…I thought that I would tell you why I feel an apology is in order.

Last night I did a show on Broken Breeds Radio, (blog talk radio) I apologized once again to those in my country that my past association with Let’s Adopt Global may have harmed in any way. Today a friend asked me why I felt the need to apologize, and so I thought that I would tell you why I feel an apology is in order.

When The self admitted founder of LAG Ivan Jimenez drew me in to the organization, he talked a good game. Ever since I was a young child I have had a soft spot in my heart for animals. I could not bear to see them suffer and do nothing. Here was a group that on the surface seemed to be doing miraculous things for animals, and they wanted ME to be a part of their operation. I was flattered (at first) they were going to hand me a forum to continue doing what I had been doing for years on a smaller scale! I could make a difference, a REAL difference! I was excited!

“Look!” I said to my friends, “just look at the great work this group is doing! You should support them!” and many of you did. For THAT alone apologies are in order. But my need to apologize goes deeper than that.

Even though I never received any money from LAG, I requested in my daily blog writings for them that you support them financially, and I know, many of you did. You trusted me and I let you down. I again apologize.

Even though I was never a part of the groups dirty dealings I feel responsible in some way. I wanted to do good and instead I became involved with a group exploiting animals for their own ends, although even up to the point of my resignation I was unaware of the horrific abuse they had dished out in the name of rescue.

I have been attacked by that group on Facebook and several of my fellow animal advocates have been as well. That fact will not silence us, in fact all it does is tell us we are getting closer to the truth, a truth that Let’s Adopt Global doesn’t want exposed.

Visit this website:

Let’s Adopt Global Exposed

It’s a good place to start for more information on the corruption and lies that are LAG.

For my past association with this group all I can do is apologize, and do everything in my power to see them brought down!

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5 thoughts on “…I thought that I would tell you why I feel an apology is in order.

  1. Many of us were lured into their fold with their lies. I just am glad that you, like me and many others, have started to see what they really are all about! It take a big person to realize where they have been wrong, and it takes a bigger one to apologize for any harm that they may have done. Thank you for that! Keep up the good work getting the word out there about what that horrific group is doing to the animals…

  2. Accepted! Thank you for working so hard to right a wrong that has been done. Please don’t beat yourself up over this. Continue to put your energy into the fight aginst the corruption and abuse in this world. Everyone stumbles, you do it with grace.

    • Thank you for that. You have absolutely no idea how horribly sick I feel about my past association with these people. I would never knowingly be the cause of an animal’s suffering. It is sad that people will use a rescue operation for their own greedy reasons.

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