Things to do with your dog this summer!

For many of you summer has arrived. I can’t say that’s true here in the north of Ontario though.  The heat is still on, and we’re still wearing fleece. That doesn’t mean it’s too early to think about fun stuff to do with your dog during the hot days of summer. Here are some fun ideas:

elsa_sprinkler1.  Run through the sprinklers
Dogs love to get wet. Well, most dogs love to get wet. Not our Peanut, but that’s her being princesslike.

pop2.  Make dog popsicles
There are some great instructions on making frozen treats for your dog on eHow. Now, tuna and carrot popsicles don’t sound very appealing to me, but I bet your dog would love it. You can make your own frozen concoctions to eat alongside your pup.

aapool3.  Soak your feet/paws in a kiddie pool

Those blue plastic pools from Kmart can be fun to soak your feet and paws in. Just be careful that your dog isn’t diving for toys in the bottom of the pool. They can inhale the water and get it into their lungs. Here are some pool safety tips.

original4.  Laze inside in the air conditioning
This sounds like our dog Peanut’s kind of activity. There’s nothing like curling up with your dog and reading a good book. Your dog doesn’t need their own air conditioner like our spoiled friend Rex, but they will love curling up with their human in the cool air of your home air conditioner.

Pucci$200415.  Wear a cooling bandana
Cooling bandanas filled with polymer crystals and then soaked in cool water are a nice way to cool off. I’ve seen them for humans at places like REI or even a craft show, but now they even make them for dogs. Outward Hound makes one to help keep your dog cool.

dog-on-walk6.  Go for a walk
If you plan your walks for early in the morning and late in the evening, you can avoid the heat of the day while still getting that much-needed exercise. Really you should keep your dog inside during the hottest parts of the day, but a good walk in the morning and the cool of the evening will keep your pup happy and healthy throughout the warm summer months.

B000VEJEMK_ImageB_small7.  Rent a dog movie to watch in your backyard theater
Summertime is great for outdoor movies in the back yard. All you need is a DLP or LCD projector and a bed sheet. Wait for the sun to go down and gather with your friends and your pup’s friends in the back yard. Here are some great ideasfor outdoor setups.

1308932519-imag00648.  Share a bowl of strawberries
Strawberries are full of antioxidants and are generally safe for your dog. That being said, share one or two, not half the bowl. You want to make sure your dog stays fit as a fiddle from all of that exercise you got taking the walks mentioned previously and from the nutritious food you’re feeding him. Oh, and leave the ice cream for the humans.

3787586656_2892bb0c89_z9.  Go to an outdoor concert
This is where you’ll find us many evenings during the summer. We love to pack a picnic and head out to one of the many concerts available in the area. I work in the music industry so music is a part of their daily life, they love it! Our summers may be short, but we pack a lot into that time.

10.  What would you do?
Tell me your ideas for having fun with your dog this summer. Let’s see how long we can make the list.

Until Next Time Remember,


Summer is almost here! Is your backyard safe for your pooch?

With training my rescues and, attempting to build my media company I have not had much time of late to write. However, it is the time of year when I usually talk about backyard safety for your dog. The weather is getting nicer, and the summer will soon be upon us. Do you know what hazards lie in your back yard? Well we are about to tell you!

Danger: Insects Ahead

download (1)Fleas and ticks can be more than a nuisance, as both can carry various diseases. Be sure to use a flea and tick preventative for your dog; if you are not sure which to use, ask your veterinarian. You can help reduce the risk of fleas by not keeping piles of yard debris, as fleas tend to like warm, shady spots with moisture. If you have a pile of yard debris such as grass clippings and leaves for compost, be sure to enclose the pile so that your dog doesn’t choose it as a spot to lie down on. Ticks can carry disease such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme disease. Ticks like longer grass as well as brush, such as woodsy undergrowth. Keeping the grass mowed to an appropriate height will help reduce the incidence of ticks. If your dog is likely to encounter ticks regardless, consider talking to your veterinarian about the Lyme vaccination for your dog.

Some insects are less obvious. Look for other insects that can cause problems, such as wasps and poisonous spiders. Some stinging insects, including some species of bees and wasps, construct homes in the ground, such as along sheds, foundations and fences. Unfortunately, these are areas where dogs tend to investigate often and since dogs often investigate with their nose, they run a heightened risk of getting stung on their sensitive noses. Look for small holes in these areas and if you find any, handle them accordingly.

