Forming an Emergency Pet Evacuation & Procedures Plan:

We are usually prepared for a disaster of any kind. Most families have an evacuation plan of some sort, but does that plan include your pets? For many this is something that gets overlooked. Today we would like to walk you through the building of an evacuation plan that INCLUDES the family pets.

Begin by asking these Questions about Forming an Emergency Pet Evacuation & Procedures Plan:

  • Have I assigned a friend, neighbor or pet sitter as a designated alternate in my absence, who knows my pet and has key or gate access to them?
  • If I own livestock, or large animals who are housed in barns or corrals, what means of transport could be used to safely evacuate them in a quick and efficient manner?
  • Am I aware of who the local veterinarians are, who might act as temporary volunteer shelters for dogs, cats, birds, etc. in the event of an emergency?
  • Are there local pet shelters in our area who will temporarily house animals in an emergency situation?

Pet owners can help each other by forming a committee and a neighborhood evacuation plan that includes the neighborhood pets.

Things you can do to begin organizing a Neighborhood Pet Evacuation Association:

  • If you have an HOA (Homeowner’s Association) in your community, suggest appointing an Emergency Animal Coordinator through your HOA, who will work with your community on developing a reliable plan and means of communication by compiling, providing and distributing a comprehensive list of email addresses and cell phone numbers that would facilitate a means for quickly contacting everyone in the neighborhood in the event of an emergency.
  • If you do not have an HOA in your community, coordinate with a friend or neighbor who you believe might be a good candidate to help you to spearhead a Pet Emergency Committee & Organization for your neighborhood.
  • Once a Pet Emergency Committee has been appointed, send out notices in your neighborhood to hold a meeting for every homeowner and pet owners to attend, so you can all brainstorm ideas, network, implement an emergency notification process and procedures outline that will be customized to the needs of your particular neighborhood.

Let’s not forget that your pets need to be safe during an emergency too!

Until Next Time Remember