A Little Trip Down Memory Lane: Part Two

When I left you last we were remembering the first few weeks of Phoenix life with us. I left it by saying that tomorrow we would release a few more exerpts from Phoenix journal. However, tomorrow came and went with no posting. afor that I apologize, I like half of North America have been battling the flu. I am feeling a little better today so let;s pick up where we left off.

January 3rd, 2011 was the day I discovered that Phoenix fancied himself to be some sort of housekeeping dog:

So, Mom says i have had enough holiday vacation! I am supposed to apologize to you guys for not writing every day to keep you all up to date on what I am doing. Mom says she thinks I am starting to feel at home because I am playing with the little dogs. Yesterday, Harley tried to steal my sock toy and we played tug of war with it for a while. I had to be very careful because Mom says I am much stronger than little Harley and i could accidentally hurt him if I play too rough. Then we took a nap together on Mom and Dad’s bed, and Harley used me as a pillow. Mom said we looked really cute all cuddled up together.

This morning i surprised Mom by jumping on the bed and landing in her lap! I know I was a little too excited, but I hadn’t seen Mom ALL night and I just HAD to give her big kisses and a hug! Mom laughed and hugged me and reminded me that I am too big to be a lap dog, then we cuddled up and watched the morning news. Pebbles was mad at me because there was no room on Mom’s lap for her!

Hey you guys! Did you know that dogs had their own sports teams? Mom says I can join a flyball team when I get my CGN (Canine Good Neighbor.) She says that when you play flyball you play on a team with other dogs. Mom says I am fast and smart, and she thinks I would make a great flyball team member. I hope I can get my CGN soon so I can play on the flyball team with other dogs! Mom says I will learn all about flyball when the snow goes away in the spring! Hurry up spring, this doggie wants to join a team!

Talk to you guys later! We gotta go do some laundry. I got it all ready by pulling it out of the laundry hamper and depositing it on the floor!…

MOM: Phoenix why is the laundry all over the floor?

Oh, oh! Gotta go…



Two days later on January 5th, 2011 he confirmed my suspicions:

So hey you guys! This is the way my morning started:

Me: Oh boy! It’s snowing! Fresh snowballs for Dad to throw!!!!!!! Mom, mom, MOM!!!! (bounces up and down by the front window like an excited Chihuahua) let’s go…..(runs to front door barks once and sits down) c’mon…c’mon…it’s snowing!

Mom: Phoenix calm down! The snow isn’t going anywhere. You are going to step on the little dogs, we will go for a walk after I have my coffee and we put in a load of laundry. (sits down in office chair and picks up coffee cup)

Me: But Mom! (sits beside office chair and paws at Mom’s leg)

Mom: Phoenix go lie down while i drink my coffee and wake up! (points towards the couch)

Me: (heads of in opposite direction to the one Mom is pointing, out into the hall and toward the laundry basket) I will just help Mom sort the laundry and things will go much faster!

Mom: (has snuck up behind me while I was busy sorting laundry) Phoenix get out of that laundry basket, you are going to put holes in the clothes! Honestly sometimes I wish you would stop trying to be so “helpful”!

Well that didn’t go so well, so I went in search of something else to do. I decided that maybe i should keep watch out the front window in case anyone tried to steal Mom’s car or the sidewalk or the big tree out front. I barked at a couple of people and Mom told me to “go lie down” and pointed at the couch again. This time I went and laid down on the couch like Mom told me to. We are going for a walk soon, Mom is upstairs getting dressed, and then we are going to have a snow adventure! I hope there are squirrels to chase! Oh wait…Mom doesn’t like it when I chase squirrels…maybe i’ll just stalk them so i don’t knock Mom off her feet again!

Talk to ya later!



On January 14th, 2011 Phoenix discovered our rescue cats who live in the basement with our college aged daaughter:

Good heavens! Has it really been THAT long since I wrote? Boy have I been a busy dog! We have been leash training, and Mom says I am doing much better as long as no squirrels cross my path! My legs are starting to work better, Mom says that is because I am running and playing with the other dogs, and guess what? No more long leash in the back yard! Yay me!

Oh hey! Do you guys know what i discovered this morning? Mom and Dad having been hiding CATS in the basement! I heard them this morning, but i got too excited and Mom wouldn’t let me go meet the cats. I know they are there, I can hear them! Next project, figure out how to get into the basement and meet the cats!

This morning i was not happy! Nakita stole my spot on Mom’s lap and i didn’t get to watch the morning news.  Now I have no idea what is going on in the world. Mom says I can watch the news at noon, but I hate it when Nakita messes up my morning routine, so I am not talking to her today!

This weekend Mom says it is time for me to start walking on the beach. I don’t know why Mom wants to walk on the beach in the winter, but she says it is time i met some local dogs and their owners. I guess walking on the beach is okay, but i like to walk in the woods and chase the squirrels.

Gotta go! Mom says it is time for us big dogs to go outside for play time.

See you guys later!



On January 22nd, 2011 Phoenix met Diva one of our past rescues who was returning for a weekend because her family was going out of town. We often provide cage free kenneling to our adopters dogs when they vacation. This was Phoenix first experience with a visiting dog. It was also the day that Phoenix discovered no one woulod yell at him for digging holes in the snow.

Hey YOU GUYS! I am not happy about this visiting dog! Oh hey I guess I better tell you what is going on…

So it went this way, last night these strange people arrived at our door. (I didn’t see them because i was in the kennel room with Samson Niki and Mysty, but Harley told me) Anyways, the strange people left a little dog behind when they went away. I tried to tell Mom they forgot her, but Mom ignored me. Then this morning, the little dog took my spot on the bed! I growled at her and got in trouble. Mom says she is just visiting and I am supposed to be nice to the visiting dogs. I’ll be nice, but not if the visitors are going to steal my spot on the bed beside Mom!

So I have decided this living in a pack thing isn’t so bad. I always have someone to play with, and i don’t get blamed for everything that goes wrong, (I blame it on the cats Mom is hiding downstairs) I get lots of exercise, and I have gained five pounds! Mom says my legs get straighter every day, and Dad says I am a really fast runner! Flyball team HERE COMES PHOENIX!

I don’t think it is fair that squirrels can climb trees! How is a guy supposed to catch ’em? I bark at the tree and tell the squirrel to come down, but they simply don’t listen! (Note to self: learn to speak squirrel) Hey did you know that if you dig in the snow no one yells at you? Just try digging in the yard when there is no snow and see what happens. Niki says we are not allowed to dig holes in the yard so I better get my fill of digging holes before the snow goes away. What I want to know is why is the gopher that lives in the yard allowed to dig holes and we’re not? Guess there’s one rule for the gophers and another for us, doesn’t seem fair!

Oh well! Talk to you soon!



Well that is all for today I am going to take some more flu meds and rest. Hopefully by my next post I will have conquered the flu and be back to my usual opinionated self! Have a great Friday everybody!

Until Next Time Remember