A Little Trip Down Memory Lane

While I was sitting at my computer the other day a comment came in to be modified on a blog I had completely forgotten we ever wrote. The blog is called “Phoenix Rising” and it was written to chronicle the return to health of our rescue Phoenix. It was all written from Phoenix point of view and there are a few short entries, so for the next day or two I thought I would reproduce them here so you can familiarize yourself with one of our greatest success stories, and because Phoenix favorite fan Jacqui Lemmon hasn’t read them for a while!

Phoenix came to us just before Christmas in 2010. He was a dog who had been DOLA’d in Toronto because he had a bite history. It wasn’t his fault Animal Control handled him badly, and he got spooked. Then the rescue that saved him put him with an inexperienced foster and he bit again. Phoenix has been with us two years now and has never bitten anyone while in our care. Here is his first entry in his blog from December 25th, 2010.

Oh My Dogness! What a day I have had, I wish it could be Christmas every day! We had presents, (our neighbors left a Christmas present for us on the front porch, and Mom gave us all sorts of special treats) and special Christmas dinner, and everybody petted us and made a fuss, and Mom took more pictures of us with the camera thingy. She says she will magically take them out tomorrow and I can post them right here in my blog!

Pebbles dressed for the occasion, she wore her pretty little denim dress with the pink and white trim. Hercules as usual was acting crazy, that is until Mom’s girl’s friend took care of that by picking him up and making him sit and stay Nakita got in trouble for jumping the gate and going into the livingroom so soon after her surgery, and Mom put her in her crate. I spent most of the day running around the house with the little dogs, and getting pats and cuddles. Samson and me growled at each other and had to wear our muzzles for a while. At dinner time we all had to eat in our crates because Mom did not want us to fight over the special Christmas food. Mom kept telling me I was a good dog so I guess i did pretty well today.

It has been a long day, and it is time to go to bed. I hope you all had a good Christmas too!

Nighty Night!



We highly suspect that this was the first Christmas celebration Phoenix had ever witnessed. He greatly enjoyed playing with the wrapping paper and eating breakfast under “his” Christmas tree!

December 27th, 2010

Phoenix takes a Christmas day nap with Pebbles and Dad

Phoenix takes a Christmas day nap with Pebbles and Dad

Well you guys the Christmas excitement is over and Mom’s girl is going back to the city today. I will miss her she is nice, but Mom says she will come back to visit again so it is okay. I was so tired from Christmas excitement I fell asleep last night without writing.  Mom says it is okay you will understand because you are all tired from Christmas celebrating too. Who knew having fun could make you so tired?!?!

Hey did you guys know that if you tell your person you need to go for a walk they will put their shoes on and take you? It’s true I tried it last night, and it works! I went to the door and barked once and looked at Dad, he said “Phoenix do you need to go for a walk?” So I ran to the door! Dad said “okay let’s go” and off we went! Mom says it was very smart of me to figure that out when no one taught me, she says I amaze her all the time, and she doesn’t understand how anyone could make the mistake and say I was a dog that should be killed! Mom says I am destined for great things, and that I will become a doggie that helps humans. I don’t know about that, but I do know I am a very lucky dog!



December 29th, 2010

There was a little bit of excitement around here this morning. Me and Nakita had some growls at the fence when me and Samson tried to play, and it scared me a bit. Much to Mom’s disappointment this gave me the poops, and she has been cleaning up after me all day. Mom says if Nakita doesn’t behave herself she will have to go live somewhere else because lately she hasn’t been getting along with us doggies. Mom says this is not my fault and I should not feel responsible, she says Nakita is a smart doggy like me but she doesn’t want to let Mom and Dad be in charge. Mom says that sometimes Nakita needs refresher training, she says that Nakita is behaving worse than me and I am supposed to be the difficult one. I hope Nakita stops being so grouchy soon. Mom says that Nakita is not going anywhere she will calm down and get used to me.

So I have the poops which means I must stay in my crate even though Mom already had to put me in the kitchen and clean out the crate and wash my blankets. Then I pooped in the kitchen and Mom had to tell Dad to take me for a long walk. When we got back from the long walk the kitchen was clean, but I had to go to my crate (Mom put in clean blankets and fresh water, but she took away my food) I have my chew bone, and I have to stay here. I heard Mom tell Dad to get some pureed pumpkin when he goes to the grocery store, the kind with no sugar. She says it helps when dogs get the poops if they eat pureed pumpkin. I am not sure what that is but I like food so I will give it a try. I hope it works I want to cuddle up on the bed with Dad!

Mom says that I get the poops when something makes me nervous. I hope I get over it soon, Mom doesn’t seem to like it when I stink up the house. She says it isn’t my fault, and that she is not mad at me, but it is stinky, and I think it is embarrassing!

Well gotta go, Mom says that I can’t spend all night on the computer! Talk to you guys tomorrow!


That night we added pumpkin to Phoenix food, by the next day the poops were gone, but this was a problem that would recurr on a regular basis until Phoenix learned to be less anxious about pack situations.

Hey you guys guess what? Pumpkin puree really does fix the poops! I am ALL better now! Boy does Mom know how to fix a pup up! So I get the run of the house today. Mom is a little mad at me though even if she did laugh and shake her head at me when I opened up the door to the dog den and let Samson out. Mom says that sometimes I am too smart for my own good.

Mom and I went for a long walk today! We went to where Dad goes when he leaves the house in the morning. Mom says that when I saw Dad and tried to run to him I just about yanked her off her feet. She says now we gotta work on proper leash behavior. I am not sure what that means but it doesn’t sound good, except there may be treats involved! Oh yeah! I like treats! Every time Mom says “Phoenix, we have to work on that…” I get treats! Bring on the proper leash behavior! I’m ready! (Does doggie happy dance, and momentarily forgets he is writing the blog)

Oh yeah where was i? So yeah we got to work on the leash training thing, and Mom says I really have to stop turning her into a kite every time a squirrel crosses my path. I’m not sure what a kite is, but I do know Mom looks really odd flapping around behind me when I decide to chase a squirrel! I keep trying to tell her it would be much easier to catch the squirrel if she would just let go of the leash but she won’t cooperate. 

What’s the deal with the pond full of ducks? I am not allowed to chase them either! Stupid birds…don’t they know they are supposed to fly south for the winter? Here we are walking through this park where the pond is, and these stupid ducks are everywhere! I restrained myself after Mom told me to behave myself a couple of times but sheesh! Give a guy a break! I have to chase SOMETHING! Mom says wait till Dad gets home, then I can go chase a ball in the big backyard. It’s not as much fun as chasing a squirrel or a duck, but I guess it will do. Boy learning to behave properly is difficult.

Talk to you guys tomorrow!



Phoenix asks that you ADOPT don't SHOP!

Phoenix asks that you ADOPT don’t SHOP!

As you can see we tried to capture Phoenix fascination and confusion about life and it’s rules. We will read more of Phoenix story tomorrow. If you are ready for your own rescued pet check out your local shelter and rescue groups. There are many wonderful pets waiting to find their forever homes. One of them could be right for you and your family.

Until Next Time Remember

Rescues ROCK!