Dunaway…you just shouldn’t have gone there!

The events that took place in Newtown Connicticut last Friday shocked and saddened the world! The senseless loss of the lives of twenty children eleven days before Christmas at the hands of an armed madman left us all reeling. Well most of us that is! But not the BSL supporters, no they decided to look to the tragedy for ways of denigrating “pit bulls” and their owners.

Showing the height of bad taste, on Monday December 17,2012 BSL supporter Pat Dunaway posted an article on opposingviews.com entitled: 20 Children Murdered, Not in Connecticut, by Pit Bulls this Year. We find this highly inappropriate, and feel that they have gone too far this time. So in the true tradition of Everything Worth Knowing, we are about to take apart Dunaway’s attempt at aligning his fight with such a tragic loss of life.

Let us forget for a moment that “pit bulls” had absolutely nothing to do with the tragic events which took place on December 14th, 2012 and focus on the fact that at a time when an entire world is mourning the loss of these children, Dunaway has the audacity to bring “pit bulls” into the equation. This is not our fight! This is not even something closely resembling our fight! This is not the kind of news story you trot out to prove your badly researched opinions on dog bites. Yet Dunaway does JUST that! With no respect for the family’s of the slain children he dismisses them as if “pit bulls” were the real focus all along.

Just 18 hours prior to the Connecticut massacre of 20 children, the 20th pit bull child murder was committed. And in the last seven weeks, pits have murdered a child every 12 days. 

Where does this guy get his information? Don’t you think if the number of child deaths had recently risen due to “pit bull” attacks we would have heard about it? Where are the news stories about all these children “murdered” by “pit bulls”? I haven’t seen a single one! I had better review the system by which I get my animal news, they must be missing something.

These stats are false as far as I can tell, but let’s ignore that for the moment and move on:

We’ve all sobbed and lamented about the deaths of the school children in Connecticut, as we should. We should be ashamed as a nation that this has been allowed to happen. Yet, 20 children this past year, and the year before, and the year before, were brutally killed by pit bulls. Did the president speak at their funerals, did he even send a card? Did the whole nation mourn for these children murdered by pit bulls? Where is the shame for these pit bull murders.

If death by “pit bull” is becoming so prevalent Dunaway, then by all means point me to the myriad of “Legitimate” information and stats you used to write this article. I am a dog lover, but if as you say this is such a prevalent problem then as a journalist I really need to address it! Oh, what’s that you say? dogsbite.org was your source? Well then I guess I have nothing to worry about then do I? Everyone knows that dogsbite.org was set up by “pit bull” haters to denigrate the breed as much as possible in the hopes of eradicating “pit bull” type dogs. Not a single thing they have to say is based in fact!

But Dunaway is not done yet, he goes on to say that the Connecticut children are not special:

What is the difference here? Why do the children in Connecticut rate more than those children who were murdered, brutally, by pit bulls? Why isn’t this issue garnering the same attention? The answer lies in the minds of those who follow the No Kill Equation.

What’s the difference? OMG! Did he just say that? I mean really? Is he actually asking us why the tragic death of twenty children at the hands of a madman is getting more attention than his trumped up manufactured lies about “pit bull” type dogs? Are you serious?

Okay, so we as Anti BSL activists have done battle with the likes of Colleen Lynn for years now. We are never surprised by the tactics she and her supporters use to try and denigrate “pit bulls” and their owners. THIS article however, knocked us on our asses! We are still reeling from the fact that BSL supporters actually have the audacity to take such a tragic occurrence, and try to use it to further their fight against our dogs.

I for one shut down my page on Friday after the news broke, many of my Anti BSL friends did the same. We thought that out of respect we would remain silent in contemplation. One of the only things posted to our page that day was our condolences to the families of the slain children. We were shocked and saddened by the tragedy and did not feel that at such a time it was appropriate to discuss the fight for our dogs. We felt it was a time for prayer and quiet contemplation.

BSL supporters have sunk to a new low with this one! Did Dunaway honestly think that ragging on the president for attending the funeral of a child killed by a violent madman was going to make him brownie points with anyone? Do Lynn’s dogsbite.org supporters honestly think that attempting to overshadow the Connecticut massacre with their “pit bull” propaganda is acceptable, or that no one will notice their sad and pathetic attempt to use the Connecticut tragedy as their own private forum for “pit bull” hatred?

To this we only have one thing to say! SHAME ON YOU Dunaway! How dare you trample on the memory of innocent children with your negative propaganda about dogs. How dare you try to lessen the seriousness of this incident with your petty attempts at journalism! Grow up! This is not the time or the place for your ridiculousness! Have some integrity, have some class, you shouldn’t have gone there but you did, now the least you can do is apologize to the families of the Connecticut children for trying to trivialize their murders with your witch hunt!


To the families of the Connecticut victims we say, we are SO sorry for your loss, and our prayers are with you. We want the world to remember your children, to never forget that they were loved and had the world in front of them. Our fight is not important right now, what is important is remembering those lost to us, and to that end we wish to apologize for the likes of Pat Dunaway and friends. We will not allow their ilk to trivialize your tragedy for their own ends!

We leave you with this youtube video of Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven” Know that our prayer candles are burning and the Connecticut victims and their families are in our hearts and prayers.

Until Next Time Remember