I just need some time to charge my positive side!

I was sitting down to write today’s blog with a completely different subject in mind. But I am pushing that subject back a day. Frankly folks I just haven’t got it in me to stay online today. The reason, THIS just scrolled across my Facebook Newsfeed:



It was the last straw. I have to step away and work offline for a while. I actually cried looking at this photo and reading the story of this poor puppy frozen to death. I need to regenerate, to go and hug my dogs, play with them, interact with them, get away from people for a while. I know that sounds horrible but it’s true.

I have been doing this rescue thing now for a good long time, and if there is one thing I know for sure, when you feel this way it is far better to step away for a while and regroup than to continue on and burn out. So I will be back tomorrow with an interesting article on a film maker in Rochester, New York whose tired of cops shooting dogs and plans to do something about it!

Be sure to catch Saturdays special blog about a man in Brooklyn whose saving innocent dogs from the hands of dog fighters, sometimes at risk of injury or death!

As for me I just need some time to charge my positive side!

See you tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “I just need some time to charge my positive side!

  1. This breaks my heart and infuriates me toward so-called humans who are so heartless and evil as to do this kind of thing.
    I keep my fur-babies in my home (since it’s theirs as well) and they are well loved, warm, comfy on the couch or our bed with hubby and I [whichever they prefer] and they never know what it is to feel sad or lonely, scared or cold. They ARE family and that is all I know.
    God bless rescuers, foster-parents and adopters of dogs, cats and all creatures.

    • We won’t even let ours stay out for longer than it takes to potty on cold days, I can not imagine leaving such a little puppy outside like that! People are horrible!

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