RAISE YOUR VOICE for those who don’t have one!

I have no idea how many blogs I have written since blogging became the “in” thing, but I do know that I have many wonderful readers who keep coming back for more of my opinions and musings. Without them there would be no point to writing this blog or any other. So, for reading me I thank you!

I have been blogging on the subject of all things dog and animal rescue for over four years now. My blogging has seen several incarnations, under several different names and associations.

I used to think that my writings would be more effective under the big umbrella of some major and well known animal advocacy group. I disabused myself of that notion a couple of years ago. I don’t want to express some organization’s well written idea of what it THINKS I should believe in. I am more effective in my drive for animal welfare reform when I tell the world how I PERSONALLY feel. I get further when I stop sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone else to tell me how to go about being a voice for animals, and speak out with my own voice to tell people what I truly feel.

Let’s face it people I have been sitting here for years taking in my rescues, reforming them and sending them on to some of the most amazing homes ever! I have been joining this organization and that one, all the while hoping for some great change to the state of animal welfare in our country, and nothing has changed. Fact is that it WON’T change, not until WE change our APPROACH to making that change.

For years we have seen the same “rescue” and “advocacy” groups generate hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions of dollars, yet animals still die needlessly in “shelters” worldwide while governments turn a blind eye to what is causing them to meet such a fate.

While some advancements have been made, the majority of governments worldwide still do not take animal welfare seriously. When animal cruelty is suspected or a puppy mill raided and charges are laid, which is not often the case, rarely do they result in the kind of sentencing that fits the crime committed.  That is because our governments, the people WE vote into power do not care about animal welfare issues. They don’t think animal welfare issues effect votes. It is high time they began to understand THEY DO!

We live in a democracy people! At least we would if you chose your political candidates according to their stand on the issues which matter instead of their popularity. Democracy is not about your party affiliation, or which political party your Grandfather thinks should run the country. It is about voting into power those who serve the best interest of the people, and for more and more people all the time animal welfare is a major issue.

So how is it no one asks their favorite political candidate how they feel about animal welfare reform before casting that all important ballot? In order to show a politician an issue is a possible vote changer you have to shove it in their face! Let’s face it, for most politicians the bottom line is “concentrate on what gets me the vote.” If you feel strongly enough about animal welfare reform that it could be a vote changer for you, the only way you can exercise your democratic rights is to let politicians know that for you ANIMALS VOTE!

If the general populace want something to BE an election issue, they have to be willing to MAKE it an election issue. That means writing to your political candidates and asking their stance on the issues that concern you, for our purposes animal welfare. If you want an issue to BE an issue you have to push it to the forefront.

I started off this post talking about my blogging. I thanked you for coming back time and again to read what I have to say, I am humbled and flattered. Now, take the righteous indignation that I know I stir in some of you and start MAKING IT AN ISSUE!

Write to your political candidates and elected officials wherever you may be on the planet. Start a wave of righteous indignation! Do something DIFFERENT. Maybe, the change in approach will be the key. RAISE YOUR VOICE for those who don’t have one! I blog, I write letters, I do whatever I can, JOIN ME! Together we are an army of real people who CAN change the world! Don’t wait for someone else to change things, the answer starts with YOU!

Until Next Time Remember