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I can remember watching television with my parents as a child, TV westerns were a favorite of my Father’s. It didn’t matter to me how many cowboys got shot during the course of a movie, but I would burst into tears at the death of any animal. I suppose I should of known then that I would end up working with animals in one capacity or another.

Now here we are almost forty years later and my life revolves around my dogs. I still can’t watch any movie or television show in which a animal is killed without covering my head and bursting into tears. It is not the same reaction I had as a child, as a child I was reacting to the mere thought of an animal being hurt or killed, these days my reaction stems from the fact that I now KNOW how cruel mankind can be to their furry counterparts. I have seen the results of man’s cruelty on a daily basis for the past twenty years. In that time many dogs have come through my home, and all had one thing in common, they were victims of the cruelty of humans.

Is it any wonder that I have become jaded? Does it surprise you that I have all but given up on the human race? It shouldn’t, I know that many of you are feeling the same way.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that an organization I had once been an integral part of, one that claimed to be helping animals was in fact responsible for the suffering and death of many of those animals in the name of making money. Imagine my disbelief when I discovered that their only driving force was lining their own pockets with thousands of dollars donated by people who thought they were helping these animals to have a second chance at a good life. Wouldn’t you become jaded? Wouldn’t you feel angry? Wouldn’t you want to stop them? Wouldn’t you expose their deception to the world? Of course you would.

 Those of you who know me are well aware that I can not stand by while animals are used and abused. You know that I am driven to expose the truth of the matter. It’s just who I am. You also know that I am talking about Let’s Adopt Global, and a crook who calls himself Viktor Larkhill.

Exposing this groups activities has put me directly in their line of sight. They have attempted to hack my email accounts and hijack a chipin I have set up for one of our rescues. Friends who support me in my efforts to stop them have been harassed  and their personal information deliberately leaked on facebook. The group will of course deny this, even in the face of irrefutable evidence.

This group is used to silencing those who speak out against them by personally attacking them in public. They flag comments on Facebook as abusive until that person’s access to their Facebook profile is suspended. They will attack your sexuality, your parenting, your professional life, anything they can to silence you and make you go away. This usually works for them, but not THIS time. This time people are fighting back. I know this because I am one of them, and I have much company.

Those of us in legitimate rescue work are not afraid to answer the questions of our followers. We operate with total transparency especially when there is donation money involved. For example, I currently have a chipin running (the one LAG tried to hijack) for our latest rescue, an emaciated Chihuahua named Peanut. Peanut also has a facebook page so that her supporters can keep track of her progress. On that page I have posted any vet invoices (one to date) for her care. Total transparency! The way it should be. People can see where their money is going. Everything is above board, no deception here! If you ask me a question about Peanut’s care I will gladly answer it. If you would rather send your donation directly to Peanut’s vet I will see that you have the information to do so. Why? Because anyone donating to her care deserves proof that their money is being used for what it was intended. I have nothing to hide, I am an open book.

182280_402544026501694_1221960440_nThis is not the case with LAG. Innocent questions are met with vehemence and bullying. There is no transparency there whatsoever. LAG collected over $40,000.00 on one dog, and no one knows where the money went, but it is clear it didn’t go into care for the dog, as he did not survive LAG’s attempts to “save” him. His name was Tidus and LAG put him through much suffering before he died.

As usual I do not expect you to take my word for it. There are many people working to bring this group to justice for what they have done. They have collected much information on this group in order to make it available to you so you can draw your own conclusions. I have provided links here below. Check it out for yourself!

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Draw your own conclusions!

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One thought on “Draw Your Own Conclusions!

  1. I am so sorry this happened to you and that they have tried to make you pay for doing the right thing and exposing them. Don’t beat yourself up for trying to do the right thing, and don’t waste too much good effort fighting the evil that men do. I believe in karma and that what goes around, comes around. Even if they do not pay in this life, I believe they will in the next. I do not spend much time trying to fight evil people. I do what I can with some effort and then I just leave it to the fates or God to take care of them.

    This is why I do not give any money for animals to anyone I do not personally know. Any time I have had money to donate to a worthy animal cause, I went to our local high kill shelter and saved a dog. Sometimes I did it when I really didn’t have the money, but saw a dog I knew needed saving, that I knew I could find a home for once they were “fixed and healed and trained”. I planned on extra work to earn the money as the dog needed it spent. Those 16 hour days when I was ready to drop because I took one more groom, or one more board than I probably should have for the sake of my health, I looked at them and knew it was worth it. My time spent working with them was the best thing I could give them. They didn’t care about the money.

    Sometimes, in fact most of the time, I carried a balance due at my vet’s and they let me pay as I could because they knew why I owed the bills. I always eventually paid for all of the medical bills myself, did all of the rehab and training myself, screened the prospective adopters, and found each and every one a good home. No tax write off, no charity to put on my income tax, I just paid it.

    Some years I saved only 2 or 3, others years 6 or 7. Out of the 4 dogs and 2 cats I have now, only 1 was not saved from death and they all are still with me because I could not find anyone to take them. Each have their own set of issues – one is a real sweetheart, simply large, shaggy, black and fierce looking, but they all have a home with me until they leave for the bridge.

    There is the one exception – she was a gift from a client who thought I needed a replacement for my last black and white Shih Tzu. I’ve had at least one black and white Shih Tzu in my house since 1987 and saved more than I can remember. But, this kind lady decided I needed to have my own baby, raised from a pup, when I had no time for a pup. Despite that, I did not refuse because I knew she had bought a “non-refundable” dog from a backyard breeder and at my age, this is the last pup I will ever raise. I still feel guilty about not spending as much time with her as I should have when she was so tiny, but she is the typical Shih Tzu and just happy to be near me and loves me beyond all reason. She likes everyone and every other dog, but “Mommy” is what makes her world okay and me being out of her sight makes her a little bit uneasy. The last time I was out of town, she didn’t eat for three days and had to be hand fed by my best friend to get her to eat. I think having to leave her so much when she was a tiny pup made her a little fearful that I will leave and not come back. She got good care from the pet sitter, but it was not me and I think that affected her. Other than that she was always happily running the back yard as I exercised the board dogs, or asleep at my feet while I groomed.

    Now that my health is gone, I have made arrangements for friends to take the 6 animals if something happens to me, but I am hoping I can outlive them all. No more rescues, no more expenses for them, no more up all night working on crate training and house training, but … oh, how I do miss the joy of seeing them blossom from the pathetic creature in the shelter to the happy and confident, pampered pet, sometimes living in a home so nice I couldn’t afford to pay the taxes. (LOL)

    One of the Roosevelts said something like, “Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.” I have tried to do that. Perhaps someone else could have done more with the money I spent, but I gave of myself, my time, my care, my instincts and talents, and my heart, and I never felt betrayed by anyone else I trusted to do that for me. Maybe I was selfish, maybe I was too cynical, maybe I should have done things differently, maybe I should have trusted more and helped others do the job better than I did alone, but I hope I always did what was best for the animals and did what had to be done to save as many as I could.

    I still have 6 that need me here every day. Tomorrow is another day and perhaps it will bring another chance to do what needs to be done for one more, or two more … or however many time allows … I can’t waste time on second guessing or regrets, and you shouldn’t either!

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