…we don’t make the laws, but we are responsible for voting into power those that do.

Good morning fans. I am becoming seriously burned out lately. The number of animal cruelty stories I wade through on a daily basis is really starting to get to me! I have been fighting against animal cruelty for over twenty years now and still there is no end in sight. It all seems so futile and on days like this I want to give up find a rock and crawl under it, but I don’t! I can’t! Because twenty two years ago a dog gave her life to save mine. I owe them a chance at a good life, and I am not going to turn my back on them.

Perhaps if I quit rescue my depression would disappear, perhaps I wouldn’t feel so hopeless all the time, but then I think about the dogs that I have rescued and the better life they have been given because of it, and I can not give up.

I do however, completely understand why some people would prefer not to hear about it. I understand why some just don’t want to know about the horrible cruelties that are perpetrated on innocent animals all over the world. I understand why some choose to turn a blind eye. But I can not be like them. Perhaps I have too much compassion, or maybe I just don’t think that pretending these things don’t happen is the answer. But then I am left with the question “what is the answer?”

To my way of thinking we as a society can change this, we simply have to WANT to change it. “But all kinds of people want to change it!” I hear you argue! “It doesn’t do any good!” The question here is why? Why, when so many are against animal cruelty do we still see such horrendous cases on an almost daily basis?

Simply put, those in power do not take animal cruelty as seriously as they should! They separate animal cruelty cases from other forms of crime, taking them less seriously because the victim is an animal. However to my way of thinking, anyone who cares so little for life that they will perpetrate cruelty against an animal, would not think twice about perpetrating that same cruelty against a human victim. Our law enforcement departments in their wisdom do not seem to make that connection when dealing with those who abuse animals. How many abusers of animals have gone on to perpetrate their brand of cruelties against humans? If they were stopped when their cruelty was committed against an animal, they would not have gone on to a human victim! This thinking seems lost on those in power.

Until we teach society to value ALL life, they will not value animal life! We who advocate a better world for animals are thought to be extreme in our thinking. How can we get so upset over an animal? Would we care for a human victim so much? Of course we would, we are just as incensed by child abuse, murder, rape, and domestic violence, many of us also belong to groups fighting to eliminate all of those things, but our detractors do not see us speaking out against those things and think us incapable of compassion towards humans.

Those of us fighting against abuse of any kind feel we are fighting an uphill battle, especially in the case of the fight against animal cruelty. Cruelty cases are hardly ever taken seriously, and usually end in slap on the wrist sentencing if there is any outcome at all. After witnessing years of this is it any wonder that I am discouraged and depressed? How can there possibly be a deterrent to animal cruelty if there are never any charges laid, or if when they are the sentencing doesn’t fit the crime?

“Well what can we do about it?” you ask. “We don’t make the laws!” No, we don’t make the laws, but we are responsible for voting into power those that do. We are responsible for the state of animal welfare in our country. Sitting back and not speaking out on what bothers us makes us just as responsible for the outcome as those in power. Looking the other way and pretending it doesn’t happen makes us complicit in the cruelty. Unless we speak out and tell our governments we will not stand for their lack of concern over animal cruelty, that cruelty will continue. So you see I can not give up, I have to be their voice, and you should too!

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WE are the ONLY VOICE they’ve got!



3 thoughts on “…we don’t make the laws, but we are responsible for voting into power those that do.

  1. Bravo on your latest post. I would like permission to repost this! And I want you to know about the organization I volunteer for. http://www.AnimalsVote.org. We are basically a political action committee for animals. They have no voice in politics – WE will be that voice. Please take a look at our website. We would love to have you on our team!! Our plan is to keep a political report card on candidates, making voters aware of their stand on animal rights issues, so that animal lovers can make an informed decision on who they elect to office. By publishing these stands, we can also hopefully shame them into changing the way they vote on animal rights issues.
    We are having our membership drive now – and our flyer reads:

    147 years of the ASPCA
    59 years of HSUS
    30 years of PETA
    And we’re still killing four million pets a year!
    Time to try something new.
    Dedicated to ending the suffering of animals through political activism.

    Beverley Hughes
    South Dakota State Lead

    • I would be happy to join you! I encourage my readers to do the same. We have had decades of so called animal welfare reform, the people of every nation on the planet want change! It is high time governments got on board!

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