The time has come for you to be held accountable for your actions, and we are here to see that you are!

A couple of days ago we introduced you to Davy Vara, a film maker from Rochester, New York who is bound and determined to expose the execution of family pets by corrupt police officers. We asked you to help support Mr. Vara by donating to the film’s funding campaign. (link below for those interested)

Law Enforcement Stop Killing Our Innocent Family Pets!

We told you about the execution of Codi a “pit bull” shot in the back of the head by an officer who lied and said the dog was charging him in a threatening manner. We alluded to other cop shootings of dogs that were unjustified and amounted to nothing more than an execution.

This morning Davy Vara woke to some pretty nasty emails from the cop community. This is not surprising since we expect nothing less from cowards who shoot innocent animals, but it does tell us something, it tells us Davy Vara speaks the truth!

In my experience if you are going to spread truths there will always be someone who tries to suppress them. It doesn’t mean that you are not spreading truth, it simply means that your enemies are afraid that your message is getting through!

Davy Vara’s message is getting through, and for some (mostly murderous cops) that is a problem. They don’t want you to know that they have declared war on the family pet. They don’t want you to know that they are trigger happy, they don’t want you to know the truth. WE want you to know the truth. WE want you to help us stem the tide of dog shootings by cops, and for that reason we support Davy Vara’s efforts and strongly encourage you to do so as well.

We are not going to have some long ridiculous argument about the facts, we have already researched them and are comfortable with our conclusions. Besides ignorant delusional persons are impossible to argue with. They will always take the most irrational argument and run with it simply because they don’t possess the skill set required to look at the facts and draw a reasonable and informed conclusion. This is not unusual as in my experience those who cling stubbornly to opinions based on hearsay, are incapable of original thought.

FACT Family dogs are being executed. FACT Most of these shootings are unnecessary and could have been avoided. FACT Cops need to be educated on the handling of any animals they may encounter in their daily work day. FACT Cops need to be held accountable for using their service weapons no matter WHAT their target may be. FACT Police departments need to be educated to the depth of relationship between citizens and their pets. It’s not “just a dog” and after you have erroneously shot someone’s beloved family pet “Calm down, you can get another dog.” is definitely NOT good public relations.

If these cops aren’t declaring war on the family pet what do you call this:

Innocent Dog Shot by Police AFTER Being Restrained

Chicago Police Officer Shoots Dog

Cop Shoots Innocent Dog

Colorado Cop Kills Innocent Family Dog, Community Outraged

Police Shoot Man’s Dog Dead After Responding to 911 Call at WRONG Address

Police Shoot and Kill Dog in Commerce City

I could go on posting these factual news stories all day, but I think you get my point. And for those of you who don’t, it is simply this; Please don’t insult our intelligence by trying to intimate that EVERY time a cop shoots a dog it is justified. Fact is, more often then not it isn’t!

For those of you out there who think intimidation tactics such as those you employed with my friend Davy Vara this morning will silence those of us who speak the truth, think again! We are dedicated, dedicated to exposing your corrupt slaughter of family pets, dedicated to making a change. Dedicated to ending your war on the family pet. We don’t back down, and we won’t go away. The time has come for you to be held accountable for your actions, and we are here to see that you are!

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  1. thanks for writing this and continuing to support Davy in his efforts to combat this alarming trend (cops killing innocent family pets).

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