Just catching up…

Well folks we are back up and running after limping along for the past few months with a computer that just couldn’t cut it any more. We are happy to say that we have caught up to current technology and can hold our own once again. There are a lot of things we missed thanks to computing errors and glitches but that problem should now be a thing of the past.

This past weekend was a crazy one here at the house, daylight savings always plays havoc with the furkids. True to form we were all stumbling around Monday morning wondering if my husband had gone crazy. “Yes we know the clock told you it was seven Dad,, but our muddled heads still say it’s only six, you don’t want us to go out this early do you?”

On another note, we are still trying to find a Chihuahua or Yorkie pup to train as a psychiatric therapy dog. Your response to my Facebook request has been nothing short of wonderful, and I love to see my peeps networking homeless dogs, however I must remind you that we are searching for a pup no older than six months. While I would love to run out and adopt EVERY little dog whose info you have so kindly sent me we are looking for a very specific dog here. Firstly only the above breeds will do, my therapy dog must be small and portable. Secondly it must be a female, with five male dogs in the house this one is self explanatory.

We really aren’t that picky however, we do not mind if our new puppy has special needs, if she is deaf we will train her with hand signals, if she is blind we will handle that too, because although it is a working dog we are searching for, she will still be a valued family member and receive all the love and kindness that comes with that position. In our home all dogs are treated like the valued family members they are meant to be. If anyone knows of a homeless pup who meets our criteria please let us know!

Julia's dog Sacha can not be brought to ontario to live with her family due to Ontario's BSL.

Julia’s dog Sacha can not be brought to Ontario to live with her family due to Ontario’s BSL.

Julia Balbosa's beloved dog Buster, is not allowed to live with her here in Ontario because of his breed.

Julia Balbosa’s beloved dog Buster, is not allowed to live with her here in Ontario because of his breed.

If you’ve been checking out the Facebook page then you know we have recently added a new co-admin. Julia Balbosa is a wonderful woman who dearly loves dogs. In the coming weeks Julia will guest blog us the story of her own dogs Buster and Sacha, Staffordshire Terriers who now live in Trinidad with Julia’s son because she could not bring them into Ontario due to BSL. Julia dearly misses her beloved pups and has been tirelessly fighting alongside us to eradicate BSL since moving to Ontario in 2011. Julia wants BSL overturned so she can being her beloved dogs home. Can you blame her? I wouldn’t want to live here without a single one of my babies! Julia’s story is just another example of how BSL tears families apart.

Well that’s all for today folks! We will see you back here tomorrow! Have a great day with your furbaby!

Until Next Time Remember