitable happens, for you have taken no action to change it.

For those of you whose english comprehension might be non-existent let me put it plainly, if you want change, get off your fat ass and get out here in the trenches with the rest of us! Otherwise, keep your mouth shut you are not entitled to an opinion. You are not entitled to complain about that which you are not willing to be a part of changing!

Until Next Time Remember