Poisoning Weeds, Bugs and other Vermin? Don’t Poison the Dog too!

images (3)Many homeowners employ herbicides to control weeds and pesticides to control a wide variety of insects, such as grubs and ants. While those products can be applied to a lawn and not affect humans, it can be a different story for dogs. Not necessarily because the product is more poisonous to dogs, but dogs tend to actually lay down on the grass, run barefoot on it and then lick themselves – ingesting the herbicides and pesticides in the process.

Herbicides and pesticides come in a wide variety of formulations. If you must apply them to your property, be sure to not exceed the recommended application rate. If using a liquid formulation, look for those that have a shorter drying time. If your dog tends to nibble on grass (as mine do), consider skipping herbicides and pesticides completely. Never assume that a pesticide can’t be reached by your dog and don’t assume that your dog will be “smart enough” to not gobble down poison such as rat poison. Poisons are designed to be appealing to their intended target; unfortunately, what might smell good to a snake, rat or gopher is just as likely to smell appealing to your dog.

Don’t Overlook the Greenery

poisonous_plantsPlants can be dangerous to your dog too. This is especially important if you are purchasing a home (or recently purchased a home) where a previous owner may have planted plants that you might not be familiar with – or you might not be aware of. For example, daffodils are often a welcome sight in spring and by summer, they are usually trimmed down. By fall, there might not even be a clue that daffodils are present on the property. Yet if a dog decides to chow down on daffodils, the effects on the dog’s liver can be quite nasty.

Dogs Wear Speedos, Don’t They?

atlasinpoolpawup200605bSwimming pools can be great fun but they also carry risks. Be sure that your dog knows how to swim and how to exit the pool; put up a see-through pool fence so you can see if your dog goes into the pool and avoid leaving your dog unsupervised when he can get to the pool. Dogs can and do drown. Be aware that ground temperatures near pools (particularly in-ground pools with cement or pavers as a surrounding feature) can become quite hot. Older dogs and short-nosed dogs can be at increased risk of heatstroke. Be sure to check on your dog frequently if his idea of a perfect time is to lie down close to the pool. Consider putting a raised dog bed in a shady spot close to the action so that your dog has a spot out of the sun and with airflow underneath him. If you have natural water or a built-in pond on your property, the same cautions apply. Of course, be sure to keep fresh water (not pool water!) available at all times

Pretty Can Be Dangerous

cocoa dogs mulchGarden mulches and edgings, as beautiful as they are, can also be dangerous. Some mulches, such as licorice and cocoa mulches, can have a negative effect on a dog. Keep an eye on your dog when you put new mulches down in the garden; if you catch your dog eating the mulch, consider replacing it with a different mulch. Garden edging, particularly narrow metal and thin plastic types, can be dangerous to a dog’s soft pads. Dogs might not stop to consider the risk when running after a bird, squirrel or even just during a rough-and-tumble play session with another dog. If you have ever cut your hand on a sharp metal edge (such as the lid from a can), you can appreciate how much that a thin slice into soft flesh can hurt. It is worse for a dog, as they walk on those tender paw pads.

Give ‘em Enough Rope…

tieupMany people feel it is okay to tie their dog out in the yard and leave them unsupervised. Perhaps your yard is not fenced, and you want Fido to get some air, so you figure it won’t hurt to tie him up outside for a while. This is a big mistake! Tie outs can be dangerous for your dog when used unsupervised. Dogs like to chase squirrels, neighborhood cats, any wild life really. If you are going to tie your dog out in the yard, make sure that the tie out you are using is long enough to give your dog the freedom to roam and find shade. Make sure there is a source of drinking water close by, and that there is nothing the dog can tangle itself up in. Also, (and this is crucial) make sure there are no fences which your dog might jump over in pursuit of the aforementioned squirrel. Far too many dog owners have come home to find their beloved pet has hung itself on a fence.

Every home and yard environment is unique. It would be impossible to identify in an article every type of possible danger that could await a dog in a yard. Take the time to walk around your property, even poking around the bushes and plants at the height your dog is, to be sure you identify any hidden dangers in your yard. Your dog might not be able to thank you for your diligence but you’ll know you did the right thing.

Well that’s all for today, hope you all have a wonderfully happy and safe summer!

