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Independent film maker Davy Vara

From persecution and killing of citizens to the killing of innocent family pets, David Vara is determined to expose corruption in the Rochester New York police department, and we are determined to help him.

“But you advocate for dogs,” you might say. “Why are you throwing your support behind this issue?” We are throwing our support behind this issue because yes we DO advocate for dogs, but we also believe that ALL citizens should be able to expect to live their lives free from persecution by those who are supposed to be dedicated to protecting them!

But we are not going far off the mark with our support of Davy V. after all are we not all aware what a prevalent problem the murder of innocent dogs by police is becoming in the US? If you have been paying attention you know this is a rising trend. What’s worse, most cops get away with it, no questions asked, no accountability!

Our main question here is this, what makes a cop above the law? If any of us went out entered a persons home without a warrant and shot their dog we would be slapped with felony charges. Cops can shoot a dog, treat the dog’s owner like a lunatic when they become distraught and then just go claim that the dog was behaving aggressively, and get away with the whole thing! How is this serving and protecting the public? That’s just it, it isn’t.

Have we given police too much power? More than likely, but changing that will not be easy. Governments always side with the cop, in their eyes cops can do no wrong and ordinary citizens are the ones to suspect of subterfuge, after all why would a cop lie?

Why would a cop lie? Perhaps to avoid repercussion and seem as if they were in the right? After all most of them are on a power trip anyway. They figure that the law will support anything they do, and the sad thing is they are usually right.

The only way we can combat this is to get the story out there. That is the reason we are in support of Davy V. and his expose’ video. Mainstream media won’t touch this issue, and many think that is because it isn’t really happening. That is erroneous thinking. The mainstream media won’t touch this issue because mainstream media only tells you what the government wants you to know, and the last thing the government wants you to know is that they allow law enforcement to operate above the law!

Independent film makers like Davy Vara, and freelance journalist like myself march to the beat of their own drum. We do not allow the government to tell us what to print or film. We report the issues as we see them. We push the truth. For that many call us fanatics, many try to discount our truths, and discredit us with personal attacks. We are thick skinned, we ignore them and continue to spread the truth of the matter without polish. Quite frankly we can be pretty blunt about it, we don’t sugar coat the issues to make either side look rosier than the other. You can count on us to bring you the unvarnished truth of the matter.

All of that having been said I am once again going to ask you to help support our friend Davy Vara by at best contributing at least $1 to his fund raising campaign, at least by sharing the following link with friends and family who are concerned for the fate of the family dog. Help us to keep this issue in the forefront until we can stop the slaughter of innocent family pets at the hands of law enforcement. Here’s the link to the funding campaign:

Law Enforcement STOP Killing Our Innocent Family Pets!

I f you are behind Davy V. as much as we are please download and share this Facebook cover photo to show your support!


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