Cops shoot two dogs outside highschool at lunch hour!!!

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PS: Here’s the link to the funding campaign!

Law Enforcement Stop Killing Our Innocent Family Pets!


2 thoughts on “Cops shoot two dogs outside highschool at lunch hour!!!

  1. All of your points are valid regarding the dogs being shot. They are lucky they did not hit the truck gas tank, or kill someone with a ricochet. And, I feel such sympathy for the dog owner. I know they feel so bad about this, but let this be a lesson for everyone, either put your dog inside the vehicle, or leave them at home!

    Miami-Dade kills on average 400 Pit Bull type dogs every year. This is a horrible statistic. Why are they not spending that money on free/low cost spay/neuter programs?

    • That is one point I did miss thanks for mentioning it! What the heck was the dog riding in the bed of the truck for anyway? Didn’t the guy understand that is just as dangerous for dogs as it is for people? Let’s face it, unfortunately we are surrounded by people who only possess half a brain. You don’t expect stupid, so much as you plan for it.

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