Introducing “Peanut” the newest member of our pack…

We are going to take a break from the horrors of LAG today, not because I am backing down but because LAG isn’t the only game in town and right now we have them on the run.

A couple of weeks ago I told you all that I suffer from clinical depression. My doctor knowing of my work with dogs suggested I find a small breed dog to train for therapy certification. We decided we would look for a Chihuahua, and true to my nature I wanted a rescue dog. We put the word out to our network, and many of you sent us information on Chihuahua’s in rescue all over the country. I thank you for that. Unfortunately most of the dogs you recommended could not be trained for the work my little girl would have to do. They were either too old or had behavioral issues.

Meet Peanut a four pound two year old rescued Chihuahua on her way to becoming a therapy dog.

Meet Peanut a four pound two year old rescued Chihuahua on her way to becoming a therapy dog.

We needed a young dog with few issues. Just when I had begun to give up hope that we would find a rescue dog that would fit the bill I stumbled across an ad on kijiji (a Canadian site similar to Craigslist) “Free to good home” the ad said, “Two dogs, one male maltese three years old neutered. One female Chihuahua 2 years old.”

I almost didn’t call noticing that the ad had been placed sixteen hours before I came upon it. She’d be gone I thought, Chihuahua’s don’t last long especially when they are free. I called anyway just on the off chance that no one had seen the ad which had been posted in the middle of the night.

Much to my surprise the little dog was still available. Her owner didn’t really ask me much about myself, she didn’t really care who took her dog. “When can you pick her up?” she asked. “This evening if that is okay with you.” was my answer. By the time we arrived to meet with the four pound “Peanut” her owner had all her belongings waiting at the door.

Now those of you who know me are aware that A) I hate “free to good home” ads. They really are an irresponsible way to find a new home for your pet especially when you don’t ask questions of the person inquiring about them. Peanut was lucky that she had landed in a home that is devoted to their dogs and see them as a lifetime¬†commitment. Many others are not so lucky.

If you have been reading me for any length of time you are also aware that I detest people who give up their pets at the drop of a hat when life changes. I have heard a myriad of bogus excuses for getting rid of the family pet. “We had a new baby” “we no longer have time for him” “we are moving to a place that doesn’t allow dogs” In Peanut’s case her owners were moving to a condo. Would someone please explain to me why this means you have to give up two small breed dogs?

Peanut in the car on her first ever trip to Petsmart.

Peanut in the car on her first ever trip to Petsmart.

Anyway, Peanut is now safe with us in a loving home where she will be cherished and loved for the rest of her days. I hope her pack brother Snuggles finds the same sort of home. I felt horrible leaving him, but I really couldn’t fit in another dog. We have a very full house! When I got home I passed the little dog’s contact info on to a friend who has been searching for a small breed dog to adopt. I have yet to speak to her to see if she contacted the little dogs owners, I really hope she did!

Peanut is just beginning the training that will lead her to become a registered therapy dog. If you want to follow her progress a Facebook page has been set up for her here:

The Peanut Gallery

Until Next Time Remember