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There is no magical “someone else”

colorful+change+1+copyI’m a realist. I know that our world is in serious trouble. I understand that all manner of horrors take place on a daily basis all over the world. I am not naive. However, the human part of me is always shocked by the thought of anyone committing an act of unkindness against a child or an animal, even moreso as I grow older. Just reading an article about an act of abuse against animals or children can have me in tears. Some might say that is because I am too sensitive, but how can I not be when it comes to the most vulnerable in our society.

Yes I know, I’m not the president and no one cares about my opinion on the state of the union, or should that be the state of the planet? But this is MY blog so I get to say whatever I want, and right now THIS is what I want to say!

Our world is broken, and we lose more pieces of it all the time. You (well most of you) sit like sheep waiting to be herded this way and that content to go along with the status quo as long as you are not personally effected by it. Afraid to step out of line and question the wrong you see around you, instead content to pray the magical “someone else” will come along and make things right.

There is no magical “someone else” ladies and gentlemen. We are it! We are the last defense against what is going wrong in our world. We want change, then WE have to stand up and make it happen. No one is going to do it for us.

Sure you can continue to stick your head in the sand. You can be the proverbial ostrich for the remainder of your days. If that is what you choose however, do not rail against the rest of society when the inevitable happens, for you have taken no action to change it.

For those of you whose english comprehension might be non-existent let me put it plainly, if you want change, get off your fat ass and get out here in the trenches with the rest of us! Otherwise, keep your mouth shut you are not entitled to an opinion. You are not entitled to complain about that which you are not willing to be a part of changing!

Until Next Time Remember



To the victims of the Boston bombing and their families, all we can say is we are so sorry for your loss!

250083_4260210817076_1485430013_nI have been silent for a couple of days now. I am still reeling from the news of the bombings in Boston as I am sure many of my readers in the US are as well. At first I thought that maybe I would just stay silent, then my husband reminded me that silence is not my strong suit.

The following video pretty much sums up how I feel about the world today. In my day job I live, sleep eat and breathe music. Is it any wonder that when I don’t know what to say I use it to express how I feel?

This world seriously needs a reboot!

Hold your loved ones a little closer, you never know when this world will take them from you! To the victims of the Boston bombing and their families, all we can say is we are so sorry for your loss!

If everyone cared what a wonderful place the world would be!


RAISE YOUR VOICE for those who don’t have one!

I have no idea how many blogs I have written since blogging became the “in” thing, but I do know that I have many wonderful readers who keep coming back for more of my opinions and musings. Without them there would be no point to writing this blog or any other. So, for reading me I thank you!

I have been blogging on the subject of all things dog and animal rescue for over four years now. My blogging has seen several incarnations, under several different names and associations.

I used to think that my writings would be more effective under the big umbrella of some major and well known animal advocacy group. I disabused myself of that notion a couple of years ago. I don’t want to express some organization’s well written idea of what it THINKS I should believe in. I am more effective in my drive for animal welfare reform when I tell the world how I PERSONALLY feel. I get further when I stop sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone else to tell me how to go about being a voice for animals, and speak out with my own voice to tell people what I truly feel.

Let’s face it people I have been sitting here for years taking in my rescues, reforming them and sending them on to some of the most amazing homes ever! I have been joining this organization and that one, all the while hoping for some great change to the state of animal welfare in our country, and nothing has changed. Fact is that it WON’T change, not until WE change our APPROACH to making that change.

For years we have seen the same “rescue” and “advocacy” groups generate hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions of dollars, yet animals still die needlessly in “shelters” worldwide while governments turn a blind eye to what is causing them to meet such a fate.

While some advancements have been made, the majority of governments worldwide still do not take animal welfare seriously. When animal cruelty is suspected or a puppy mill raided and charges are laid, which is not often the case, rarely do they result in the kind of sentencing that fits the crime committed.  That is because our governments, the people WE vote into power do not care about animal welfare issues. They don’t think animal welfare issues effect votes. It is high time they began to understand THEY DO!

We live in a democracy people! At least we would if you chose your political candidates according to their stand on the issues which matter instead of their popularity. Democracy is not about your party affiliation, or which political party your Grandfather thinks should run the country. It is about voting into power those who serve the best interest of the people, and for more and more people all the time animal welfare is a major issue.

