Suddenly it doesn’t seem like it was such a bad year after all!

Well, here we are folks! New Year’s Eve. As many of us do at this time of year I have been sitting here and thinking about the year just ending. When I started my reminiscing I was of the mind that 2012 had been a horrible year. It was a year that brought with it many things that my heart could not allow me to wrap my head around both personal and animal welfare related. I said as much in personal posts on Facebook and on the Everything Worth Knowing Facebook page. That’s when YOU, my readers and followers reminded me of the GOOD points of 2012.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy good friend Anne Craig reminded me that this was the year fate brought me the newest addition to our pack. Nine year old Yoda, the Dachshund saved from a high kill Northern California shelter in the nick of time by my friend Pascale Milhau, was a cross boarder rescue aided by my friend Carole Harden-Taylor and many other amazing people.

Thanks to Pascale Milhau for providing me with the brand new sewing machine that keeps my special needs boys in belly bands! Thanks to Carole Harden-Taylor for providing us with Ambassador Yoda’s Royal chariot which enabled us to get out and talk to people about adopting senior dogs like Yoda. Also thanks to Anne Craig for following Yoda’s rescue and transport so closely and providing me with as much pertinent information as possible to aid in his rehab training.

My friend and fellow Worldwide Canine Crusade member, Jetz Maddox reminded me that this was the year I was discovered by the WCC and asked to appear on their radio show. That radio appearance broadened my animal advocacy network considerably, and introduced me to some very exceptional people who are as passionate as I am about changing the face of animal welfare. It was also the radio broadcast that saw people from many different countries work together to see that an innocent dog got the veterinary care he needed in a BSL ruled country where people are afraid to take their short haired dogs to the vet.

It was the year we saw many places overturn their breed bans and legislate owner responsibility. It was also the year that the US government finally decided that K9 members of the armed forces should be treated like the veterans they are by eliminating their “military equipment” designation so they would not be left behind.

It was the year I launched the BSL is BS poster campaign. Thanks Rick Galluzzo and Margarita Amelia Siliézar for providing me with the photos of your dogs that inspired the series (surprisingly none of the “BSL is BS” dogs are mine! LOL)

Hercules in June 2010 one year after rescue.

Hercules in June 2010 one year after rescue.

But on a more personal note, it was the year my puppy mill rescue finally began to come out of his shell. Hercules, a tiny little toy poodle who came to us three years ago with his buddy a little miniature poodle we named Romeo. (Click here to read Hercules story) Romeo was adopted out in no time, but Hercules just didn’t make ANY progress. He got as far as mostly trusting my husband and I, but he still ran when approached too quickly. This year we started to notice some major changes in Hercules. He began to seek out our attention, climbing into our laps when we sat or jumping up to greet us when we came through the door. It is clear, that after three years with us the little guy is really starting to heal and trust. He is becoming a happy dog who knows he is loved, and THAT alone in my books makes 2012 a record year!

Well, like I said before it’s New Years Eve, and as many of you are doing I am sitting here thinking about the past year, and you know what? Suddenly it doesn’t seem like it was such a bad year after all! Funny how that works! When you start looking at all the positives instead of dwelling on all the negatives, it makes you optimistic that 2013 will be an even better year!

Happy New Year Everybody!