Saved Again! By a Global Community Working TOGETHER!

(Originally posted Sept. 27, 2010 when I was heading Let’s Adopt Canada, a position I resigned from in July of 2011 due to differences of opinion on rescue policy.)

Look at this face…could you abandon her in an empty apartment?

Sundays are usually slow and peaceful, we spend time with the dogs, play with the cats, and do the weeks laundry. Not so this past Sunday. One of my rescues was abandoned in an empty apartment BY HER FOSTER CARE PROVIDER. My husband and I made the mad dash to Toronto, and re-rescued Chloe.

Chloe is safe now, and a wonderful couple from Niagara Falls have stepped up and offered to foster her until we can find her a wonderful forever home.

Chloe will have spay surgery before being movedto her foster home early next week. My daughter has agreed to pay the seventy five dollar fee to have the cat fixed and her shots brought up to date.

Two people have already stepped forward to make a difference for this cat. We begin to see a community of people working toward a common goal.  

Chloe will never again worry whether she will have food, never again cower under a dumpster in a cold driving rain, never again give birth to a litter of kittens that die from starvation or exposure. Chloe is safe tonight because someone cared. She will be taken care of because someone answered my call for help. She will live a life of love because a community cared enough to work together and make things happen.

This IS rescue the way it should be! This is the kind of work that saves lives and makes a difference! Are you a part of the problem, or are you a part of the solution?

UPDATE: Chloe’s foster family can not bear to part with her. They have become foster failures and adopted her! We’re good with that!

Until next time remember,