So how is it no one asks their favorite political candidate how they feel about animal welfare reform before casting that all important ballot? In order to show a politician an issue is a possible vote changer you have to shove it in their face! Let’s face it, for most politicians the bottom line is “concentrate on what gets me the vote.” If you feel strongly enough about animal welfare reform that it could be a vote changer for you, the only way you can exercise your democratic rights is to let politicians know that for you ANIMALS VOTE!

If the general populace want something to BE an election issue, they have to be willing to MAKE it an election issue. That means writing to your political candidates and asking their stance on the issues that concern you, for our purposes animal welfare. If you want an issue to BE an issue you have to push it to the forefront.

I started off this post talking about my blogging. I thanked you for coming back time and again to read what I have to say, I am humbled and flattered. Now, take the righteous indignation that I know I stir in some of you and start MAKING IT AN ISSUE!

Write to your political candidates and elected officials wherever you may be on the planet. Start a wave of righteous indignation! Do something DIFFERENT. Maybe, the change in approach will be the key. RAISE YOUR VOICE for those who don’t have one! I blog, I write letters, I do whatever I can, JOIN ME! Together we are an army of real people who CAN change the world! Don’t wait for someone else to change things, the answer starts with YOU!

Until Next Time Remember



…we don’t make the laws, but we are responsible for voting into power those that do.

Good morning fans. I am becoming seriously burned out lately. The number of animal cruelty stories I wade through on a daily basis is really starting to get to me! I have been fighting against animal cruelty for over twenty years now and still there is no end in sight. It all seems so futile and on days like this I want to give up find a rock and crawl under it, but I don’t! I can’t! Because twenty two years ago a dog gave her life to save mine. I owe them a chance at a good life, and I am not going to turn my back on them.

Perhaps if I quit rescue my depression would disappear, perhaps I wouldn’t feel so hopeless all the time, but then I think about the dogs that I have rescued and the better life they have been given because of it, and I can not give up.

I do however, completely understand why some people would prefer not to hear about it. I understand why some just don’t want to know about the horrible cruelties that are perpetrated on innocent animals all over the world. I understand why some choose to turn a blind eye. But I can not be like them. Perhaps I have too much compassion, or maybe I just don’t think that pretending these things don’t happen is the answer. But then I am left with the question “what is the answer?”

To my way of thinking we as a society can change this, we simply have to WANT to change it. “But all kinds of people want to change it!” I hear you argue! “It doesn’t do any good!” The question here is why? Why, when so many are against animal cruelty do we still see such horrendous cases on an almost daily basis?

Simply put, those in power do not take animal cruelty as seriously as they should! They separate animal cruelty cases from other forms of crime, taking them less seriously because the victim is an animal. However to my way of thinking, anyone who cares so little for life that they will perpetrate cruelty against an animal, would not think twice about perpetrating that same cruelty against a human victim. Our law enforcement departments in their wisdom do not seem to make that connection when dealing with those who abuse animals. How many abusers of animals have gone on to perpetrate their brand of cruelties against humans? If they were stopped when their cruelty was committed against an animal, they would not have gone on to a human victim! This thinking seems lost on those in power.

Until we teach society to value ALL life, they will not value animal life! We who advocate a better world for animals are thought to be extreme in our thinking. How can we get so upset over an animal? Would we care for a human victim so much? Of course we would, we are just as incensed by child abuse, murder, rape, and domestic violence, many of us also belong to groups fighting to eliminate all of those things, but our detractors do not see us speaking out against those things and think us incapable of compassion towards humans.

Those of us fighting against abuse of any kind feel we are fighting an uphill battle, especially in the case of the fight against animal cruelty. Cruelty cases are hardly ever taken seriously, and usually end in slap on the wrist sentencing if there is any outcome at all. After witnessing years of this is it any wonder that I am discouraged and depressed? How can there possibly be a deterrent to animal cruelty if there are never any charges laid, or if when they are the sentencing doesn’t fit the crime?

“Well what can we do about it?” you ask. “We don’t make the laws!” No, we don’t make the laws, but we are responsible for voting into power those that do. We are responsible for the state of animal welfare in our country. Sitting back and not speaking out on what bothers us makes us just as responsible for the outcome as those in power. Looking the other way and pretending it doesn’t happen makes us complicit in the cruelty. Unless we speak out and tell our governments we will not stand for their lack of concern over animal cruelty, that cruelty will continue. So you see I can not give up, I have to be their voice, and you should too!

Until Next Time Remember

WE are the ONLY VOICE they’ve got!