…they all have OWNERS who failed to prevent them from biting!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo here we are! As dog owners in Ontario we have been fighting BSL for seven years. We have remained true to our original thinking on the subject. We firmly believe that breed bans are not the answer to the age old problem of dog bites. We know that dogs learn what they are taught, and that even a Chihuahua in the hands of a bad owner can become an aggressive dog. We know that no one breed of dog is any more inherently vicious than another, and have proven it time and time again.

But as always there is another group out there, a group that would have you believe that all “pit bulls” and anything they deem to look like a “pit bull” are by nature viciuos killers. These people will tell you that wiping out the breed and anything that looks like it will stop dog bites forever! They will tell you that all owners of “pit bulls” or similar looking dogs are gangsters and undesirables, you know, the type of people Momma warned you to stay away from. They will tell you “pit bulls” kill children on a daily basis. None of these things are true, but “pit bull” haters don’t care. They’ll make things up as they go along and vilify their own Mother if it proves their point, or draws others to their way of thinking. There has long been heated debate and outright war between “pit bull” advocates and “pit bull” haters.

Well, as you all know I am a “pit bull” advocate, and I think it is high time the haters stopped pretending that dog behavior has nothing to do with owner handling. It may be basic human nature for the stupid of society to act like dogs control themselves and that owners are not responsible for the actions of their pets, but those of us with half a brain know better.

An animal is not “instinctively” aggressive. Aggression is taught, or brought about by trauma, fear, or anxiety just the same way as it is in humans. To say that all dogs of a certain breed or breed mix will be born aggressive is ridiculous. It is akin to saying that because your Daddy was a drug dealer you are genetically predisposed to becoming one yourself. “Pit bull” haters of course don’t possess the intelligence to understand the correlation, and will counter such an argument with exclamations of “it’s not the same thing!” or “we are not talking about humans we are just talking about dogs!”

Yes, we are JUST talking about dogs, living breathing things that think and feel. Do you honestly believe that days old puppy should be euthanized because it “looks” like a “pit bull”? Do you honestly think that if allowed to live it will grow up to become a killer just because it “looks” like a “pit bull”? Give your head a shake! Your lack of sense is showing.

I grew up with “pit bulls” or at least what North American governments like to call “pit bulls” They were my constant companions as a toddler. I was never bitten, not even once, by any of our family dogs. I grew up, got involved in animal rescue, and have been bitten by everything BUT a “pit bull.” In my twenty years of work in rescue I have been directly involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of hundreds of dogs, and have been responsible for rehabilitating many dogs that have a bite history. None of those bite history dogs have been “pit bulls.”

Unfortunately, “pit bulls” have become the scapegoat dogs that governments use to make it appear that they have a handle on the dog bite situation. Truth is that many dog bites attributed to “pit bulls” by the mainstream media are actually bites committed by unknown breeds or short haired breed mixes the media likes to lump in as “pit bulls” because they “might” loosely fit the broad government definition of “pit bull.” Sure the odd “pit bull” bites from time to time, just the same as does the odd German Shepherd, or Beagle, or Poodle. But let’s face it “pit bulls: are NOT attacking people with the regularity “pit bull” haters would have you believe. Hell, even the entire dog population of the planet is not attacking and killing people with the regularity that “pit bull” haters would have you believe! Yes, dogs sometimes bite, that is a fact, but dogs of ALL breeds bite, not just “pit bulls.”

So we know that dogs of all breeds bite. We can prove with what few accurate bite statistics exist that no one breed is responsible for all dog bites. So what IS the common denominator? What is the one thing all these dogs have in common? Simple, they all have OWNERS who failed to prevent them from biting!!

You have a brain (after all you are still reading this aren’t you?) you know where I am going with this. It is high time dog OWNERS started to accept the fact that because THEY have chosen to keep a pet, it is THEIR responsibility to see that their pet is under control and behaving in a socially acceptable manner. In other words, if your dog bites, it’s on YOU not the dog because YOU are responsible for the actions of your dog at all times!

The human race has become far too adept at refusing to accept responsibility for their own actions. People treat dogs like objects until they bite, then somehow the bite becomes the “objects” fault?  Makes no logical sense, and let’s face it if you are the type of person who takes credit for everything you’ve “taught” your dog to do and brags about your “good” dog to everyone who will listen, how can you really turn around and blame your dog when it bites, after all doesn’t your dog do everything you tell it to? Didn’t YOU teach it everything it knows?

Jus’ Sayin”